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A source close to Rihanna's camp is disputing rumors that the rock Rihanna is sporting is a gift from her BFF Chris Brown. But another source informed me that Chris Brown and Riahanna's relationship is real. "But I can tell you that Rihanna and Chris Brown have been together since last year at the Billboard or Grammy awards. [Their relationship] is not a farce," he said. "They're not lying."

  • 2bme

    well i saw the pictures in Barbados with Rhianna sitting on his lap..and i'll just say it does look real..who knows it could have started out manufactured but then became something else or it was always real..anywho wonder how the manager feels?

  • AllICanSay

    I believe the relationship too. And I think its cute. She's not dating some old dude and he's not with old lady manager. They need to be left alone and explore the world and their first adult (I think) relationship in peace.

  • Sharonda

    Hmmm, they make an ok couple.But I think the relationship is real.

  • plushlush

    This is hype...what happened to the white guy she was dating....and it's ok to be jay's other woman he is not he can have two long as each person knows their place...don't front you know you was girl no#3 don't front....this is an umbrella ring from Jay and that's ok..


    I would sit on Chris' lap too but not in public

  • ms.peaches

    Damn looking at the ring Im impressed!! It may be from Chris who knows & I really wish people would stop saying that she is or was banging Jay-z if anyone else other than Beyonce is getting that it's gonna be ME!!! lol

  • Krysi – yes the same one



  • Bsoul

    I told you all that this ring was purchased by Ri-Ri and that she gives them to all her good friends. Now maybe you'll trust what I say. I have mine right here.


  • hellava10

    Anyone think his manager gave her that ring to pose in the pictures with him to take the heat off people thinking they are an item? Sorry, I just think outside the box.

  • ms.peaches

    But Hellava wouldn't thst make people suspect things if they see the ring when the 2 of them are together & Im still mad I didn't get 1!!LOL



  • ms.peaches

    Oh scratch that last comment I get what ur saying, you were referring to the manager... DUH (lol)

  • LB

    why do we care about a couple of 19/20 year old and whether or not they're bumping uglies?


    Smart young folx, keep ya business under raps!
    I'm not mad at yall, do ya thing Chris & Rihanna & be happy!


  • Irene

    Thanks for stating the obvious, Sandra! I know I can always count on you for that. ***SMDH***