UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and British football star David Beckham visited West Africa yesterday to call international attention to the issue of child survival. Becks visited the poverty-stricken nation of Sierra Leone where child mortality rates are the highest in the world.

"We can't turn a blind eye to the tens of thousands of young children who die every day in the developing world, mostly from causes that are preventable," he said.

"Saving these children's lives is a top priority for Unicef and as an ambassador I hope I can help to draw attention to this issue across the world. (Source)

Producer Pharrell Williams' foray into the jewelry design business has paid off in a major way. He holds the distinction of being the first black designer at Louis Vuitton. Pharrell and Louis Vuitton celebrated the new jewelry line with an exclusive party last night in Paris where Pharrell showed off his one-of-a kind jacket designed by Louis Vuitton.

The jewelry line called Blason Collection will be available in select stores next month. The pieces are priced from an affordable $2,000 to $600,000. (Source)

Photos courtesy of Nekita

Thanks to loyal reader Nekita for these pics of Fantasia and Dro at Club Blackties in Raleigh, NC. According to Nekita, Fanty was Dro's "special guest" joining him onstage although she didn't perform.

Nekita said: Now, they could just be friends but they were looking real extra cozy to everyone. And why would she be there anyway as his special guest because she didn't perform. I honestly believe they are a couple.

All photos: Fred Anderson Exclusively for SandraRose.com

Eva and her boyfriend celebrate the Compound's Grand Finale last night.

Most of Atlanta knows that the Compound closed its doors last night to make way for the new Vision nightclub. If you're in the ATL you know that Vision was the crown jewel of Atlanta nightlife before it shut down in 2006. A host of celebs made their way to the Compound for the Grand Finale hosted by Frank Ski (V-103 Morning Show) including Akon, Eva the Diva, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Jazze Pha, Bu, Young Jeezy and more.

My regular readers know that I strive to maintain credibility on my site. If I write an erroneous story I will make a retraction. Last week I wrote that Fantasia Barrino's brother Ricco Barrino was signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle. But according to Ricco's publicist that information is incorrect. But Ricco does write songs for Grand Hustle artists. As you know, Ricco will make his star turn on American Idol this season.

Speaking of Fanty, she drove the kids crazy in Decatur over the weekend as she performed for not one, but two gay clubs. I hear she walked away with a cool $28,000 for performing every title in her catalog. They say she had to be pulled off the stage at 2:30 am Saturday night so she could go sing Happy Birthday to her alleged boyfriend Young Dro at Club Crucial.

If the rumors are true about Fanty and Young Dro, that would bring the total list of women that he's seeing on the side to three - including his baby mama.

Read the publicist's email after the break.
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Legend Diana Ross is still beautiful at 63 - even when she's in bad need of a re-weave, touch up and rinse.

My sources tell me Rihanna is seeing the same dermatologist who worked wonders on Alicia Keyss facial acne. Rhi Rhi suffered a bad skin eruption that has steadily worsened over the past week. Rihanna has been advised to curb her appetite for sweets, increase her water intake and to begin the same expensive mustard facials that Alicia and other celebs have used to restore their beauty and glow.

Photos by wedding photographer WILLIE JACOBS

The day before celebrities and dignitaries traveled to Atlanta to celebrate the birth of Dr. King, his oldest son Martin Luther King III officially announced his marriage to Arndrea Waters. The couple who are expecting their first child this Spring, announced their 2 year old union at the After Glow reception for the Salute to Greatness Awards Ceremony at the ritzy Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Mr. and Mrs. King hosted a reception which included a champagne toast, cake cutting and bouquet toss facilitated by S.T.E.P.S. Event Planning Firm, Inc. for an unforgettable celebration!

Special thanks to Jamahl King of S.T.E.P.S. for the exclusive photos!

MLK III his wife Arndrea King and Bernice King
MLK III, Arndrea King and Jamahl King, S.T.E.P.S. Event Planning Firm

Arndrea's sisters Glynnis Waters and Katha Waters, MLK III, Arndrea King and Bernice King
The cake

Rihanna wearing her Louis Vuitton Love bag at LAX

Photo: Splash News

Pharrell Williams attended the Louis Vuitton Mens 2008/2009 Show in Paris, France over the weekend. Traditionally, LV doesn't gift stars with pieces so maybe Pharrell is just modeling this black Damier Keepall for the cameras.

Kim Kardashian keeps her LV monogram pouchette within her sights while she scarfs down lunch

Fat Joe and his wife

Brandy wearing the same Louis Vuitton as Jay Z's. Word is two baby bear cubs were killed so she could keep her feet warm in 70 degree weather

It began with one post on Oprah Winfrey's popular website Oprah.com. A of Hillary Clinton's supporter blowing off steam following Barack Obama's upset victory over Hillary in the Iowa Caucuses, criticized Oprah for backing Obama over Clinton.

"I cannot believe that women all over this country are not up in arms over Oprah’s backing of Obama," Hillary's campaign supporter wrote. "For the first time in history we actually have a shot at putting a woman in the White House and Oprah backs the black MAN. She’s choosing her race over her gender." That post prompted hundreds of abusive comments from angry white women who consider Oprah a traitor for turning against another white woman.

Well, welcome to the club ladies. For the first time in Oprah's history she puts her own race over YOU and the black community is rejoicing! We will never forget the scenes from Forsyth County, Georgia 18 years ago of Oprah hugging and kissing racist whites who had earlier hurled racial epithets and stones at our black men.

Oprah's popularity took a hit in the black community but she continued to focus on issues that were relevant to her white female audience. Her predominantly white female audience made Oprah a billionaire - and she returned the favor many times over. Instead of filling her audience with needy minority families when she gave away millions of dollars worth of her favorite things, the recipients were mostly affluent white women who afford their own favorite things.

Oprah is widely credited with helping Obama in Iowa. But Oprah, dubbed the Queen of All Media, has not campaigned for him since. While Obama's aides suggest Oprah may return to the campaign trail, her critics believe she is running scared. Isn't it ironic that the same women who put Oprah in power are now denying her right to support the candidate she believes in?

Pop sensation Rihanna looked stunning in her high school prom pic taken in Barbados before she became a household name. It's amazing that she looks exactly the same as she does today. This photo would conflict with the haters who say Rihanna's style is dependent upon her stylists - unless she had a stylist in high school.

Thanks to loyal reader Pumpkin for the pic!

Critics who normally root for Janet Jackson were unanimous in their view that Janet's new single '"feedback" wasn't all that hot. So why then was the single being hailed by everyone else in the Universe as a surefire hit? Surely everyone was listening to the same song.

According to the Daily Mirror, Janet's latest single hasn't even made the top 100 download chart in the UK - after three weeks on sale. Now her label, Island Records might pull the plug on bringing the CD version to the UK.

"The poor [sales] figures are no surprise as Janet isn't big news right now," a source told the Daily Mirror's 3am gossip column. This, after Def Jam's Chairman L.A. Reid held a much-hyped private listening party over there for Janet's new CD "Discipline". Where's the gratitude?

Four men are in custody in Indianapolis for the brutal Jan. 14 slayings of two women and their babies who were in their mother's arms when they were shot multiple times. Ronald Davis, 30, Dontae Hobson, 30, Jasper Frazier, 36, and Zarumin Coleman, 20, have all been charged in connection with the murders.

Two of the suspects were charged with four counts of murder each, while the other two face attempted robbery and conspiracy to attempt robbery charges in the deaths of Gina Hunt, 24, and her 23-month-old son Jordan and Andrea Yarrell and her four-month-old daughter, Charlii. The suspects will make their first court appearance under tight security in Marion County on Tuesday.
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A 3rd coward has turned himself in to Ohio police after fleeing Indianapolis in the wake of an intense manhunt for the killers of two babies and two adults.

"I ain't kill them kids, man," Jasper Frasier, 36, told a reporter for the Indianapolis Star before turning himself in. Jasper said he left Indianapolis soon after the murders and headed to his sister's home in Toledo. "The people that killed the kids, they was going to kill me," he told the paper.

When he talked about the shootings, Frazier began sobbing. He said he was scared by Sheriff Frank Anderson's statement that police were going to track down those responsible "like dogs."

Police are questioning two other Indianapolis men in connection with the four killings. Zarumin Coleman, 21, the suspected get away driver, and Tommy Warren, 24, were in custody Thursday night on unrelated warrants, police said. Coleman was arrested inside Frasier's apartment.

Frazier told The Star that Coleman and two other men pulled him into a robbery plan that ended in the killings.
Frazier said he was in the house in the 3200 block of Hovey Street when another man fired the shots.
"Yeah, I was there, man," Frazier said, "and I asked the dude there, 'Why the (expletive) you kill those kids?' "

More than 100 officers from the U.S. Marshals office, Indianapolis police and the FBI were involved in the manhunt for justice.


Photo spotted on: NecoleBitchie.com

Steve Harvey, 51, graces this month's cover of JET magazine with a newly shorn bald pate. Steve wasn't pulling out his hair worrying about his haters critics who claimed he wore a toupee to cover up his fading hairline. As you can see from the pic, Harvey has a normal hairline which does not extend behind his ears like Jamie Foxx some folks.

Harvey, whose Atlanta mansion is a few doors down from V-103's Frank Ski's estate, says he was inspired to change how people view men in their 50s after talking to one of his listeners.

"The girl said to me, 'Steve you're 50 and you are over the hill.' I started thinking, 'Wow, I am over the hill? I said, 'OK, I got to do something to stop this line of thinking. Because at 50, I should not be thought of as over the hill. At 50, a man ought to feel that he is on top of the hill. At 50, you are still fly,'" he told JET.

Photos: Splash News

Someone dug up Dana Elaine Owen's old high school pics from back in the day before she became known as Queen Latifah. The Queen was a fearsome star basketball player at Irvington high school. Friend say she was very popular with the females both on and off the court.

Latifah was voted the most popular female pupil for more than just her basketball skills. Queen Latifah stars with Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton in the movie 'Mad Money'.

Songstress Erykah Badu loves the attention she gets when she wears her huge afro wig. So I hear she bought 3 more in different flavors. Speaking of flavors, when I was a kid I had to cut my huge afro because it kept getting soaked in my corn flakes.

Erykah is currently in Barbados to perform at the Barbados Jazz Festival.

Mariah's Carey's new CD cover for her upcoming album "That Chick" is all over the Internets. This means we don't have much longer to wait for her music. Yes the CD cover is a little dark, and yes it looks like Mariah is intoxicated and lost all her clothes in a game of Truth or Dare. But I like this cover a lot better than this one.

New England Patriots star Randy Moss responded to accusations of battery by a Miami woman by reminding fans that he is a family man with kids at home. Who knew bad boy Randy Moss was married with kids?

Moss claims he has never in his life put his hands on a woman in anger. So maybe he wasn't angry when he slapped his baby mama in 1996 or tapped a female traffic officer with his car in 2002? Charges were later dropped in that case.

Moss asserts the accusations by Rachelle Washington are false and that she is trying to extort millions from him. He also admits (reluctantly) that he and Washington have been "friends" for 11 years now.

Isn't it funny how athletes suddenly become saints and family men when their jump offs expose their dirty laundry to the world? Ms. Washington is simply following in the tradition of professional jump offs like Kim Porter, Shaunie O'Neal and Sarah Chapman who play their role patiently until it's time to cash in their chips.

"Everything's been positive," Moss said of his experience with the undefeated New England Patriots, "so why would I bring something negative on?"

Yeah, sure, Randy. Take him to the cleaners, girl!

A loyal reader alerted me to this story last week but I held off on posting it because I needed more to go on. Now that one of the principals in this story has been busted for soliciting sex from a minor, I have decided to run this story.

According to my loyal reader, former rapper-turned preacher Mason "Ma$e" Betha was recently spotted in his hometown of Jacksonville where he is allegedly being courted to head a megachurch called Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. The church boasts 7,000 members and until recently, was run by a man named Darrell Gilyard.

For the past 15 years, Pastor Gilyard served his congregation well - until a 16-year-old told her momma about the inappropriate text messages he had been sending her. Mr. Gilyard was subsequently arrested on Jan. 14 and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct involving a minor. This was not the first such charge leveled at Gilyard who stepped down as pastor once the allegations came to light.

According to my loyal reader, Pastor Gilyard may be coming to Atlanta to take the helm of pastor Betha's S.A.N.E. Ministries if Ma$e gets his old job. The irony in all of this is no one wins in either congregation. You have Pastor Betha who is rumored to curry the sexual favors of transvestite hookers over his lovely wife Twyla Betha. And now his church may be losing him and gaining a pedophile.

Is God paying attention to any of this?