Warren Ballentine with Over Da Edge owners Omar, center, and Ray Hamilton. Photos by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Hundreds packed into the intimate Over Da Edge Lounge & restaurant on Wednesday night to see and hear popular radio host Warren Ballentine speak. Ballentine is an attorney who hosts the very popular Warren Ballentine Show on 102.5 (Grown Folks Radio) here in Atlanta.

My photographer Freddyo said the club was so packed there was no parking even blocks away. Ballentine sparked controversy when he told his radio listeners that he was voting for Barack Obama because Obama is black.

Ballentine challenged his listeners to "reevaluate your blackness" if they are black and don't vote for Obama too. "Ain’t no white person going to tell me about black issues. He's black, he knows what I’ve been through," said Ballentine.

More photos from the party later.

Thanks to Ray Hamilton for the personal invite!

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    It is sad to know that some people still have to bring up race to spark interest.

    Majority of people is voting for CHANGE!!!

    Not change for the BLACK race but CHANGE for America!!!

  • kpakpando

    Was it especially sunny in that lounge? What are the sun glasses for? Unless he has some sort of eye condition...
    Anyways I try to listen to Warren Ballentine, but I find him just as ignorant and pompous as Frank Ski, both of them stay talking out the side of their neck and proclaiming it as gospel truth. These people make it easy for me to drive in silence every morning, because I refuse to get my pressure up over their foolishness.

    Just because Barack has a higher percentage of melanin in him doesn't mean he understands my issues better than anyone else; and I for damn sure don't need to reevaluate my blackness for having a functional thought process. Warren Ballentine needs to sit down somewhere, talking that nonsense.

    Any of the candidates would be a change from our current government, even McCain. I hope people with their voting rights won't cast their votes based on some clever marketing campaign or media propaganda or "he looks like me"; I hope there's some actual research done when making a decision.

  • wiggy2272003

    girl you aint lying I cant tell you how may times I have listened to warren at lunch and be so mad at something so ignorant he said I get back to work try to email but his truthfighters website is so lowrent i just give up. And when a caller calls up to challenge him he doesnt even really listen. And as far as Frankski I dont even put him on anymore he always finds away to turn the conversation around to himself. Shut up already we dont care we want to hear what the guest has to say.

  • AllICanSay

    This man is great. This is one of those topics that I will 'agree to disagree' with him on. Although I'm in support of Barack it is not because he is black. I advise everyone to listen in whenever possible he has a lot of great topics.

  • bklynsjm123

    I listen to his show. He looks nothing like I expected. Ive been to Over Da Edge and it is a very nice place but it would not take much to pack the house.

  • trina@atl

    Hey Sandra

    I was listening to Warren earlier today and he gave you and your website a shout out for these photos.

    I agree with some of the things he says but there are also many things I disagree with him about, so I just turn the stations when I don't feel like hearing him.

  • AllICanSay

    I think whether we agree with him or not at least he is sparking us to have real conversation amongst each other about real issues. As it has already been pointed out, there are others whose ideals are a little far fetched but I think that's great it just further demonstrates that as real adults what we believe it and will stand up for should solely lie in our hands and not just believe things because someone on the radio(or any other form of media) has sopken it as the gospel. Remember research is power and only we can really form our own ideas and belief if we seek the truth.