Congratulations to comedian Lil' Duval and his girlfriend Mrs. Lil' Duval who gave birth to a baby girl. Lil' Duval, real name Roland Powell, was a finalist on BET's Coming to the Stage. From there he went on to tour with Cedric the Entertainer and quickly became rapper T.I.P.'s favorite comedian hosting Grand Hustle's Comedy nights at the Uptown Comedy Corner here in Atlanta.

  • J Gats Juice

    Congrats to them... Sandra, r u sure thats his "girlfriend"? U know how u get these things wrong :) Again congrats on their new blessing


    I gotta say lil duvall is FUNNY as heck! they put him on music videos too with Grand Hustle. real funny cat. so if that is his girlfriend why is she mrs.lil duvall. "mrs." is for married. but whatever. you must like this guy because you are being extra nicey nice.

  • milly

    LMAO lil Duval and Mrs Lil Duval, Congrats!

  • fatblkboy

    celebrity, huh? honestly i've never heard of him. but congratulations! that baby is a cutie!!!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    He's already had a million congrats on MYSPACE! In his lil thoughts of the day he keeps everybody posted about the lil one and of course he clowns!


    I don't mean to get on a high horse, but I wish blk women stop having babies out of wedlock like its normal because it isn't. I don't have anything against prematerial sex, but protect yourself. After a man has had you any kind of way and knocked you up, most women will find it hard to get a ring.

    Remember ladies: Child support does not equal a farther, cause anybody could pay that.

  • kat

    ~off topic~
    just looked at billboard and see that jay z is still in the top's a slow day in news on this site, so i just threw that out there! :)

  • carliss

    Congrats...a darling baby!!!


    I forgot to add congrats on a healthy baby.

  • rumer


    I don’t mean to get on a high horse, but who are you to judge! If that's the way Duval and his lady wanted their life then so be it. This blog has nothing to do with fatherless children. Advertise somewhere else.

  • hellava10


    I'm having the same thoughts here. Majority of the 'congrats on the new baby' are to boyfriend/girlfriend/jumpoff. It would be nice to see wedding shout outs - not the fake spiritual unions- the real deal. All of these babies means there is a LOT of unprotected goosing going on.

  • Bsoul

    hellava10 said: "...not the fake spiritual unions...".

    LOL! Speaking of Eddie, he was snapped partying this week-end...guess he's contemplating that next move.

  • teecee

    some one his age should know enough to get married and give that baby some rights.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    @BEAUTYINBALTIMORE, & hellava10

    Do me a favor and pray for them. I'm sure God would appreciate how much compassion you have for another human being and THEIR sins, since you have never committed any, right?

  • hellava10

    Thank you for helping to keep me on my spiritual journey. I will most definately continue to pray for our community to stop having babies out of wedlock, so as not not increase the percentage of unwed mothers and the ever increasing rate of AIDS among heterosexual females in our community, I will continue to pray for strength within black women to stop settling for less than what they deserve, I will pray that others will understand my comments as not tearing down what is there-but encourage us celebrate vows before God before celebrating your child's 10th birthday and not judge by what they interpret I say, I pray that one day I will look at this blog and see more people getting married and adding to their family instead of seperate familes, I pray that others will see that I am by no means perfect but can see the blessing I have in my relationship because I nor my husband have children outside of our marriage and it just might be an example to one because it's not easy even in a 2 parent home, I pray that God will strengthen others not to accept/look over/and or ignore The Word simply because "times have changed and it's ok", I am as we all are a sinner saved by His grace and mercy. Amen.

  • ms.peaches

    I hate to break the monotny(spell check) but aside from the congrats on the precious lil baby has anyone heard about him & Shawty getting into a fight, I heard Shawty knocked him out, mind you neither 1 of these guys are over 5"2 seriously just thought I would throw that in 2 see if anyone has heard

  • allnatural

    Enough already. Baby momma/baby daddy news ain't news. Tired of seeing this foolishness and tired of Sandra parading that sh#t like it's something to celebrate and be proud of. Get a condom, why don't you.

  • Krysi – yes the same one



  • hellava10

    @ ms.peaches

    imagine that... :)

  • J Gats Juice

    Midget comedians fighting... Now thats something worth reporting LMFAO

  • Dt2

    OK, where is you tube when you need them...That is a post comedian dwarfs fighting...Congratulations Lil Duval and Mrs. Duval..A litle advise left, left, right duck..You have to be quick on your feet getting knocked out by Shawty is not a Good LOOK!! Katt Williams maybe but Shawty NO!! Besides that I wonder after he knocked him out did he say Wat my Name?