L-R: Tenile, Ne-Yo, Lonetta and Tango arrive on the red carpet at the Compound Foundation Masquerade Charity Ball

Jamahl King (center) with his STEPS Events staff

Raina (STEPS) and JeNika Thomas (Frank Ski's manager)

Frank Ski (Frank Ski Morning Show) co-hosted the event with Ne-Yo

The great ballroom

Tables set with gold plated dinnerware

Guests were treated to a variety of entertainment

Warrick Dunn

CJ (95.5 The Beat) and Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo with his artist Jovi Rockwell

Ne-Yo performed

Ne-Yo and his friend Tenile

The night belonged to Ne-Yo last night in Atlanta as he co-hosted Compound Entertainment's 1st Annual Masquerade Charity Ball for charity, with Frank Ski. 200 guests were wined and dined in high style at Atlanta's historic Biltmore hotel. Ne-Yo performed an electrifying show that showed why R. Kelly was so shook and kicked him off the tour. Ne-Yo had no hard feelings and even dedicated his next single "Go On Girl" to Kells!

Jamahl King and his staff at STEPS Events pulled out all stops to make this a special evening for all. The ballroom was decorated like something out a great Gatsby movie with draped silk hanging on the walls and gold plated dinnerware.

Big shout out to the staff of Compound Entertainment for organizing another great event! Shouts to Big Barry Florence and Katena Keno for doing their thing on the publicity end. Atlanta Falcons star Warrick Dunn told me he was a fan of Sandrarose.com!

Even though Ne-Yo tore the house down, the highlight of the night for me was when that arrogant Atlanta photographer Jimi "Albino" Flixx was bodily ejected from the premises. Dude is so obnoxious! He thinks he can invite himself to private events, eat up the food, partake of the wine and still act like a jerk! He found out when he brushed the dirt off his shoulders in the parking lot!

Special thanks to Ne-Yo for the personal invite!

  • Christy

    Ne-Yo seems to bean intelligent, smart and naturally talented young man with a good head on his shoulders whose all about his business and giving back.So refreshing. Well done, Ne-Yo.

  • preciousfromomaha

    Sandra I love the new site. I love seeing our young black men giving to a good cause. Good Job Neyo

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    Wow First of all Sandra I LOVE the new site. Tre Chic. Anyhow I've met Ne-Yo and he really is a very cool, stand-up dude. He gives his money to help those in need and has an overall humble and approachable attitude. I like that about him. I love to see this type of celebrity! That event looked AMAZING! I'm glad you captured it. :)

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    Hey that Tenile girl with him in the pictures is super cute. She reminds me of a young lisa bonnet meets apollonia. she and ne-yo look REAL chummy together...as if they have a chemistry MAYBE past friendship. She might be THE ONE! I wonder if they are more then friends? Ne-Yo is the marrying type unlike some of the other R&B/Hip Hop artists out there. He could settle it on down. Or NOT! We'll see...

  • BayArea

    Sandrarose said: Ne-Yo had no hard feelings and even dedicated his next single “Go On Girl” to Kells!

    That sh*t is FUNNY!

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Wow the decorations look amazing,Neyo is doing hes thang. Oh and by the way Sandra I love the new page!

  • srv

    I love the Biltmore....I worked their events for over three years, I am suprised they didn't use something bigger,like Puritan Mill, anyhow, it looks like a very good time.

  • tbrown

    Has Neyo heard of ProActiv? I mean, I like the dude, and he seems keen on keeping his "sexy" thriving...why not get rid of the shave bumps on his neck?

  • http://www.myspace.com/jus_elle detroitzfinest

    I think it's great that Ne-yo has tried 2 do so much 4 Grady.....now all we need is 4 all of the celebrities who call the "A" home 2 step up!!


    Wow, Sandra, the site is awesome and the pictures as usual are fantastic! Keep up the good work and you will have me coming to Hot Atlanta to party!

  • kpakpando

    are him and tango dressed alike? STOP IT.
    Neyo seems to have a really big heart, stepping in as a non native Atlanta to help Grady, when Grady babies who have the means haven't necessarily done the same, and he gave one of the larger donations for Hosea feed the hungry drive with TI and Ryan Cameron. Its almost no wonder that he's blessed the way he is, God rewards those who do his work for real.

  • Brownandluscious

    I agree #11 I like Neyo.he seems like a nice guy and very loving.it dosen't seem fake like the rest.may his career go far:)Love the new site Sandra:)

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    Looks like this was a fun event. I didn't know Jovi Rockwell is now a Ne-Yo artist. Her voice can be a bit annoying at times, but she is a good performer. Hopefully, she will stick to reggae. The pop scene is crowded enough. Sandra, great new website layout and color scheme.

  • realtalk100

    LOL, great pictures Sandra...Im surprised nobody has mentioned that the chick tenille in the picture with neyo is the same chick who was giving him head in the sidekick pics a couple months back!!! how soon we forget :)

  • JustJayla

    Event looks nice! Neyo is A GREAT talent and songwriter!

  • Necee518

    Sandra, I like the new format. Pretty soon we should see everyone from the blog coming over.

    Regarding the party,the decorations and the costumes on the dancers were beautiful! It seems everyone had a GREAT time. Besides, it was for a good cause.

  • mzzphateegirl@yahoo.com

    never got the hype over neyo, i liked a couple of songs on his 1st cd and dnt like none on his 2nd one. a cnt believe hes getting compared to babyface and he dnt even have 5 years in the industry, as i said b4 the industry have changed so much and no for the better either. i dnt see neyo still in the industry 10 to 15 years from now. umm

  • http://floacist.wordpress.com the floacist

    His friend next to him looks like Charlie Baltimore. And the picture above it, he has that Usher facial expression. lol

    I like Ne Yo. I never heard of him being compared to Babyface, but you know how it is. Any new artist who resembles someone of the previous generation or two automatically gets the honor. Its always "the next ____". Just do you.

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