TVT Records, home to artists such as Lil Jon, Pitbull, Ying Yang Twins, Yo Gotti (pictured above) and Teedra Moses, became another casualty of the steady decline in Hip Hop record sales yesterday. According to online reports, the label filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and fired most of its staff.

The writing has been on the wall for awhile now - Lil' Jon packed up and deserted camp for Los Angeles last year, and Pitbull expressed his dissatisfaction with the promotion his CD Boatlift received. But the news still surprised some including the artists like Teedra Moses who is seeking a new label home.

Sources close to TVT Records revealed that artists like Yo Gotti and Teedra are free to seek contracts with other labels. "Yo Gotti is a prime candidate as a free agent to go...He's done his part as an artist, and although he's a little under the radar and people in New York don't know him that well, other majors like maybe Def Jam or Universal, whom he had a previous deal with, might want to pick him up," revealed the source.

This morning, a slew of "last day at TVT" emails went out to most of the industry - including One email's author, considered a head honcho at TVT, wrote:

Today is my last day at TVT Records. After six years, I will be moving on to pursue new opportunities. It has been a pleasure and I sincerely appreciate all your support, guidance, and encouragement...

Splendid new beginnings...

  • Sharonda

    I know Keke Wyatt was on TVT and was about to release her album last year, but I guess she jumped the ship too because they never released it.Who is Yo Gotti???Dude go promote yourself.


    Boatlift was Pit Bulls CD

  • TC

    Teedra Moses is the truth...somebosy needs to pick her up QUICK!!!

  • ms.peaches

    Damn slim in the pic need to save that cash he showing off invest brother invest(lol)Wow so Lil Jon is ass out I guess no more Yeahs, OK's, & Whats for awhile poor thing!!!

  • 2thick4u

    Teedra, I wish you the best!!

    Lil Jon will bounce back.

    Ying Yang make a ringtone!!!

  • mrsgoodes

    Ying Yang twins left that record company awhile ago and Lil John has another record deal so they will be fine. As far as the other artist go they will have to shop around, im sure someone will pick them up

  • alana

    I love Teedra Moses. If it wasnt for myspace I wouldn't have ever known who she was. I hope she can get on a label that will promote her...she definately needs to stay away from Bad Boy