NBA star Antoine Walker is so perturbed at a Chicago blogger that he unleashed his attorneys in an effort to force her to stop exposing his dirty laundry.

LaShonda Matlock who runs the popular E-Biz blog, was served with a cease & desist letter today from Walker's attorney after she ran a series of eye-opening posts like the one below:

The NBA star is due to appear in Chicago Cook County Circuit Court today with his charity organization "The 8 Foundation" due to breech of contract. Antoine, who hired and still employs convicted felons to handle his payment arrangements for the staff and contracted security firm, seemed to "forget" to pay some people mainly-security.Also, Antoine has been rolling with some more "bad" people.

One person in particular, his "best friend" Reginald Potts . Reginald, who attended all of Antoine's Chicagoland All-Star Classic weekend events this year and was spotted driving around in a white Bentley (wearing a white linen suit/white knit cap to nightclub Excalibur on August 12th 2007) is currently being held on first-degree murder charges in the death of 28-year-old Nailah Franklin! (Source)

Some of you may recall Walker was recently the victim of a violent home invasion in Chicago. Now it seems the home invasion may not have been so random after all.

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  • Bird

    You got me throwed off with this one. I am not aware that Reginald Potts had been arrested for the murder of Nailah Franklin. I am currently trying to search the Chicago Sun Times site to see if I can confirm that. My computer is not cooperating though.

    I don't know about having them handle financial matter right off the bat, but I don't see a problem with him giving jobs to ex cons. If we want them to stop committing crimes then we need to allow them to work. As for Mr. Potts, the last I knew Chicago police were harassing the hell out of him by arresting him for all kinds of traffic violations and what have you because they didn't have enough evidence to arrest him for Miss Franklins murder. I don't know if he did it or not, but from what I read it seems he could sue the police department for harassment.

  • Bird

    Ah, I found it! Looks like I got some reading to catch up on. Oh well Reggie Reg.

  • Bird

    Holy cow!!!! I got caught up on the case and they got this dude. I guess he'll be getting the needle in a few years.

    I know I haven't been checking the Chicago Sun Times religiously, but I am surprised I didn't read about his arrest on the national news sites I check several times daily, nor on any of the black blogs that initially reported on the case. I'm glad they got this idiot.

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    Bird, actually ran that they picked up Potts, he has a myspace page where he is proclaiming his innocence, which they showed as well. If the information is true Antoine can only run for so long..He actually brought more light to the story by getting his lawyers involved.

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