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A Cleveland judge admonished Yung Joc for being late to his arraignment on Wednesday afternoon. But the judge allowed the rapper to remain free on $100,000 bond pending a hearing on a felony gun charge.

Yung Joc was arrested Sunday morning and charged with carrying a concealed weapon after attempting to board a Delta airlines flight with a loaded gun in his carry-on bag. Joc has said he wasn’t aware the gun was in his bag. The concealed weapon charge carries a minimum 18-month sentence according to the prosecutor’s office.

An inside source said there was a miscommunication between Yung Joc and his Cleveland-based attorney and Joc believed he didn’t have to make a personal appearance before the judge on Wednesday morning.

Yung Joc’s next hearing is scheduled for January 25. Joc’s album “Hustlenomic$” is almost platinum.

Remember the pics of Michael Jackson inside the Barnes & Nobles bookstore with surgical tape all over his face? Now he claims his son Blanket caused the injuries to his face while they were play fighting. The injuries were serious enough to require “emergency surgery.” Somebody put in a call to Don King because the kid has a great future in boxing if we’re to believe Michael.

Trey Songz pulls a T.I. on a fan who threw ice at him during a performance in a nightclub. Unlike T.I., Trey jumped into the audience and delivered an R&B ass whuppin’. Afterwards, Trey apologizes to the ladies for his ungentlemanly behavior. Good for Trey.

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Omarion has released a statement calling former band member Raz B a liar. Of course you will believe what you want to but I choose to believe Omarion.

There is no evidence to support the allegations made by Raz B – a man who has made outlandish allegations in the past.

It’s amazing to me that the same people who are calling for Chris Stoke‘s head will run to buy a concert ticket to see R. Kelly who video taped his criminal acts upon a minor.

The official statement from Omarion’s publicist 5WPR:

Below please find a statement from Omarion regarding the accusations against Chris Stokes made by Demario “Raz B” Thorton and Ricardo Thorton.”I want to be on the record as saying that “Raz B” Thorton and Ricardo Thorton are lying regarding Chris Stokes. Chris is a father figure to myself, and many others in the industry. He’s guided us, helped raised us and is nothing more than an inspiration and someone I respect to and look up to. I have spent countless hours, days, weeks and months with the man since the age of 5 and have never once seen him behave inappropriately. He’s married to my aunt and I know this man very well. I stand behind him with no question whatsoever,” said Omarion.

“I have grown up around Chris and this is crazy to me. These people have damaged me, and my reputation and I won’t stand silent and will do all within my means to speak the truth about this matter,” said Omarion. (Source: PR Newswire)

Ex-supermodel Naomi Campbell is featured in the new Spring/Summer 2008 Louis Vuitton ad campaign. In the vividly colored ad, Naomi is stretched out on her back on the hood of a 1970 Dodge Challenger. In keeping with Louis Vuitton’s standards; nothing matches – not her lipstick, gloves, heels or coat. Louis Vuitton rarely uses black people in their major ad campaigns, so this is a coup for Naomi.


I just heard from an inside source that Yung Joc is on his way to Cleveland. Apparently there was a mix up by Joc’s attorney who advised his client that he did not have to make a personal appearance before the judge this morning.

The attorney, who is based in Cleveland, apparently believed he could make the appearance for Yung Joc at his arraignment.

Yung Joc has been advised that if he makes an appearance before the judge later today, the arrest warrant will be waived. There is still the matter of Joc’s bond which is now $200,000.