If you missed it, Oprah briefly interviewed convicted felon Marion Jones on her show today. Apparently, Jones is already in federal custody and was not able to fly to Chicago to appear in person on the show.

As predicted, Oprah went a little easy on Marion (probably due to time constraints). She asked Jones only one tough question about lying to the feds. Jones told Oprah she “made a mistake” and said God would forgive her even if people didn’t. According to radio host Ryan Cameron of the Ryan Cameron Show on V-103, Oprah said it “kills her” when people call on God after they get into trouble.

Jones also told Oprah she and her husband didn’t plan to tell their 4-year-old son that mommy was going to jail. Jones choked up when she recounted how her son was upset that she couldn’t take him to school this morning.

On Friday, Jones was sentenced to 6 months in the federal pen for lying to the feds about her steroid use and a check fraud scheme.

  • cta

    I was reading another blog, which stated that how fair is it that the judge basically sentences her for 6-months for “lying” while the President gets Scooter Libby off with no time at all. I don’t agree with the check fraud scheme, and I think anyone who takes “illegal” steroids, knowing the side effects, is an idiot — but a six month jail sentence??

  • cta


    fair = “unfair”

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Thats sad..I hope she learns and grows from this to become a better person,and everyone makes mistakes so I wont pass any judgment.

  • J Gats Juice

    dammit i shoulda tivo-ed this!!!!

  • Krysi – yes the same one


    WAKE UP!

    They are doing this to us on purpose! In my entire 26 years on this earth I have never seen so many Black celebrities or authority figures put on trial and thrown behind bars. Everyone is under investigation, everyone is part of some illegal wrong doing, conspiracy, or crime WTF?? Lawd, where are words of wisdom from Tupac when you need ’em??!!!

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    I will definately watch this. We live in an unfair society…but we have to LIVE!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/sweetpea_337 pyt_504

    This should be a lesson learned to all the others out there!!!! The “man” will get you one way or the other

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I want everybody to remember, “The government doesnt like competition so dont steal!”

  • tina34

    What does Oprah mean by “people call on God after they get in trouble?” Its obvious she doesnt know that God is a forgiving God. Oprah get on my nerves sometimes. I think all that money has kind of changed her.

  • http://yahoo.com Dr. 90210

    @milly, amen to that. That’s a true statement if I ever heard one.

    Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
    Author: Confucius

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    Krysi, that’s all the more reason for us to keep our a$$$$ out of trouble.

  • ms.peaches

    I think it’s real sad in cases where you have children & don’t know how to explain it to them that you have to go away!! I knew when they sent Lil Kim to jail that they weren’t even playing around anymore I guess it’s safe to assume they plan to make examples outta alot of folks!! What I really want to know is now that Marion Jones got into this trouble revolving around steriods why do they have to bring up Mary, Tyler, Wyclef, 50, & Timbaland do they plan on going after them legally as well??

  • hellava10

    She’s right, God has already wiped her slate clean. But He was also there during each injection, when she lied, and when her pen hit paper on them checks, too. Don’t be foolish. Oprah has a point. If you put Him first, you won’t have to call Him last.

  • melb2008

    I just watched this interview & Marion Jones made me so sick. She pretty much smiled & laughed through the hole interview. Oprah was right for putting her on blast. It seems like Marion kept talking about other peoples faults but not accepting responsibility and yes she did play that God card. Was she thinking about God when she shot them steroids up her arm and cheated them other athletes out of winning a gold medal. Nah sistah, you do the crime, do the time. I felt like she was trying to manipulate people with this interview & even had a time limit on the interview. Her people obviously wanted Mama O to go light on her but I was proud of Oprah, Marion Jones now wants to make a living as a public speaker, don’t nobody wanna hear your ish. YOu lied for years… both you & hubby are frauds… even got a check hustle, dang, they might need to check them for crack cocaine, that sounds like some crackhead behavior.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    I’m glad to hear the interview isn’t that long. That way I won’t have to miss too much of Idol to watch the recast at 8. I hope Marion gets some help for her demons. From what I hear she has a pretty bad spending problem and was far beyond dead broke by the time they started writing those rubber checks.

  • http://TheBeatniksCelebrityGossip.com Seattle Slim

    I feel bad for Marion I really do. I don’t think jail time was necessary but hey whatever.

  • Nadine

    Lock her ass up. Lil Kim got 1 year and a day for NOT snitching. WTF is that? They locked up Martha Stewart’s ass too. Neither Lil Kim nor Martha really needed to go to prison for bullcrap like that. But Marion needs to go to jail. Kids look up to her. Advertisers paid her lots and lots of money to represent them. All of that is a lie. Black people have always been represented as honest athletes who don’t use enhancement drugs….Thanks to Marion, people are always going be suspicious of honest and natural athletes. Six months is a small price to pay for her lies and dishonesty.

  • allnatural

    Yes, BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND QUIT WITH THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY! What kind of idiot lies to the Feds??? And I’m not even gonna start with the 250,000 dollars in check fraud. I HATE it when negroes start that “It’s a conspiracy and Whitey is trying to lock us up!” WaaaWaaaWaaa. If you stop breaking the law, your ass won’t get locked up!!!

  • truthhurts717

    Why do I find it so hard to have pity on parents when they cry about what their kids go through as a result of them doing time? I have a son, my son became my reason for living. Every single crime and dirty deed that I did before my son was born ended as soon as he came into this world. Why? Because there was no way in hell I was going to jail and leaving my son behind because of my foolishness.

    Stop committing crimes, breaking the damn law and there will be no reason for you not to be able to take your kid to school.

  • mofinest04

    I don’t feel sorry for her. When they asked her was she using steroids at first she said no. And that was that. So she come out of no where and said she was using steroids. She talking about she couldn’t live a lie anymore. I think she should have keep her mouth shut.

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    I feel sorry for Marion’s kids. And because I know we are all human and make mistakes, I feel sorry for Marian, too. Not too much though.

    I had never really followed the Olympics until Marion competed. I was a huuuge fan of hers, so it’s a real let down to find out that she wasn’t naturally superhuman. What makes it worse is the arrogant attitude she had while she was winning. I remember overlooking that swagger though. I rationalized that being #1 entitled her to some arrogance.

    You couldn’t find a humble bone in Marion’s body when she was running that track all souped up. I know she’s remorseful now (who wouldn’t be?), but six months isn’t so bad for so shockingly duping the world. I hope that white steroid users will be locked up, also.

  • lexdiamonz

    ummm krisi so white people are making us take steroids, lie and write fraud checks!!! think not two tears in a bucket she need to do the time her, Vick, T.I and everybody else who commit crimes stop blaming YT for our own actions hell she did the crime DO THE TIME six months is a cakewalk Fed time….

  • buttercup24

    I feel bad for her children, but I’m on the fence with her. I can’t help but be disappointed that another one of our AA legends let us down. I don’t want to be too judgmental but its absurd how she has ruined her life. Financially she is ruined, in the eyes of the public morally she is ruined, and she will more than likely end up missing both of her sons’ birthdays . That has to be a terrible feeling missing your child’s first birthday. Unfortunately she brought it all on herself. I didn’t feel bad for Lil Kim either when she got locked up. She deserved it for being so stupid.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Well I watched Oprah and it wasn’t so bad. I don’t feel bad for Marion because she can move on now. Those secrets had to be tearing her up inside and now her slate is clean. She can start over again. She has a college degree doesn’t she? She can go out and get a nice paying 9 to 5 and just live a normal life.

  • J Gats Juice

    Nadine, u’re real emotional about a person u dont know and a situation u only heard about thru the media. Have u considered her children and how they’ll cope without a mother? Maybe her back was against the wall and the check thing seemed like the only way out. We have all been there and we’re one bad decision from bein in her shoes. We dont know what she was thinkin when she took the shots or wrote the checks. All I can say is that I hope her children dont have to be exposed to ppl like u

  • J Gats Juice

    why was shoes bleeped out?

  • J Gats Juice

    geez Sandra, ur filter is ultra sensitive… i cant even put s h o e s

  • ReadTheBlog

    I think it’s funny when people play the HOLY card when they’re in trouble, too! I take it all in jest – shoulda been doing that while you was being crooked and deceitful. I wonder if they took Marion into custody so quick, though?

  • istandbehindtheIam

    If what Oprah said is true regarding seeking God before you get in trouble, I understand where she’s coming from, obedience is better than sacrifice hands down HOWEVER, everybody doesn’t get that and fortunately God understands that we All fall short of His Glorious standard and when we fall, He delights in our outstretched hand to Thee.

    Get back on that horse, Marion. May God bless you and your family.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    White people are in positions to cover their shit up…HELL THEY BLEW UP THE TWIN TOWERS, LIED ABOUT WAR, STOLE SHIT FROM IRAQ, KILLED FOR NO REASON, FIXED THE VOTE, :ET COPS KILL OUR PEOPLE WITHOUT A CAUSE, THEY SELL DRUGS, THEY SELL WEAPONS!!!!!! THAT AIN EVEN HALF! Black people stop acting like you don’t care about your own people anymore everybody makes mistakes, yes sometimes over and over again, but we’re human just like everybody else, and the shit we get caught for, sometimes don’t even add up to a 1/3 of the shit government officials do daily. All those comments about “YT, and conspiracy” you ever heard ya granny tell ya “time is running out” well folk that time has come and conspiracy is AT LARGE. The state of time is currently going backwards and soon our troubles will be over, but in the meantime remember what i’m telling you….all the shit we used to complain about white man this and white man that….is coming true, don’t waist too much time in denial cuz you don’t have any to spare. They have been at this for years, I bet yall still believe Tupac were killed by crips, and terroist are trying to blow our shit up! If you were behind those governement walls you would not believe the crimes that have been committed (hint) AIDS!!!

  • TooTot

    tina34 maybe Oprah prays to a different God than you do, everyone isnt the same religion so maybe you took her quote out of context or even the wrong way….

    Krysi, I feel where you are coming from. It seems these days all most black blogs do is tear fellow blacks down and have commenters that are so miserable or brainwashed they hop on the bandwagon. What Marion did was nothing new and not anything out of the ordinary at that time in that sport. She wasnt the only woman roided up , just the only one SO FAR caught who happen to be BLACK. This is an open attack. There have been plenty, but black people are crabs in a bucket so the government already knows they have it sowed up. Black women are insulting other black women for talking about their love of their children (Solange)their dislike of slander(Gabrielle) and much more.

    We need to come together instead of throwing stones!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    This is situation does not apply to Gabrielle and Solange honey…you can’t go to jail for sleeping with different men or being born into a family of wealth. This is real s*** happening here! I could give a damn about Gabrielle and Solange running off at the mouth trying to keep their FELLOW BLACK PEOPLE IN THE DARK about BEING NORMAL doing f***ked up sh*t….now if they were ever put in jail for some bullsh*t, I would have their back in a heartbeat, If a white person were to talk sh*t like Sandra does I would be all over their blogs raising HELL. Its just like you treat you brothers and sisters, we can talk about them but nobody else can. Did Gabrielle ever mention why she reads gossip in the first place….is it because, DARE I SAY IT, she is just as nosey and backwards as you super heros say we are. Marion Jones and Micheal Vick being put behind bars on bogus sh*t does not compare. What white celebrity you know is behind bars for animal cruelty, but I know you won’t put money on NOT ONE SINGLE WHITE CELEB EVER COMMITTING THE CRIME. Same for steroids!