Vivica A. Foxx and Baby Phat's BJ Coleman attended the Fall '08 Fashion Week in Bryant Park this weekend. Does Vivica count herself among the growing number of women who feel more comfortable dating gay men because they're "safe"?

Dance Choreographer Lori Ann Gibson shows off her newly purchased implants at the Baby Phat Fashion Show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC on Saturday.

Mel B and daughter go for Japanese food before heading out to the Spice Girls concert in Toronto.

Christina Milian at Bryant Park for Fall '08 Fashion Week in NYC.

Singer Kat Deluna attended the Fall '08 Fashion Week in Bryant Park over the weekend.

  • blkmiami


  • blkmiami


  • milly

    Wow, go ahead Aunt Viv, and the Boom Kat Boom Boom kat lady got some new boobs??? Let me find out Diddy put her back on payroll. Mel B always looks nice< and Christina Milian looks classy.

  • milly

    Oh an Kat Deluna need stop picking up road kill on the way these events...I'm just saying

  • SouthernLegalDiva

    Sandra, that is not Vivica's new man, that's BJ Coleman. I highly doubt that he is her (or any other woman's) man. I watch life in the fab lane and he is Kimora's PR rep. Does an awesome job, but just as gay as he wanna be.

  • mo-stan

    Lori Ann Gibson picture looks like it is saying "I want to be famous so bad" lol.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Lori Ann looks a hot, crispy for the implants, boo they are soooo unnecessary.

  • mina

    that "new man in tow" is a gay dude who works for kimora.

  • no12blame

    Vivica's date looks gay to me. From the looks of his left arm maybe he should be carrying the purse instead of Vivica.
    The Lori Ann pic is too painful to look at.


    omg! when i first saw the pic of Viv i thought that was Dawayne Martin holing her hand! WHEH! Now that that's over...yes yes i think that is BJ Coleman, PR for Kimora Lee...and yes he is as fruity as a can of cherries hunny child! MM MMM MMMMM! When i saw that outfit...i KNEW sump wuz up!
    Why is Lori Ann looking crazy like that? No good.
    Christina M is such a cutie! Very pretty girl always.

  • Poetry777

    Everyone looks nice except Lori Ann Gibson & Mel B's daughter... I hope Lori Ann is ok...I know the Diddy thing probably took it's toll....

  • Brown Suga Baby

    Sandra I think you are wrong about that being Vivica's man. Is he gay!!!!! He is always around with a lot of stars Kimora being one of them because he is her A&R guy.

  • angel

    Do you just make stuff up, Sandra? That's BJ Coleman....he's no woman's man.

  • Tamara M


    Vivica "new man" lol is BJ Coleman A&R guy for Baby Phat..Lets just say BJ is not Vivica type..LOL.. Fruity he is...

  • vuittonchick

    BJ is one of the girls.

  • LAChick

    Lordy ..I thought it was Dwayne too...I was gonna go run and tell ok not him. So he is a gay man and early in the morning Sandra is once again..BUSTED!!!'s looking like a good week! Everyone enjoy and remember to vote your mind!!!

  • niastar

    That is BJ Coleman. He is FOR SURE not interested in Vivica...or any woman for tha matter. Vivica is looking like she has potential. Laurie Ann is looking a HOT STEAMIN MESS!!!

  • brinabelle

    if Bj is dating Vivica,then that must be Tocarra, lagging in the back with all of their stuff..Laurie Ann is just to painful to watch..ouch

  • Ms1908

    Yeah Sandra...that's Kimora's boy...

  • me_being_clairvoyant

    sandra, that is bj from kimora's show "life in the fab lane." I doubt that is her man, if it is somebody needs tolet her know that he doesn't particularly prefer women when it comes to dating and relationships.

  • AaronMichael

    LoL...these comments are funny. All I want to know is, what is going on with Lori Ann these days? Wasn't she supposed to get her own show or something?

  • J Gats Juice

    Laurie Ann... Poor thing... She is a fabulous mess.

  • 2thick4u

    Laurie...damn she fell off!!!

    Vivica actually looks doable:)!!!

  • ms.peaches

    I have to agree with Miesha cause at a quick glance that does look like Duane Martin(lol) however I'm glad to see Viv hair done up at least, the last pic I saw grlfriend in looked like she missed her appt. & as far as Lori Ann I really am at a loss for words I think maybe she justs needs attention cause from the color & cut of that dress she is screaming Im free 2nite, 2morrow, next week all hell whenever!!!


    and her jacket...that fur thing?? what in hellz pond is that?!!! wow. she can dance tho...she's got that going for her. :)
    and also Viv's hair does look better. she usually don't be hittin' it for some reason in the hair dept...and for a Hollywood sista with a lil $$ it aint good. so i'm glad she looks nice. yeah VIV!:)

  • hellava10

    Vivica was probably his project for the evening. He did good, minus the mountain lion fur coat. He gave the left over pieces to Kat.

  • mj

    I love Lori Ann Gibson but that dress is a hot mess!

  • Toodles

    Sandra truly has issues...shes constantly referencing gay relationships! I mean ANY ONE who has knowledge of the industry knows BJ CoLEMAN is with baby phat and just escorting her and then she goes on to continue to try and make people believe Rhianna and Ciara are dating! I know this is probably a secret fantasy Sandra has but geez get over makes you seem like a sicko!!!

    Funny how she mentions the oversaturation of artists like KAT and Christina Milian..yet she posts her over other artsts who were there!!!! If this blog isnt a CONTRADICTION ..i dont know what is.....get a life and some REAL INFO! Its like she sits there and dreams up stories and scenarios for attention. I knew a kid in elementary like Sandra Rose!!! LMBAO