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The paparazzi spotted rapper Bow Wow leaving Club Goa in Hollywood last night with an entourage of hard legs in tow. We wonder if these are the same hard legs his former friend Ashley R made mention of in her drunken tirade at Luckies Lounge in Atlanta a couple nights ago.

The paps pestered Shad with questions which he understandably refused to answer. The paps say Bow Wow's faithful but fearsome bodyguard Big D cleared a path through the photogs for Bow Wow who climbed into a waiting vehicle without mumbling a word.

For the record, we here at don't believe Mr. Moss is gay. But we wish he would defend his manhood by releasing a statement or something.

  • milly

    Silence is golden.

  • NyNy

    Why should he say anything? People are still going to believe what they want so it would be redundant to make a comment.

  • hellava10

    our new phrase of the week is hard legs

  • brwnsugga4you

    good for him. no need of responding to some bull sh*t anyway from someone that clearly needs attention. that's also was your ex-girlfriends flunky anyway. that's right i said it flunky. always trying to come up off of another mf'r.

  • bloggergirlz

    he probably don't want to continue to shine light on some regular, random chick...he's probably pissed their name is being discussed in the same sentence

  • JustSaying

    No need to say a word. Sometimes it is best to just let shit ride out. This is one of those times.

  • 2thick4u

    He doesn't need to comment on the allegations...people are already saying him and O are flaming.

  • Bird

    I had no idea the paps were interested in Bow Wow and I'm pretty sure they have no knowledge of the reality show chick. She's no one that Bow Wow needs to respond to. It was silly for him to have said anything about her in the first place, if he actually did (I didn't watch the video).

  • Bubbles

    Sandra is just instigating at the expense of Bow Wow and his hard leg friends lol

  • kitty4shigady

    okay off subject and I hope I don't get in trouble for this but everybody go get that day 26 cd it is FIRE!!! you can put that cd in and just let it play all the way thru. Sandra if what i did was a no no i am sorry i won't do it again.

  • Sharonda

    I don't think he's gay.Kanye act more of a diva than he does.

  • Sindy

    I don't think he's gay either.


    he's doing the right thing. no need for defense. he's spoken enuff in the past. proud of bow. boy you already know...don't prove nuthin' to nobody.

  • Terry .W

    He does not need to say shit....homegirl made herself sound stupid all by her lonesome

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Chile...Bow Wow and this broad is a waste of media. However Ashley's little diss strategy may have back fired on her.....Now, she's making Bow Wow look good.

    while o'll thick mouth boy from "Once Chance" as Sandra call it in a daydream singing

    "the h*e is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine (ya gotta gettah, ya gotta gettah, ya gotta get that b*tch) I'm first in liiiiiiiiiiiiiine."

  • Xsjado

    Hard legs....too funny. I'm gonna have a good laugh with this one at work.

    If he is, cool. If not, that's cool too, but let him speak for himself. I would be pissed if some dude with a camera in my face asking me those kind of questions.

    He took it in stride, and not acted out in some dumb way, so I give him props for being a decent human being.

  • mizzdallas

    Re: kitty4shigady

    I listen to the whole cd but I only bought certain songs fo Day 26 my favorite right is "Since you been gone" they are the new Jodeci.

    P.S. Please donot go off on me for saying that but its true considering the music we have out right now....

  • kitty4shigady

    yea that is tight I Like the whole cd and you are rigth about the music now days that is why i was shocked that I liek the whole cd, i love are we in this together and come with me i loke the whole cd but those are my songs at the moment lol

  • kitty4shigady

    again sorry about the typos but yall know how is it when you at work lol

  • Brookiebaby0506

    I'm tryna figure out how I'm gonna incorporate "hard legs" into my vocab. this weekend! I'm dying to use it!!! lol

    Bow weezy did the best thing possible to shut down the drunk girl.

  • ms.peaches

    I just know damn well he didn't walked through without saying a word in his defense!! but yet he can get up in Toure' face on BET when he tried to talk about Omarion's dance skills (lmao) c'mon what is really good it's like he has all mouth & heart when he in certain places around certain people!! like I said before I don't think he gay but I was expecting more of a reaction I guess!!

  • mjoylaw

    Bow weezy ain't gay..short yeah..washed up maybe..but not gay..and still rich! That was tacky as hail what that chick was saying with her cheap self, and right in front of her so called man too! Uh

  • ms.peaches

    I agree #22 cause if she was with him sexually what does that say about her?? hope brother from One Chance got tested cause she is making him look like a fool!!

  • ReadTheBlog

    somebody's elbow is ashy as hell!!!!

  • Tiffochris11

    ok im lost! what actually happened?

  • kitty4shigady

    Oh and why she was saying he wa sitting in a room woth a bunch of har legs it was females in there too that one girl melody from the pussy cat dolls was with him

  • Afro Goddess

    I think he's gay just 'cause I think it would be sexy to picture him and one of his boyfriends getting it on.

    This chick would love to watch! Ahhhhhhh!