Indianapolis, Indiana was rocked to its core by the senseless killings of two women, a toddler and a baby who were shot multiple times while being held in their mother’s arms.

Police are searching for two men who were seen running from the home.

The victims were Charlii Yarrell, 4 months; Charlii’s mother, Andrea Yarrell, 24; Jordan Hunt, 23 months; and Jordan’s mother, Gina Hunt, 24.

The two women and the toddler died at the scene. Four-month-old Charlii Yarrell was taken to Methodist Hospital with several gun shot wounds. She died a few hours later.

Police initially investigated a burglary at a vacant house late Monday night. A short time later they were called again about gunshots being fired across the street from the vacant house. Police entered the home through a broken window and found the bodies.

A set of electronic scales, a safe, a pound marijuana and several long guns were found in the house, according to police. Two handguns were later found in the street near the home.

The story has received national press coverage and more than 80 investigators have been assigned to the case. The murders are a top priority for every uniformed law enforcement officer in Indianapolis. “Whoever is responsible for this, we’re going to track you down like dogs,” Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson said. “We’re not going to stop until we find you and put you in a cage where you belong.”


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  • BayArea

    I don’t even know what to say :( (Being a mom, with a 24 month old, I could not even imagine the pain the entire family is felling right now) May the all RIP.

  • BlackBoricua79

    Sensless. This makes me ashamed of my people. I see why they look at us all like animals, because of young, dumb bastards who didn’t have any home training. This is such a travesty, to take the lives of young women & children over some weed????? We got to do better.

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  • DMNB

    How sad

  • cinnamonkisses97

    This ridiculous , I hope they get them , they should pay for what they have done !!!!!

  • Bird

    They messed up killing those babies. Goodness knows our folks ain’t to keen on assisting the police, but when you kill children folks start turning against you. I have no doubt these idiots will be caught.

  • pinky2083

    this is sooo sad!

  • brenden

    Wow. How do you shoot babies. With what was found in the home, I’m sort of hoping these women had street ties. I’d prefer a little street justice in this case. Being locked up in a cage doesn’t suffice. Not good on my par I know, but there’s no excuse for what they did.

  • J Gats Juice

    wow….. i’ll pray for their families. this is crazy. were they dope dealers? dope dealers’ girlfriends? i am gonna research this cuz there’s a huge puzzle piece missing

  • licia

    so sad . it took some heartless SOB’s to do that crap. my heart goes out to their families.

  • Angel_Minded


    I’m telling you this is a clear case of Black KKK…

    It’s crazy because if this crime was committed by white folks, Rev Al would be marching right now.

  • Bird

    Boy am I sorry I researched this one. These two young ladies were clearly criminals and had been robbed repeatedly in recent months and still continued to deal drugs and possibly run a gambling house in the place where their children lived.

    These murders have to be charged to the game. Sometimes when you pay you play. I don’t care how hard they think they were a woman is not safe in the drug game alone. One of the boyfriends is in jail on a drug charge and the other boyfriend got shot not too long ago. Without the men they were sitting ducks.

    I wish there was some way to get our community out of the mess it’s in. I mean I know there is but who is rich enough to throw the money at it and who is brave enough to go in and work the people that need help getting out of the criminal lifestyle. It’s just seems like a no win situation.

  • PaigeyWaigey


    Sad as it is, I have to agree with you! If you wanna be cutting up coke and weed in a vacant building the least you could do is leave the children with someone else while you do your dirt. Sorry the babies had to be shot, because that really wasn’t necessary unless at the time of the shooting the mothers picked them up thinking maybe they won’t get shot because they’re holding the kids at which point your basically turning your child into a shield whether you meant to or not….I’d really hate to think they held the kids to prottect themselves from gun fire… I don’t feel sorry for the mothers, but my prayers go out to the children and the families that now have to bury them because their mothers didn’t have no damn sense!

  • ReadTheBlog

    PArt of me wants to say something really nasty about the mommas putting their children in a situation like that. I’ll just say may GOD give these families strenght right now.

  • licia

    Bird Says:

    They messed up killing those babies. Goodness knows our folks ain’t to keen on assisting the police, but when you kill children folks start turning against you. I have no doubt these idiots will be caught.

    ^^ i agree. somebody better be singing like a canary to get these fools locked up.

  • istandbehindtheIam

    Thanks Bird for the research, now it’s clear the women were players of the game, and unfortunately the babies lost. It’s also clear, that slinging dope trumped a sound decision to keep the children out of harm’s way. This is disturbing on ALL levels. I have no doubt the perps will get caught soon, whether it be street justice (preferably) or civil justice, there’s no where to hide, if n***as were behind this, Mexico can’t help ’em.

    This is disturbing on ALL levels.

  • sanaa312

    Thanks for posting this Sandra. I wouldnt have heard about this on the news of course. Its so senseless to kill the children but why were these young women inside a drug house (supposedly) with their children? I hope they catch the heartless bastards who did this to all of them!

  • free

    live by the sword, die by the sword. when will my people learn?

  • aqtpie

    I strongly believe they will find these heartless bastards. I don’t believe the mothers used their babies as shields, because one of them was on the phone with her boyfriend when he heard the break in, heard a shot and then heard his girlfriend say, “those are my babies” and then the phone went dead. So maybe they picked them up during/afterwards. To make the mothers watch their babies be shot and killed and then be killed is heartless and sounds like more than just a robbery. My prayers go out to the family and friends of all of them. (sp)

  • Bird

    sanaa312 Says:

    ….. why were these young women inside a drug house (supposedly) with their children?

    It wasn’t some vacant drug house. It was THEIR drug house. They lived there with the children. Judging from some of the items stollen in one of the earlier robberies, like a $4000 plasma TV, it was a really nice place. Praise God two other children that lived at the home were not there at the time of this last robbery.

  • plushlush

    Live by the sword
    Die by the sword
    Live wit the drugdealer have his babies his life
    Die a drug dealers death

  • kita

    I know that I’m going to get a bunch of responses from this. I knew exactly what it was before even researching like Bird did. First, let me say I am sorry for the loss of lives. BUT in the same retrospect, how in the world could two women endanger the lives of their children. You can do what you do but don’t ever put your children in harms way. Weeds, scats and guns in the house. Why where those babies in the presence of that to start with. The stuff has got to stop.

  • free

    thanks bird for giving us the real story. it’s not that common for people who have no affiliation w/the game to get run up in and shot down. it happens but usually not like this. there is a price to pay for that lifestyle and [NEWSFLASH] if you are, hang with, live with, are closely related to, or screw a dealer, you are fair game. this is not the first time i know of a child being killed while in the mother’s arms. the last one i know of, they killed the baby w/ a shot to the head and let the mother live.

  • miamore73

    The girls were stupid and blinded by the almighty $$$$. I’m sure their reasons for doing what they did had something to do with their babies. I’m doing this so he/she can have something. Unfortunately these girls weren’t smart enough to understand that those babies only needed them and their love and basic neccessities. I’m sure that 4 month old wasn’t missing that plasma TV when it was stolen.

    Those babies were beautiful.

  • HeyNow

    Sad story but they are the reason their children and themselves are dead. ALL the adults involved were to blame. From the baby daddy’s on down the line.Any adult that knew they were living that lifestyle and did not try everything that could have done to get those children removed from that home is to blame.

  • aqtpie

    You know what come to think of it, I remember a story a few mths back, about a guy visitng a friend with his 7 mth old baby in the car and the house got robbed while he was in it, he tried to run out, “they think to get to his son and was shot twice” when the robbers fled they stopped at the car and killed the baby in the carseat. Some people just don’t give a damn.

  • allnatural

    Wasted Black lives. But it raises the question, “WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE YOUR BABIES IN A FREAKING DRUG HOUSE????!!!!!” and that’s not blaming the victim but DAMN, act responsibly! When you lay down with dogs, you get fleas, and unfortunately, those babies didn’t have a say in where their dope head mothers took them!


    i am so angry at this! i look forward to starting a program for the youth…seriously. Black on black hate is killing us…we may complain about white folks but it seems that we need to worry about ourselves and how our community is living first. I’m glad for the positive influences that we have like, The Trumpet Awards and other outlets to help black people to shine and build them up. This story is sad but part of a reality.

  • Ms.IT

    I agree with you on some of what you sad. But think when you grow up with it around you at all times that’s all you know when you from the hood. I know one of them I’m from the Nap. But I just one of the one who left the hood and don’t want to look back. Right now Nap is trying to get whoever they can to make it. And apparently the thought they had something that they wanted, because they didn’t take the weed that was in the house. Usually the kids wasn’t there 2 of her other kids were somewhere else. This is horrible. Indiana is becoming a tough place to live and raise kids.

    Today around 12 they surround an apartment building and have 1 suspect.

  • katgirl33

    You know, the idea of “quick money” is enticing for many of our people, especially in areas where there are not enough jobs, living in poor areas. These women obviously saw no other options than to choose this highly dangerous way of making money….They probably was trying to keep in going in their men’s absences, and somebody saw that as a opportunity……

    I have a friend who lived in GI…she said it is getting bad in IN…..

    It is very very sad…may God have mercy……

  • Sharonda

    Damn, why the innocent?

  • Ms.IT

    It is getting bad in IN. People have been killing people left and right since this past summer when it was a huge drug indictment. People teling on each houses getting ran up. People robbing each other to make. And it’s horrible. Something needs to be done and I hope thedy get justice for this.

  • sanaa312

    Thanks Bird. I read the stories that are online now. Its a shame. They said that Gina Hunt had been held at gunpoint and pleaded for her life in the same house just months ago. This should be a lesson to all the young women out here trying to live the “glamorous life”.

  • no12blame

    I’m speechless too. My immediate reaction was to question what illegal activity the mothers may have been involved in. I see from Bird’s post it was drugs.
    So sad about the babies.

  • chandwil

    Thats a dammed shame two innocent babies had to die so violently. Sad for everyone involved, but why put a young child in such a dangerous environment? When these people are set on killing someone, whomever your with is likely to get it too. Rest in peace to all.

  • TooTot

    Why did those women have those babies in that environment? We must watch ourselves ladies?

    So Sad RIP

  • Ms. Kim

    It hurts to read this! Regardless of what the parents were doing, those babies were INNOCENT. Too sad.

  • buttercup24

    I really want to comment but I have no words to describe what I’m feeling. I was just debating over how disgusting it was that the little girl got her faced slashed in Philly and now this. What is the world coming to? I definitely understand the young woman put themselves in this situation but why the children? Why chouldn’t they just be left alone? That is an extremely heartless thing to do, killing a child. Things like this divide me on the death penalty. RIP

  • milly

    Ms. Kim Says:

    It hurts to read this! Regardless of what the parents were doing, those babies were INNOCENT. Too sad.


  • Ms.RedBoneBrite

    REGARDLESS of what these women were into, they didn’t deserve to be shot and killed with there babies in their arms! WHOEVER saying they deserved that is damn near just as heartless!! Show some respect to the dead! They didn’t deserve to die like that, regardless!!!


  • butterfly

    FIRST off many of yall that are posting DON’T know what you’re talking about. This was one of the victims homes and the other girl stayed their with her child. SO SHUT UP! This wasn’t just a vacant drug house. These women were victims as well as the children. Have a heart and stop being ignorant. Oh and by the way I didn’t have to do my RESEARCH I live in Indianapolis!

  • tonidanielle

    This is so sad and depressing to hear that someone would be this in-human to do something so “EVIL”, Now they will spend the rest of their lives in jail. I am sadden for the family of the girls and their children.

  • wendyma

    This is horrible! I feel so bad for the poor babies! This is a good lesson to these little young girls who want to live in the dope house with thier “man”. How STUPID can you be to have your babies in the dope house? You do NOT sell drugs from the house you live in, that is the rule!!!!!!!
    God please take care of those babies and have mercy on the womens soul since they were young and dumb!

  • wendyma

    I don’t think people mean they deserve, NO ONE deserves to have their life taken from them. The fact is, NEVER LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE YOU DO BUSINESS OUT OF. People rob corner stores for less than $50.00 so you are bound to be robbed sooner or later….if not you are damn lucky. I would not step one foot in a trap with my baby, no how, no way! Even when I was I knew better than that!

  • cdloftis

    Thats really sad, my heart goes out to their family. My god bless them all. I hope the police find the sob that did that. The police should take their lives, just like they took the live of the two women and those babies.

  • Mom of 3

    I just got this emailed to me, and my heart is broke. I have read each comment, and the views of the woman lifestyle are mixed. The mothers are victims and the babies are victims of circumstances surrounding the choices there mothers lifestyles. The person(s) that have done this evil, will recieve there justice rather in court or on the street. I pray God have mercy on there souls because his judgement is fair greater then anything.

    I pray that any young female or males that are involved with person(s) living the life–G.E.T. O.U.T., the money and things you get is not worth what lies ahead JAIL or DEATH.

    Here is a perfect example. The game is real and the bullets don’t care about your age!!!! WAKE UP


  • jordyn01

    First I would like to say God Bless those babies and they did not deserve this. To the animals who did this, if the police don’t catch you just know that the MAN upstairs will. I’ve read that some people want these animals to die for this but me personally, I don’t wish death on anyone and that would be the easy way out for these bastards. These people don’t even belong in jail, they belong up under the jail. But my god, when they do get caught and go to jail, I can only imagine what’s going to be done to them by other inmates in prison for what they have done to these babies. These babies didn’t deserve this or their mothers, but this it what happens when you live that lifestyle!! It’s not worth it! Everyone wanna use the excuse that times are hard or want to blame it on the hood they come from, that’s a lame excuse for the dumb mistakes that people make. I’m from CT and from one of the roughest projects and a single mother of two and had every oppurtunity to make fast money, but I see what happens to people and their families who live that lifestyle. So what I did was got two jobs and at one point was working three. To everyone out there in the game, get out of it while you can and soon before it’s too late, because this is one game that you will not win! If not for yourselves do it for your families!

  • Geri23

    It’s sad when ever a life is lost in such a violent act. I have seen a lot of murders committed by utilizing some type of gun. The victim’s ages have range from babies to older adults. All murders are senseless but when we see that the victim is a child it just breaks our hearts. Our young people think that they are living it up by selling drugs or dating one of the dealers but it is a very dangerous life for you and the people around you. Young people it may not be you that are dealing in the illegal activity but if you hang with them you tend to be guilty by association. I pray that the mothers did not attempt to utilize their children as a shield or thinking if they picked up their children that the suspect(s) would not harm them. We live in a world with a lot of cold and heartless people. No matter what the mother’s actions were, the suspect(s) committed a heartless act. We know that there were drugs left at the residence but we do not know what was taken It could have been money, drugs, guns or all. If you know something about this case please have the gutts to come forward and stop worrying about “snitching.” Do the right thing. I’ll pray for their family.

  • necee_love71


  • Momof7andgrandmaof8

    You know what…this is senselss, i feel bad for the families BUT WHY GOD would these women continue to deal in these acts while the children are present, come on…there is a place and time for everything…we are not all angels BUT use your brains when it comes to your home where you lay your head and your children….

  • Momof7andgrandmaof8

    YES the killers will be CAUGHT and do life in prison but will this horrible crime teach the young and older women of this world to stop letting this type of life take ahold of them, letting men take over their brains….letting fast money rule their lives…..OR will this happen again????

  • BigStunn

    Everyone needs to sit back and think about GENOCIDE!! We are killing ourselves faster than any other race. Pretty soon the black race will be none existant because you have blacks killing blacks, hispanics killing blacks, and whites killing blacks. I guess everyone doesn’t realize that the black race is no longer the largest minority. When will we learn.

  • md1754

    I received this email today, and I have not been able to concentrate at work all day. This message is to the 2 bastards who done this to these women and children. I hope you are reading this: I hope that the police do not catch up with you because the only punishment you will get is jail time and that is too good for you. You are the scum of the earth. You have no morals or value life. Society and the community need to get a hold of you and make you suffer as long as the family of these victims will suffer. I thought I have seen everything..but you 2 bastards are top everything. If by chance you get to jail, I will make sure all inmates know who you 2 are and I hope the inmates do the right thing and make every second, every minute, every hour, every day, and every year long and miserable.

  • ginat3

    My prayers go out to the families. R.I.P.


  • JustAPrayerAway

    I just received this email and I’m very SAD at this time for the family of these victims. As I just was watching the 1st 48 hours last night and it showed how a 2year old girl was murder over a arguement. I was broke up in tears with my arms around my 3year old. What we need to realize is that it’s praying time. Instead of pointing the finger at the decease, point the police in the right direction of who did it. You do wanna know what kind of mother would jepordize their child, BUT what HEARTLESS COWARD would take the lives of not just the mothers but GOD’S GIFT to the world? Theirs so many question that should be answer. Let’s remember not to JUDGE cause only GOD can do that. We already know the young KING and the young QUEEN is going to HEAVEN but let’s just hope that the 2 mother prayed or said anything to GOD b-4 they died. May their soul reat in peace. May GOD BLESS THE FAMILY and be with them as they try to cope with this!

  • Steelertini

    Please please someone tell me that they found these horrid people that did this???? This is not the time for us to not want to talk to the cops. Not all police officers are against us. There are those that truly want to help and we need to step up and assist when something like this happens. I have no children and I still can’t wrap my brain around this. Please tell me there is an update.

  • Deb

    I feel so bad for the familys I just hope and pray to God that they get these S–Of-A-B and soon my prayers go out to their family’s

  • workless629

    It’s been posted that they caught 4 men in connection with this senseless crime. How could they shoot babies? Why wouldn’t family members call child protective services and report these two women. Sometimes even family members have to step up to the plate and do the right thing because children have NO say in how or where they live. It’s up to responsible adults to take these children, these babies, out of harms way by any means necessary, and no matter what the cost. They are to be protected, not shot to death, like their little lives don’t matter. There should be some gnawing consciences throughtout both families of those two young women.

  • http://yahoo latonyachoice

    That’s why we need the unchurch to get church get into are bible because satan is working lord have mercy on are souls,with the way we live and break generational curses as well beacuse the bible tells us the father supplies all are needs and read all of proverbs we have to apply the bible to are daily lives and practice obedience and to know we are covered in the blood of jesus u reap what u sow and to the killers god knows u i can’t judge only god knows drug money is evil money leave it alone and get some of god money his blessing i ask god to come into alot of people heart god doesn’t force himself on no one all u need to do is ask and u will recieve him and the holy ghost.I send by blessings to all 4 angels

  • 650794

    This comment is for Paigey Waigey I really think your comment may have truth but was unneccessary to say. For one irregardless of the choices those parents made they are still someonelses daugthers. I dont care how much drugs you sell or how many bad choices you make it doesnt give anyone the right to gun you down as if they are GOD. HE is the only one who has the RIGHT to give life or take life or even judge for that matter. I know that may be a run on sentence but be careful when throwing stones. You may have children or you may not but you are someones child. GOD knows the mothers in this case parents are still grieving hard for them regardless if they put thereselves in a bad situation. Not only that you dont know why they had to sell drugs or why they had to have there children with them. We are all just speculating. I m sure there is a long backround of reasons this situation got to this point. Because they were hustlers and the boyfriends were as well does not justify them being killed that way. HE WITH OUT SIN OR MISTAKES OR WRONG DOINGS OR SECRETS CAST THE 1ST STONE!!!! I dont think you or anyone else can. MY prayers are with the family but more so for you for your ignorance

  • missindy28

    I must clarify Gina nor Andrea were not drug dealers or involved in drug dealing! The home they were murdered in was owned by a man who was known to gamble and deal drugs.. the guys who commited the crime knew the man and one of the suspects saw the drugs in the home not that of the victims were in but the home in the back of the home the victims were found in. this was a duplex home and the owner of the home put them in danger when he rented the home knowing the extent of his dealings! My cousin and Friend will rest in peace because all suspects have been caught and God will ultimately make sure they all pay.. Killing any innocent person is unbelievable but to kill innocent babies is pure Evil! i was sickened to hear of the deaths and the fact that so many people lost! both the women were beautiful people who loved life as well as their children and would have never put their babies in harms way! the man that took their lives will pay (there was one shooter) and again GOD will take care of them.. And anyone who expresses negativity on the situation may God bless you as well the news will report so much but regardless theese were women who did not deserve what they recieved regardless of the situation!

  • LINB

    This crime was so senseless and selfish that the person who murdered those two women and their innocent little babies should be put to death and I don’t usually believe in the death penalty. They are crazy – There is very slim chance that anything positive will ever become of their lives – so why prolong their agony? To be able to committ such a senseless crime you have to be dead inside already – so finish them off! PLEASE!

  • LINB

    Stop blaming the victims and blame the killers. Those women made poor choices just as you and I have at some point in our lives. That has nothing to do with justification to be brutally murdered – and their babies – what did they do to deserve to be murdered? Don’t make excuses for the no good slime of the earth – a waste of skin – i am tired of making excuses for immoral behavior that the black race displays – i am tired of blaming it on the hard times we have in this prejudice system. Yes, we do have it a lot harder than other races – especially the white race – pick up the pieces and make the best out of bad situations – our ancestors did it to make a way for us – show gratefulness by making the best of what you can accomplish and stop whinning about what you can not do and blaming everyone else for your shortcomings! Pick up the damn pieces and make your life worth living! Stop being a menace to society – stop adding to our already difficult times. Stop victimizing your own people then holler that another race is the reason we are oppressed – a lot of times we are doing it to ourselves – like in this case – no money is worth a human life – we must get our values back. I made the blog statement earlier to give the killers the death pentalty because I was very angry. I am tired of their jails being full of our men – i miss my brothers. I don’t believe in killing anyone else your life is in danger – this is God’s law – Obey it or on judgement day – you will be sorry!

  • http://yahoo latonyachoice

    I am number 60 i made a remark that u sow what u reap not talking about the angels but the killer i had made a mistake the way i wrote it because u me and everybody has did bad things they did not deserve to have they lives taken from them like that and for people that blame the moms think of all the wrong u did nobody is perfect but as soon as something happen everyone know dis or dat when i all comes down to it god know the truth some people we have watch what we say because the tongue is a powerful thing they are in heaven where are u going to go.Soul search yourself get your house in order before u talk about some body and any can happen u can walk around the corner and your life can be taken i don’t know about anybody else i pray to god everyday that no weapon formed against me should prosper in the mighty name of jesus

  • walkeg



  • lfox007

    I am ashamed that these young mothers had these innocents in a weed spot!! Sometimes we have to do what we have to do to survive BUT NEVER EVER put ur seed(s)in harms way. I hope the cowards who did this rot in the depths of hell and may they bnever get a peaceful nights sleep. If it was a robbery, why was 1 pound of weed and guns still found there? Real gangstas r going to take everything, so this may be sumthin personal. This upset me so bad I was crying, these beautiful kidz will not grow up enjoying life, well I’m sure it’s all good in Heaven, but u know. I’m sorry this happened & I hope God is watchin all of them

  • lfox007


  • mccurdycinc

    I get what everyone is saying but at the same time IAM PISSED I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF THEY WERE SELLING BOULDERS out of that house that gives nobody the right to take these young women or these children lives thats for God to handle not a grimey ass no life as human being!!!Everybody so focused on the drugs thats the problem in society today you always focus on the drugs dammit 4 PEOPLE WAS KILLED INCLUDING 2 CHILDREN!! Iam a mother and that made me break down and cry I couldnt imagine putting my kids in that type of life but at the same time I couldnt imagine watching them taking out of it at the hands of some filth!! There’s more to this story dont nobody know what these young women were doing the shit couldve just been left in the house from the boyfriends hell who knows!! NOBODY!! but the ones involved!!! Th emen that did this needs to be strung up and torchered in everyway possible to torcher an animal because they are animals and jail will be too good for these assholes and so would the death penalty! My heart goes out to the families and friends my prayers goes out for the babies and THE MOTHERS!! because like I said nobody knows what was going on NOBODY!! So get a grip

  • Starrirocks

    This story has touched me in an unbelievable way. I sold drugs in the 80’s and it was easy money. But, this is a different time. People don’t care about people anymore and are always looking for a way to get something for free. Instead of blaming the dealers lets start blaming the USERS because if they stopped using there would be nothing to sell. I see young africian american men standing around all day long and it saddens me that we have come to this. I have no words to even describe what happened to these two young ladies. However, I will say that if I had been robbed once or twice I think maybe that I would have gotten out of the game. What kind of people shoot women and children. Father God bless them and let them into your kingdom. Come on black america we have to wake up and stand up!

  • Kimi06

    I believe that everyone on this blog has shed light, heart and soul on this situation. Unfortunately it is going to take a lot more than our opinions being shed to save the lives of our people as a whole. Regardless of how these women were living there is just no excuse for the MURDERS PERIOD, we use that as a excuse to turn our heads and not do anything about our neighborhoods and about the war that is right here on the streets. We just had a woman and her 2 small kids slained in cold blood who had nothing to do with the drug world just in the wrong place at the wrong time walking her 2 small toddlers to the nursery center. We really need to educate ourselves and people young or old need to wake up because there could be no way I see a sister involved in what went down here and not open my mouth and say hey I know where they are hiring at or hey why dont you come to my church function or turn them to a direction that could have changed their lives and benefited them we all want to judge but nobody wants to help

    Mrs Crowder

  • Jdove585

    I still remember this ………Gone but not forgotten…..RIP