I thought she was on Purple Ribbon. *shrug*

  • Sharonda

    Good luck to her.Anybody who signed with Diddy is a fool.I hope she gets far.She has a nice voice, but who knows.

  • http://www.stylish-moms.com Nina

    I was wondering what happened to her - its interesting she got with Diddy though. I thought his focus was only MTB projects?!?!

  • shhhh

    Everybody keeps saying her career is over for signing with Puff Daddy... I know I said her career was over, but for a totally different reason.

    How do people know that she won't be THE artist that blows Bad Boy up? Maybe she will be successful in her own right.

    Another thing is, it seems like there are just sooooo many people on the payroll and with their hand out. Wonderland, Big Boi, and now Puff Daddy. Not to mention the two geeks that play the instruments. You see how Missy was like "whoever has her."

  • AreUForReal

    stop putting out so much negativity!!! yesterday the baby wasn't going to make it because she was cookie cutter material and now today you have a beautiful dark complexion woman that has broken into the industry featured on your blog, not to encourage support or to give her, her due, but to tear down her business decisions? sometimes i don't think you even realize your hating on people or is it that you don't consider how your words will come across in print. either way, do like grandma says a think before you speak.