Rumors that DTP dropped their most recognizable artists at the behest of Def Jam chairman LA Reid have been confirmed by Def Jam sources. According to Sohh Ya Heard, Reid gave Bobby Valentino, Shareefa, and Steph Jones an 'F' following their R & B Live performances at Spotlight in NY on Tuesday. One day later, the artists were given their pink slips.

Reportedly, Steph Jones took the news hard. And according to a source close to the camp, Shareefa was working "day and night" on her sophomore album.

If Reid is trying to trim the fat from the label - why keep the rest of the DTP roster which is filled with virtual unknowns, while the moneymaker - Valentino - is given the heave ho? That doesn't seem to make any sense. One thing is for sure: the future of DTP - which hasn't had a hit in how long - is in doubt.

  • Optometrist

    Sandra, that's SHAWNNA in that pic with Chaka Zulu.

    Shawnna Guy. Buddy Guy's daughter.


    Change that.

  • ChokLitFactory

    That's Shawna in that pic, not Shareefa. And I think Shawna got dropped at least a year ago...I doubt DTP would put together a big showcase (which I heard was great!) and then fire all the artists that performed...but time will tell.

  • Sandra Rose

    Thanks! Def Jam confirmed it.

  • 2bme

    I am not feeling this rumor at Step is a breath of fresh air..Shareefa is ok..and Bobby's last was slept far as the rappers..they can go somewhere..Luda needs to quit carrying them loyalty or not

  • Angel_Minded

    Well it's not surprising that Bobby V was fired seeing as how his last album flopped. Hasn't he put out 3 albums? Maybe 2 of those albums flopped? I'm not sure...but he hasn't had a hit since "slow down" so it ain't surprising. Shareefa...I ain't even shocked! She was another one hit wonder.

  • milly

    Wow thats crazy..maybe they have hope that the new comers or the unknow artist on that label may sell more than the folks that just got dropped.

  • Paris Hilton’s Valtrex

    How about Def Jam get rid of the whole Roc-A-Fella camp because everybody knows the only one EVER dropping and/or selling is Kanye and Jay-Z. Cut Clover City and Corporate Thugs while your at it.


    why single them out?....Hell those Duffle Bag Boys didnt sell enough records to fit in a dufffle bag and Small World is going to do the same.

    Im not a Bobby V fan but he is the only one other than Luda who sells anything.

    DTP been bricking so why the change now.


    bobby v a money maker, lol now thats funny. hes an ok singer but umm there r numerous male singers that are way talented than him and his music is wack, he shouldve been got dropped. Shareefa cd was slept on, i actually liked it, but BET never played her 2nd single that she had a video for something crying, i forgot the name of it, i know young buck is in the video. as for shawnna,umm thats all i have to say about her. and never heard of steph jones b4.

  • Coop

    And before Jay-Z was getting all the blame what about Luda and LA?

  • 2thick4u

    That is Shareffa in the picture people!!!

    Her album was hot. I was looking forward for more from her.

    I hope this isn't true!!!

  • AreUForReal

    It's time to start trimming the fat in music. Everyone is blaming the internet and dowloaders for their lack luster sales, but the artist are not drawing in fans like the artist back in the day did. The body of work that most artist are presenting us with right now doesn't motivate you to want to support them, esp. when we see the foolishness that most of them spend tehir money on.

  • AreUForReal


  • Sharonda

    Wait, this is coming from SOHH.NOBODY I mean NOBODY don't care for SOHH.They not even respected.They just as worse than MTO,lol,seriously.How is Steph being dropped before he even dropping an album?Plus if you READ what the article said , it's what they HEARING.And LA REID wasn't there at the R&B live...

  • dj_dceezy

    How about we get real serious real quick. Luda and Chingy are the only ones in that Strength In Numbers picture that EVER sold... All them need to get cut.... They been leaking Small World singles forever and no dj has put him on a mixtape yet. I-20? How did Shawnna get dropped, but he's still on? Duffel Bag Boys = One Hit Wonder (feat. Lil Wayne) Boys...

  • Anti-believer

    re: Bobby V being a moneymaker is false. His two singles from his last album which debuted a week after Ne-Yo's flopped. Anonymous did okay peaking in the 20's on Hot R&B/Hip Hop singles. Bobby voiced that he was pissed off at all the promotion Neyo got and that his album bailed one week before his overshadowing his album.

    Re: Steph Jones... what was ever released? I got so many myspace msgs from his boy Daniel it was becoming annoying.

    Re: dropping of artist... music business is not making a lot of money. You have to trim back to pay LA Reid salary.

  • ms.peaches

    Wow thats sad didn't Steph just sign sign with them not to long ago, Shareefa I wasn't really feelin her, & Bobby well like other have said after Slow Down (which was my joint) that was it!! I don't even know half of them goons in the picture & that group that had that song with Ciara(So What) I forgot there name they should have been the first to go although I did like that song!! & the guys in Players Cirlce were solo at first so why did they decide to make a group & have 1 hot single & that probably was because of Lil Wayne!! Oh well Luda still doing his thing but I guess he can't carry the weight by himself!! So good luck to the ones that didn't make the cut!!

  • LB

    most profitable? in what way?


    chingy havent bees selling records, his 1st cd is the only one that did good. all that other stuff he released flopped.

  • Ms.Tia

    wow that sucks....and its kinda stupid seeing as how shareefa and and bobby.V are probably the most talented people on DTP....shuda got rid of chingy ass....he always comin halfway with his material,throwing out one hit and then thats it.

  • Hotstuff

    I like Reefa and Bobby...Steph Jones was straight garbage so no need for him to take it hard he should've seen this coming..."Celebrity chick"??? Right...

    I hope Luda stops trying to be Hollywood and trying to be all over the place now b/c T.I can't he needs to tend to his artists and watch the money he got going down the drain