The government has launched an investigation to determine how actor Heath Ledger was able to obtain so many prescription drugs.

The government is investigating whether a licensed doctor stepped outside of the normal standard of practice to supply drugs to an addict for recreational use rather than for therapeutic use.

When dealing with the very rich, certain money hungry doctors forget their oath to first, do no harm to their patients.

According to Dr. Michael Hunter, a prominent forensic pathologist, the level of tranquilizers, pain killers and sleeping pills in Ledger's system were intended to obtain an intoxicant effect - not for therapeutic use.

Dr. Hunter tells PEOPLE that the combination of the powerful drugs most likely caused "poly-drug intoxication" which led to respiratory arrest. "His breathing probably got slower and slower until it stopped all together," he said. (source)

  • Levar Thomas

    Of course the licensed doctor stepped outside of the normal standard of practice if he in fact perscribed all of those DRUGS to one patient.

  • meme

    He probably got them from multiple doctors.

  • J Gats Juice

    Its really not that hard to obtain prescription drugs these days. Especially when u have the money. They're wasting their time & my damn tax dollars on this bull. Can we feed some hungry kids in Haiti & not worry about a dead addict?

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Damn thats messed up...Feds are trying to find out who even sold Heath that mess but at Pimp C's funeral the Feds were there taking pics of folks they could "potentially" lock up.

    Can we say double standard? Anyways RIP to Heath and Pimp C...

  • milly

    When ever a loss occurs it is very hard for the family to understand and sometimes they need someone else to blame and someone to pay for the death.

  • hellava10

    Even if one doctor prescribed the pills, COMMON sense would be not to take them all at one time. I can assure you the doc didn't say "here's 10 scripts, have them filled, take 50 and call me in the morning."