According to Hits Daily Double, the industry estimates for 1st week sales of Janet Jackson's new album were far too generous. She was expected to push 200-270k in 1st week sales, but one-day sales reports from major retailers puts that figure at 180k. If there's any consolation, at least Janet will be #1 for the first time in ages.

Look for Michael Jackson’s little sister Janet to enter next week’s chart at #1, with her new IDJ album Discipline headed for 180k in sales, give or take, based on one-day sales reports from our retail minions. Universal Motown’s neo-soul stalwart Erykah Badu is a lock for #2 (hey, that rhymes) with between 125-135k. Three-time chart-topper Jack Johnson’s Brushfire/Universal Republic album will fight it out for #3 with 70k alongside Asylum’s Webbie, Canvasback/ Columbia’s resurgent Oscar winner Once and J’s Alicia Keys, with a Target circular slot, all between 60-70k. Rhino’s Juno should see a nice bump from awards activity to 50-55k, while Asylum’s Shawty Lo will see a debut in the area of 30-35k. Overall, the market was down 19% vs last week, down 13% vs same week last year and now down 12% year-to-date. Keep on chooglin’, people. (Source)

  • AaronMichael

    As expected. It wasn't going to be huge but it is going to be #1. I said that a long time ago.

  • Smokie

    Janet or Baby Jane? She looks mighty odd in this picture.

  • AaronMichael

    Now that I've seen this picutre and a few other ones posted by Sandra, I'm seeing some differences in her nose. Yet I don't know when any of these pictures were taken so I can't make any assumptions.

  • AaronMichael

    How is it now that every post is about Janet but every ad is about that nobody Rocko?

  • aDj

    Sandra, why did you turn off the comments for the hot Gucci sneakers on Rocko's ad?????lol.....I understand, I would have turned them off too!!!!

  • hellava10

    Since I can't comment up there and we have talked about Janet for 30 days and 30 nights, I'll share my thoughts here.

    Why does he look like 5 miles of bad road?

  • AaronMichael

    LoL...Sandra got smart but not too smart cause she should have known that turning off post comments only make us want to comment more and go to another post to do it.

    They are using every tactic they can to promote Rocko but the sad thing is, no one cares. Those shoes are hideous but even they don't comepare to the crap that this dude is frontin' off as real music. I hope you're getting paid well for all this promotion Sandra. Atleast someone will get something out of all this.

  • Bsoul

    "Why does he look like 5 miles of bad road?"

    That's evil, you're wrong and a bad girl!

  • Bsoul

    Oh, Janet looks a little like Kelly Osbourne in this picture. Moreso in the eye and mouth.

  • Smokie

    Say what you will about Rocko, but he's climbing the charts on 106&Park.

  • hellava10

    I'll sit in the corner....but only for a little while.

  • Bsoul

    Hellava, you don't have to sit in the corner, not unless Sandra says differently. LOL!

  • Sharonda

    See, even if you were "promoted on mtv" (for a whole week) still won't get you record sales.All the people who say "oh I'm gone buy her album!" probably didn't go out and buy it.But I give her credit because I loved her spoof of Diddy in MTB.I thought that was kind of cute.

  • ms.peaches

    Wow Rocko's comments were turned off (bursting out into laughter) well I will refrain from any negativity!! I knew my Girl Erykah was gonna be up in the mix somewhere!! good for here now maybe she can come back to earth(lol) thats my girl though!! As far as Janet that pic is kinda turnoffish maybe it's the eye shadow the way her eyes look real chinky I know jermaine ain't got her smoking her that wacky tabbaky!! hellava you can come out now!!LOL

  • kdillon

    I am sad because I love me some Janet, but the songs on the album aren't that good. "So Much Betta" and "Luv" are my cuts but the rest are okay, and alot of interludes.


    Janet look a mess on that pic, Sandra u sometimes get the worst photos of ppl, lol

    and u must be going to bobby v party, ok is he still relevant? well he was never relevant to me but ne way, r u going to Sammies bday party on march 1? if u r take good pics of him.

  • claire

    oh well i was hopin janet pull at least 250,000 first week!this is and if she wanna post 3,000 articles a week about whoever or whatever thats her perrogative. sandra, girl your never gonna please everyone and i dont blame you for not trying to please people its just a waist of time,imao!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mimi08

    Damn, it's only day two of sales, people please, don't believe the fuckin hype. And everyone don't buy cd's in the first week. The end result is gone be killa, cause she just really started promoting. So for all the naysayers, get your hating caps on, cause her sales are gonna kill; especially when she goes on tour this summer. And i got the cd and i love it. Much betta, rollercoaster, luv, rock with you, 2nite, can't be good, are all boss!

  • Bubbles

    that's not bad considering she doesn't have a big hit out right now

  • J Gats Juice

    Sandra, dont u know we will still comment on the foolishness that is Rocko. Sigh.... will the stupidity ever end? those shoes are tacky, his album will suck & he will go back to being what he was & always will be known as.... MONICA'S BABY DADDY

    Now about Ms. Jackson.... her album selling is no big shock. She has been promoting this like crazy

  • Marlo

    if you call that selling.

  • milly

    I bought Janet' album..its Good, still not the old Janet I'm used to, but I guess times have changed and so has music.

    But umm yeah, those shoes are fugly and Rocko is not a starrah..I dunno I just wanna hear something new...and not the same old B.S on the radio these days

  • HeyNow

    I bought Janet's album and I like it. Her sales will go up over the weekend after people cash their damn checks!!! Nobody has any money on Tuesday's and what is with them releasing cd's on Tuesday's anyway???? Hell I know she did better than Cheri Dennis(po thang)


    The weave sisters the weave. Why would anyone wear something on their head that looks so fake.

  • Caron02

    I like new Janet's album and Rocko's single "Umma Do me" is my shit! But Sandra u a clown 4 always turning comments off when it pertains to Mo' and her Boo.