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If you're not familiar with Kat Deluna don't worry, you will be. She's about to be all up in your grill if her handlers have their way. Never mind that Kat's only claim to fame seems to be a song she made called "Whine Up" that I've never heard before.

Never mind that the song didn't crack the top 100 on Billboard charts. You see, she has "the look" and that seems to be all you need to make it in the music industry these days. The freckle faced 21-year-old from the Dominican Republic has made appearances in the requisite rap videos and she's been featured in all the right national magazines and MTV's TRL.

All she needs now is a little controversy and she's a bonafide starrah.

So here's a note from music industry execs to all you talented African American singers with negroidian features and nappy hair who can put Whitney Houston to shame in the vocal department: Wendy's is hiring.

  • MZN

    LOL!!! Sandra, I swear you are so funny! Wendy's is hiring... I heard that.

  • Bird

    Can she sing?

  • Bsoul

    Alrightie, then.

  • me888

    truer words are rarely spoken. i hate the biz

  • J Gats Juice

    Cant u see how Sandra is taking another stab at us light-skinned chicks? Damn, Sandra, maybe she really has talent.

  • hellava10

    I personally thought the song was hot garbage...

  • SylentDreamz

    I heard the song. It has a catchy reggae feel to it, it features Elephant Man. I am surprised Sandra hasn't heard it or any of you haven't. I don't think her voice matches her looks but whateva! Everyone has their opinion. I think she can sing. She sings opera as well.

  • AreUForReal

    So what about singer slike Heather Hedley? Is her look not ethnic enough for your liking Sandra? Stop trying to spread your self hate to the rest of us darker complexion individuals. Hell my mother is good and dark and still has freckles.

    And, your wrong about her claim to fame. She's famous for dating damn near all the members of B2K, and their associates. She's been pictured out and about with damn near everybody at every event.

  • hellava10

    So.................she's a singer/jumpoff?

    Tragedy in the making

  • ms.kimba412

    Too funny!

  • Mrsdawsondn

    what kinda 'look' is she supposed to have? I don't see nothing special. unless that albino look is the next 'in' thing..

  • ms.peaches

    If this is the same chick I'm thinking of she is suppose to be Lil Fizz cousin(I think) I remember hearing her name & seeing her face before!! as far as her songs I haven't heard any or the one she has out!! She is a pretty girl so I'm sure that will at least get her in the door cause as we all know you don't really have to have talent to be in the industry nowadays so much power to her

  • Smokie

    Aw, her freckles are so cute!

  • Negrito

    That's not Lil Fizz cousin. Kat Deluna is a Dominican chick from the Bronx. R&B/Reagge and reggaeton that's the type of music we're talknig about when it comes to this chick. Kat is actually a very good singer and talented artist. I think Kat Deluna has a bright future.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    ^^^^ bright future or not, the genre of music is already occupied by Rhianna, and trust me all of us don't exactly get a rush hearing about a new one being groomed for the slot! Katdula has nothing on the Rhi Rhi sh*t she don't even have anything on Nina Sky. How the hell she NEXT in line before those chicks anyway??!! I guess she's f*cking for tracks. Seriously though I'm tired of this whole light skin darkskin rivalry she's neither one....she's dominican!!! Who would give a damn if she were. Sandra you are the first one to poke fun at someone who is not cute so why the hell are you frontin. I hate that the industry has this stigma too, but trust me if Missy Elliot, Kelly Price, Monique, Ruben Studdard,and many others can break through and carry a few extra pounds I think there is hope, as long as you have talent.

  • Negrito

    What do you mean occupied by Rihanna??? She has nothing on Rihanna? It's not even the same genre of music. Rihanna is one of those pop artist (Yes she's a popartist NOT R&B) that should be thankful she's good looking cause she's not a very good artist.

    As for Kat, only time will tell how far she'll go, but there's no doubt that she's a very talented up and coming artist with a great voice that can be a big star in the future if she works with great producers...etc.

  • tintin

    i dont' get the point of this story

  • lovely25


  • tbrown

    Sandra you are so wrong for she's got the look :lol:

    This child has an awesome voice and like most, I've only heard the "Whine Up" song. I couldn't tell you what it's about really. It's fast-paced and good for working out to. LOL. I saw her perform this on some morning show and she sounded good LIVE while dancing all over the place. I don't think this hair color is good for her. It washes her out. She should go dark. Oh yes, she has some song with Omarion for some dance movie that came out recently (but has since gone straight to dvd). The video is cute and she sings well and looks better in the vid than in this image. :lol: She's a formidable, young talent, but I think she needs to change some things visually (primarily the hair color and arch those eyebrows, by God!) soon!

  • honeycoated

    To AreUForReal: What about singers like Heather Headly? Yeah, and where is Heather Headly lately? And Chrisette Michelle? They get a lot of buzz for a little while but most comsumers dont want that. They want a singer over a sampled beat and they want to shake their ass. Heather Headly and 'nem dont make music like that for the majority.

  • LevarThomas

    She is doing her thang...

  • ms.peaches

    Oh ok so it was Omarion's video I remember seeing her in I knew she looked familiar I thought she was related to Fizz cause I remember a while back he introduced this young girl who looked similar to her as his cousin I'm not sure if it was a group or she was solo(my bad)I just pray she doesn't become a 1 hit wonder!!

  • Toodles




  • buttercup24

    Although I wasn't in love with "whine up" it was a cute song. She had her own little dance to it and she did it well. I'm a neo-soul lover so I complain all the time about SANGERS not getting the recognition they deserve. In this case she'd deserve some fame because she is talented.

    Once again I find it hypocritical to come down on this chick, but constantly big up Rihanna. Rihanna can't sing a damn note or dance. All she is a pretty girl and you constantly talk about her talent. Stop the madness.


    Lil fizz's so called cousin is Jhene, she isnt on TUG no more you can find her on myspace and youtube with videos of her singing, she has the "look" light skin long hair but she has yet to release a successful single and her cd was pushed back for about 5years, so all this stereotypical bullshit which does happen, doesnt always work, if you give up before even trying (Sandra at the African American singers with African American feature) then youll never be anything

  • free

    sandra, as mere eggs, us light skin folks can't be faulted for whose wombs we're in and it's not like we can call God and tell Him to send our mama a certain type of man for his DNA (good hair) either.

    an industry is an industry and it likes what it likes at any given time. in modeling, you gotta be a size 2. you can't be an 8. denzel ain't light. whoopie ain't light. oprah damn sure ain't light. however, for music THESE DAYS, you gotta be as close as possible to a slim light chick.

    calling one another out when we don't even call the shots is getting to be too much.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    @ Negrito

    Obviously we don't share the same opinion, not a problem for me.

    I could careless what Rhianna looks like, I'm not a fan of womens looks I'm a fan of their talent. I happen to think Rhianna is very talented not saying that Katdula isn't but what i've heard so far is not what "I" like, "I" as in me, myself?? so the opinion that "I" have is that yes Katdula has nothing on Rhianna or even Nina Sky. Nothing personal its not that serious.

  • Sane and Clean

    She is a good dancer and performer. SHe performed on the Miss America show and she is a cute girl. FYI THe Dominican Republic had slaves dropped off there just like in the USA. I have been there and when I told them I was Black they laughed becasue they were so much darker than me. Most Domminicans are very dark she just happens to be a light one. WHo the hell cares. She will have a great future becasue Latinos rep for Latinos.

  • Sane and Clean

    sorry for typos

  • AWhiteP

    This chick actually is talented singer with a 5 octave range. The Whine up song was ok but I don't think it showed her skills. She needs good song writers. I think it's easier to make a person who can sing sound like they can't than it is to make a person who can't sing sound like they can.

  • milly

    I liked the song Wind it up, it was kinda catchy, I havent heard anything else from her and I havent bought her album...not even sure if she has one out.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Sane and Clean Says

    She will have a great future becasue Latinos rep for Latinos.

    Krysi says

    Latina is what I ment by her not being light skin or darkskin = not of African descent. When I commented that she was Dominican it was in reference to her actual race which is like you stated above LATINA. Unless of course she is black with hispanic descent which is a difference. This is why when they ask for your specific race in hospitals they verify if you are black non hispanic.

  • H.B.I.C.

    I am really curious as to what Sandra looks like. I'm tired of her making a big deal out of light/dark skinned thing, it's getting real old.

  • Negrito


    It's OK! Nothing serious, it's only my personal opinion. We’ll just have to agree to disagree when it comes to Kat.

  • Krysi – yes the same one


  • Negrito

    @Sane and Clean Says

    Those Dominicans who are "very dark" are actually of African descent. They're black or mulattos (biracial). Unfortunately there are some black Latinos who refuse to call themselves black, instead they say "dark". You'll find some of these type of people in Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil..etc You know, Latin american countries were there are many black Latinos.

    I don't know about Kat's racial background but Most dominicans are of african descent. I think she's half black so if that's the case then she's a mulatta.

    Anyway You're right Latinos usually rep for Latinos but I do think it's ridiculous that still in 2008 "Latina" is to many people a RACE. It's not...Latino is not a race. It's just a word to describe people from latin American countries. Latinos are of all races.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    what is JLo considered then? No, seriously I want to know, is she of african descent or is she just considered latino, hispanic, I mean there are statistics created based on this stuff so their must be some sort of difference in race? If thats the case hell every race is of African descent cause slaves were left in every part of the world, they escaped in every part of the world and INDIANS too, since they discovered america and all whats the difference between the indian in us and the indians who live in southeast asia. Are we one race now?

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    WTF? Sandra, look at us, why are we even entertaining this subject???............BECAUSE OF YOU! Bottom line, you don't have to be light skinned to have talent!!! However if you have talent and you are light skinned chances are you will have an advantage over the opposite complexion, SO WHAT! If we can't fix the problem then we have to break through! This has been going on for ages why else would we have AKAs and DELTAs...KAPPAs and Qs Black people are not a unified RACE! If you have an opportunity to be heard I suggest you make it count, YOU face those challanges and work harder, sing better, carry yourself with class, and stay humble. It worked for Jennifer Hudson and it can work for any body else with that much DETERMINATION and HEART in their SPIRIT.

  • Negrito

    No J-LO is not a latino of african descent. My point is: Latinos are of all races. There are black Latinos, mestizo, mulattos, white latinos..etc so there's really no such thing as Latino is a race.

    There are millions of black Latinos especially in Dominican Republic, Cuba Colombia and Brazil. Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Alfonso Ribeiro) is Dominican a latino but as for race he's black.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Kryssi:

    We may not be able to do anything about it, but I can keep bringing attention to it so the industry can stop pretending that it isn't a problem.

  • Yanaja

    Negrito, you are correct.

    My dad is Afro-Cuban and my mother is Dominican, I classify myself as a Black-Latina.

    I happen to be good friends with her manager Tyron Edmond, who by the way is a very successful model of Haitian decent. I've hear tons of Kat's tracks and I must say, chick is talented. Her voice is dope. Trust me, if the industry was looking for sexy kitten Latina stereotypes without talent, she wouldn't be chosen. You seem to be implying that because she is light complexioned, she got a free pass into the industry. Not so. Her personality has carried her a long way. Her personality and approachable girl next door looks have gotten her some dope endorsements.

  • Yanaja

    *Tyrone Edmond