Danity Kane's D. Woods is featured on one of this month's covers of King magazine. DK, the manufactured group she's a member of is also featured on a cover but I'll pass. When will the music industry catch a clue that the reason their industry is in the sewer is because they chose sex over substance?

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    D has always been the stand out favorite of the group..i'm happy to see her shine..not feeling the rest of them

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    i'm just so happy that she is fully dressed on KING...HELLO! i am not loving her hair but D is a fly sister, she's real, she's got soul...i like her, very cool chick.

  • NyNy

    The only two that can "sang" out of the group are D.Woods and Dawn. The rest are just there for show. There were a few girls that Puffy could have picked besides the other three that had the looks and voice.

  • J Gats Juice

    D Woods may be the only one who has a future when Puff gets tired of this Makin the Band stuff. Do I have to remind u of Da Band... where r they now?

  • pinky2083

    she need to get a new hairstyle, that is not cute!

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I was mad at Diddy for calling her fat, but yes she is one of the fierce ones in that group.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Me too Milly...I couldn't believe he called her fat. I still remember she used being "fat" to her advantage and killed it when the gyrls 1st introduced themselves to a crowd...

    Thats the problem now...Diddy is on a freakin model search, what about talent?

  • buttercup24

    Ia with the comment the music industry needs to choose substance over sex but I don't really see where it applies in this case. I've seen plenty of non talented entertainers who cover magazines calling them the next best thing. When in actuality they can't sing or dance, just have a new look that works for them. I hope Danity Kane make it in the industry. Dawn, Andrea and D Woods are actually talented and deserve to shine.

  • buttercup24

    Those non talented entertainers have the same amount if not less than D Woods has on.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    well honestly I've seen better King Magazine covers, but at least she's still relevant. I can't be mad at that. That wig is not the business though.....AT ALL.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mzmekpage Tmekio

    I love D. Woods and I LOVE everything about her. She FRESH, TALENTED and STRONG..

    Overall, I'm GRATEFUL that she has everything covered-up on this cover! she could have pulled a "Tocara" and look SLEEZY to blow her name up...

    But then again, I knew if Diddy had anything to do woth it, it wasn't going down on his watch...

  • claire


  • sumpthinspecial

    D Woods looks great. Personally, I would't wear the cut she's wearing but SHE is rocking it. The thing about Danity Kane is that they are actually talented. Unfortunately the way they came about and were presented to the public casts a dark shadow. They're discounted as a group because of the Making the Band situation. Had they come out on like most artists -- they may have been taken seriously. Each and every one of those girls can really sing. D Woods and Andrea are my personal favorites; Aubrey is a mess; the other two are likeable, yet forgetable.

  • SugahHoneyIcedTea

    I HATE her hair.

  • Poetry777

    I'm always happy to see sisters doin it for themselves so to speak. But I do wish we could start veering away from all this exploitation. I understand that it sells but just because something bad sells doesn't mean it should be on the market...God did not create women to be sex objects.. And a lot of us are so lost that we just buy into it and belittle ourselves thinking it's cute or trendy to have zero self respect... But a lot of it is due to low self esteem...Black women are the most fatherless women on the planet and father's instill self esteem & respect in thier daughters...But anyway...The pic would have actually been tasteful in my opinion if the dress was about 3-4 inches longer....And yes that hair do is questionable...But I'm always down for anything edgy & different...

  • Brown Suga Baby

    I kind of like the group. That is good that D. Woods is on the cover of King with close on. Bigups to her.

  • Negrito

    The white chick Aubrey is the one who in general get most attention in that group. That's King magazine though so obvously they gonna pick a sistah. I'm glad D.Woods get some shine.

  • Dt2

    I am a Danity Kane fan, but I just hate her hairstyle I think that Dawn is more stylish and she looks like she just made the group she is a pretty girl but syle wise she can use a make over...LIKE NOW!!!!!!!!

  • mrsgoodes

    I think that you r wrong. This is a tasteful picture at least she has all of her clothes on. I think that she is the only talented one in the group. There is nothing wrong with being sexy, you cross the line once you become whorish