All that talk about Michael Jackson starring in Pepsi's Super Bowl commercial was mostly hot air. Pepsi used Jackson's hit song "Thriller" as background music for its SoBe Life Water commercial featuring model Naomi Campbell and an army of dancing critters.

  • milly

    I saw that...I was shocked she had rhythm, I only thought she had rhythm when it came to smacking folks upside the head with her phone. She looked fierce too go ahead boo boo.

  • kay kay

    Thank goodness they didn't hire beyaki/beyonce for this it seems like something she would do not Noami but never the less it was the best commercial during the super bowl.

  • no12blame

    My fav super bowl commercial. Naomi looks nice.

  • vuittonchick

    That was my favorite commercial.

  • RoCi212

    This was my favorite commercial. They were kind of lacking this year. By the way that was Yaya from America's Next Top Model in the commercial not Naomi Campbell.

  • bklynsjm123

    I absolutely loved it.

  • msluxlorraine

    That was not YaYa, that was Naomi Campbell, also, of course Naomi has rhythm, when she was discovered in London in her early teens she was a student dancer ( ballet, jazz etc.) and her mum is an accomplished ballerina. And by the way I loved the ad she looked fab.

  • SugahHoneyIcedTea

    Umm that was NOT YaYa.

  • Bsoul

    I'm just shocked to see a black woman in "Mike-Mike's" commercial. When I think of Mike-Mike, I think of White women and boys.

    I'm just playing...I know it's not Mike-Mike's commercial, but it is his song.


    im glad they didnt get michael, lord knows i didnt wanna see whats left of his face, but hell he still got paid, so it dnt matter. the commercial is cute.

  • tintin

    wow naomi looks good!