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Now that T.I. is under house arrest and the money isn’t flowing in as it used to, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is looking into ways to turn a buck and help out the household.. so to speak. And she’s looking for business partners! I don’t know anything about this new business venture of Tiny’s. I’m hoping it isn’t one of those get-rich-quick schemes, but Tiny wouldn’t do that to her fans.

So I’m taking her word for it when she says it is her own business and no one is using her name to turn a profit or fleece her fans. Here’s an introduction from Tiny’s Myspace page:

Hey fans. I’ve got a new business for everybody to check out! Go to to find out about my new online travel agency. If you’re looking to own your own business, then take a look at the presentation. Then, it’s easy to become my business partner – just sign up where it says JOIN. It’s that easy. And don’t forget, the benefits of business ownership are sweet! Make sure you hit up my site for all of your travel too! You can also – buy cars, send flowers, create a honeymoon/bridal registry, and MORE! Be sure to show me some love by using my site!

I say that in the most respectful way. Bow Wow went to bat for his man Omarion during an interview with Toure that quickly spiraled out of control. I was ready to rake Bow Wow over the coals when I heard about this video but I changed my mind after watching the vid for myself.

Clearly Toure was being a facetious assh*le! He was never serious about interviewing Bow Wow or Omarion. I was dismayed at Toure’s lack of professionalism. He deliberately confused the guys for other artists, he told Bow Wow that his chain was smaller than Lil’ Wayne’s. Toure sat there yawning during the interview then demanded to know why Bow Wow was using his phone during the interview.

Finally Bow Wow had enough and snapped on Toure. I’m not the biggest Bow Wow fan, but he stood up for his mans and that was an honorable thing to do. It takes a lot to get Big D (Bow Wow’s bodyguard) angry and I’m glad he kept his cool. I see you Big D!!

L to r: Arsha Carter, Sean Combs, Tanya Ski, Frank Ski, and Elizabeth Oppong

Dallas Austin, DeVyne Stephens and Frank Ski

Keith Sweat and Luther Campbell attended the Wine Tasting and Live Auction

This weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ski of The Frank Ski Kids Foundation held its 4th Annual Wine Tasting and Live Auction with proceeds to benefit the Frank Ski Kids Foundation. The Frank Ski Kids Foundation embraces youth and their value by showing examples and providing hands-on opportunities to promote optimal growth, self-expression, ingenuity, achievement and learning vital to their ambitions.

This Summer, with the help of Legacy Homes, The Frank Ski Kids Foundation took a group of Atlanta students on a once in a lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands where the children experienced nature in a setting that is rarely disturbed by civilization.

It was the first time in history that an African American kids organization made such a trip.

Click the link to see more pics.

Special thanks to JeNika Thomas, business manager to Frank Ski, for the personal invite!

Yung Joc and Frank Ski; Sean Combs and publicist Cherry Banez

Fashion and JeNika Thomas of the Frank Ski Kids Foundation; Speech (Arrested Development) and Tanya Ski

Mary J. Blige with Porsche Foxx (Porsche Foxx show, V-103)

L to r: Toni Acey (makeup artist), guest, Porsche Foxx, Shaun, Tequila (V-103) and Janet Jack (V-103)

L to r: Angela (Blue Med Spa), Mary and Porsche

AT&T gave select V-103 listeners an early Christmas present today. R&B diva Mary J. Blige and about 100 invited listeners joined Porsche Foxx for a special live broadcast of Porsche’s show at the Geisha House in Atlantic Station. Several listeners grew emotional and burst into tears at the mere sight of Mary who was gracious and kind to everyone. Mary took pictures with all the listeners and spent time signing autographs.

Mary seemed to be at peace and she was ecstatic at the room’s response to her album Growing Pains. She was so happy! Thanks to everyone at V-103 for all the love. And big thanks to Porsche Foxx for the personal invitation!

Charita Brittenum-Carter (Geffen records) and Mary; Shaun (Porsche’s assistant) with Mary

Janet Jack (V-103 and Mary); Big Mike (Upscale Ent) and Mary


For those who don’t know, this is a promo image for Janet Jackson‘s new marketing campaign. I just spoke with several people at a local radio station who thought the girl in the photo was Jessica Alba or Ciara. I posted this photo because I know I am not alone in thinking why would Janet’s label market her as a white or Latina woman.

A publicist just sent me this promotional image of a well-known pop artist. Can you guess who the pop artist is? Please, if you’ve seen this photo already, don’t give away the answer.

Troubled Singer El DeBarge spoke with about his recent arrest, drug problems and his struggles to clean up his act and resurrect his career. When given the chance to dismiss those pesky rumors about the alleged child his brother James and Janet Jackson had together – El, instead, added fuel to the fire:

AHHA: There’s a rumor that your brother James fathered Janet Jackson’s child although she denied it in 2005. For the record, are you an uncle to Janet’s daughter?

El DeBarge: Well, you know it has been in the media for a long time. It has been a whisper and a “hush, hush” kind of thing. “I wonder if there’s a baby.” I’ve never seen this child. I’ve yet to see it. It’s something we don’t talk about whenever we see Janet. We don’t speak about it. My brother Janet and James – that info is privy to them. We just, you know, they’ll let us know when they’re ready to talk about it. We just respect it. [laughs]

According to Port Arthur police, rap superstars Jay Z and Snoop Dogg have decided to pass on attending the funeral of the legend Houston rapper Pimp C today.

The rappers had planned to be among the thousands paying their respects to the deceased rapper who influenced both of their careers. Their reasons for not attending are known only to them, but police sources say Jay Z and Snoop were told the city would not provide extra security to them and the rappers may not want to be inconvenienced by the large turnout.

That’s a shame because they would attend a music video shoot or a club grand opening in a heartbeat. But paying respect to a fallen brother is obviously not worth their precious time. There’s no bottle poppin’ or makin’ it rain at a funeral.

Pimp C’s funeral will take place at the Bob Bowers Civic Center at 11 a.m. The rapper will then be buried at Greenlawn Cemetery. Pimp C died last week of natural causes. He was 33.

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Rev Run‘s daughters Angela and Vanessa Simmons are millionaires just like their daddy and their uncle rap mogul Russell Simmons. According to sources, the Simmons sisters’ wildly popular Pastry Kicks sneaker line has sold well over $15 million worth of shoes to date.

That makes the girls – who share a hefty percentage of the upfront sales – instant millionaires. No wonder Bow Wow was sniffing around Angela. It’s good to have a woman who stacks her own cheese and not yours!

The Simmons sisters just released their line of Ugg boots, called Marshmallows, which will be in Finish Line stores beginning next week. Congrats to them!