For the past few weeks, the media has had a field day quoting Barack Obama's spiritual adviser, Rev. Jeremiah Wright's statements - most of which were taken out of context. It matters not to the watchdogs of the moral front that Rev. Wright's name holds no significance in the race for the White House.

Obama's camp has pointed out time and time again that Rev. Wright is not running for public office - Obama is. But the media paid them no mind.

As the media pack chased their collective tails, we almost forgot that Hillary Clinton was in the race for the democratic nomination. It's hilarious that Rev. Wright has received more press in two weeks than Clinton has in two months. But now Hills is back in the news - and not in a good way. There's a scandal brewing over comments she made about her 1996 trip to Bosnia as first lady.

Last week Clinton had this to say about her Bosnia trip (I'm paraphrasing here): as soon as I stepped off the plane, the tarmac was strafed with sniper gunfire and I was forced to take cover behind my daughter Chelsea, who suggested we haul our asses out of there.

Well, leave it to a comedian to expose Hillary's lies. How ironic is that? Sinbad, who was on that trip with the Clintons, recalls an entirely different scenario occurring on the tarmac that day.

Once Sinbad made his revelation, some media outlets took it upon themselves to dig up old newsreels of Mrs. Clinton arriving in Bosnia. What do you know, there were no snipers at all. In fact, Hillary, Chelsea and Sinbad were greeted warmly by Bosnian officials.

Bloomberg News reported that Clinton and her staff claim she misspoke when she said she landed in Bosnia under heavy artillery fire from Bosnian rebels. (Again, I'm paraphrasing here) Clinton said, I did make a mistake when I said I almost took a direct hit from machine gun fire and mortar shelling. "I was sleep-deprived. I misspoke." And, oh, by the way, I would have left any church that had Reverend Jeremiah Wright as a pastor.

You think that last part was a dig at Obama?

In a negative piece which aired two nights ago, ABC World News reported that, "In light of the Bosnia incident, Clinton's other foreign policy experience will now face tougher scrutiny."

HELLO! This is only what Obama has been asking the media to focus on all along.

But the media was too busy analyzing the musings of an eccentric old man - to remember that truth is the goal when delivering the news.

  • Nikki

    What did she think lying was going to accomplish?

  • milly

    Man that was a colorful lie too..the clintons must be really bad liars

  • MissR2008

    she was trying to paint herself as some fierce, fearless, endearing, fighter/leader who has and will go into the most hectic and dangerous of situations for the betterment of our country and the world in general. Too bad she forgot that 1. She wasn't there alone and 2. There was a video camera in her face as she was greeted by a 7 year old. I don't understand how u can try to justify a blatant LIE by saying you were sleep deprived. She told the same fictional story 3 times and each time, it got more and more outrageous.No one can misspeak about having snipers shooting bullets at their head, especally while their teenage daughter is in tow. What a nutjob. SMDH

  • milly

    You know what yall, Hilary isnt too bad of a candidate.....

    Nevermind yall "I misspoke"

  • Terry .W

    If she lied about that - which to me was unecessary...what else cant she lie about.....VOTE BARACK!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Hid behind Chelsea? Cold lol.

    "Mispoken" but still cold.

  • bobblekins

    I think the media should start focusing on Clinton supporters who are voting their race. Way too many white women are voting for this lying monster, just because she's a white woman. She's obviously incompetent to hold any office. I know. She's the senator of my district (yuck).

  • Bird

    All of these media people are acting like Rev. Wright is so foul when he was just stating his views on certain issues. They are full of doo doo. There is no one on God's green earth who is going to agree with 100% of everything anyone says; not even their pastor. Their actions have proven that there are still some serious race issues even in the media. This story is old at this point yet they have been reporting on it every single day for over a week. When are they going to move on to the next thing? Geez.

  • prynsexxx

    Hill is lookin and soundin a little tired right about now!

    Boo take a power nap and holla back in about 8 years.

  • cinnamonkisses97

    She is a piece of work , i don't want her in the anywhere near the whitehouse .

  • milly

    LOL @ prynsexxx

  • Coop

    How do you not know if bullets are flying past you? Do we really want her getting a call at 3 in the morning?

  • prynsexxx

    #6 Coo Coo Bananas Says:

    Hid behind Chelsea?

    Isn't that the same thing that Nino Brown did in New Jack City at the wedding shootout? I thought he was a bastard for doing that.

    Same goes for Hill. I'm an equal opportunity discriminator.

    And as far as everybody coming down on Barack for the statements of ol Jerry, I don't see anybody throwing up that infamous "supersoaked" blue dress that Bill and Trickwenski used for "cleaning up".

    When has one person been held accountable for someone else's use of their God-given tongue.

  • prynsexxx

    The WHITES of her eyes, match that purple shirt perfectly!

    Who is your stylist, cuz they live as hell for that. I wish I could see her s h o e s. LOL

  • aprilshowers

    Geesh...she looks terrible...

    And oh yes, Hilary is a skilled and masterful liar!

  • OhWell

    She's an awful Senator. She'd be an even worse President.

  • The Black Katie Couric

    LOL!!!! WAIT
    Did she really say, "I was forced to take cover behind my daughter Chelsea"

    So let me get this straight, even in the lie she says that she basically hid behind her daughter? I thought when you lie you're suppose to make yourself look good and not like a careless mother who throws there child in front of them so they will take the bullet instead of you.

    Will someone ask Puffy if that qualifies for some bitchassness?

  • The Black Katie Couric

    and more importantly.....what the hell was Sinbad doing in Bosnia???????

  • Mama K

    She has been tellin that same story since this time last year at every speaking she does. Then her lame ass excuse for it when she did it on( i think) a radio interview was she was sleep deprieved. Please she needs a better excuse than that. She's been lying for a year to people now she needs to do some explaining.

  • Sandra Rose

    The Black Katie Couric Says:

    LOL!!!! WAIT
    Did she really say, “I was forced to take cover behind my daughter Chelsea”


    I was paraphrasing. :)

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    GOD IS GOOD!!!

    LOOK AT'EM see that!! She wasting all this time trying to dig up crap, expose, dispose, and NO DOZ dun gave her a MISSPOKE....hahaha! Now she looking crazy in the face...see dere, see what happens when ya up to no good, ya can't sleep and ya MISSPOKE.

  • krbinc

    hilary is down and dirty! she might become an crack user when OBAMA becomes commander of the U.S.A.

  • marshefen

    I'm sorry, but I've been sleepy a lot of times, and never thought bullets were flying past my head. And why say you hid behind your daughter?!

  • marshefen

    @ The Black Katie Couric
    LOL! That would definitely be a case of bi#@a@@ness!
    Diddy should send her a t-shirt.

  • MzDetermined

    Hilary f'd up now!!!!!!

  • bobblekins

    Every day brings more dirt from her sorry behind. I hope everyone who knows anything of her weak character and oversized sense of entitlement will vote against her. She is a vile lying sack of used adult diaper.

  • Sharonda

    Need more people.

  • lea83

    Wow!!! This woman is a crazy if she thinks even for one second that somebody, even her supporters, believe that she was sleep deprived. She just gave Obama more of her votes. I almost died laughing when Sinbad called her out on CNN.