• London

    How cute and super confident.

  • SimplyPoetik

    Alicia needs to take her on tour!

  • spicycaramel

    Wow! She is truly talented. So cute.

  • BayArea

    Disney should swoop her up. Look out Hanna Montana!

  • Tangela

    The kid has spunk and a natural sense self-assurance. Very admirable!

  • kpakpando

    That 10yr old is better spoken than most performers our there today, twice her age and then some, not sounding like a country bumpkin or ghetto bunny but a normal kid who has a good command of the English language. That is refreshing. Now I hope she continues to stay on the seemingly great path her parents have her on and they don't get misguided by fame or fortune.

    oh yeah Ann is mucho irritating.

  • brinabelle

    oooooo wow..she is very well spoken..if she continues at this rate, she will become a legend in her own right..she played the piano just as it is..KUDOS!!


    WOW..she's so talented. It is refreshing to see something so positive, as opposed to the kids that know all the rap songs (uncut) and dancing to Souljah Boy!!

  • dat803chic

    Dis gurl can SANG and i mean SANG...lol

  • shhhh

    I've been up on her for a very long time. I actually have her as a friend on my myspace. She is very talented. And very very mature. She reminds me a lot of my mini celeb cousin there in ATL.

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    I saw this and it's nice to see she can not only sing, but PLAY and instrument.

  • mzzphateegirl@yahoo.com

    as i said in another thread age dnt have nothing to do with a performer, if they have the talent, then i'll purchase the cd. this girl has talent and if she came oput with a cd and is was to MY liking it, id purchase it.

  • Ara

    This young girl has mad talent and exceptional presence for someone her age.

  • TexasGurl25

    Hearing this young lady sing gave me goose bumps. She is a natural talent and I look forward to many things to come from her in the future. I hope she preserves her innocence and confidence.

  • spongebobfan

    shes beatiful and plays that piano well, but the voice is still too immature for my taste, ive heard 10yo thats sounded way better, heck its some asian chick that would blow her out of the water, but she'll be fine once that voice mature a bit