Island Records just released the remix to Mariah Carey's hot track "Touch My Body" featuring Rick Ross and The Dream. The remix is available for sale on iTunes and fans can pre-order the album, E=MC², due in stores April 15.

I have to say a word about this pathetic promo photo. It's obvious that it's the same photo I posted earlier showing MC's armpit cut off.

The label's attempt to Photoshop the feather duster over her once missing armpit is glaringly obvious (see the circles). And where is the rest of her elbow? Lol. Please tell me this is the work of a volunteer intern in the art department? I know little kids on Myspace who can do a better job of Photoshopping than this. :)

What's going on in the Island Records art department? First, Janet Jackson's album cover, which left much to be desired - and now this?


    i dunno about the armpit fiasco but i'm lovin' the remix...cuz i really like The Dream. Talent in writing and singing boy! I wonder why he and Nivea didn't work out? Was she just always hot for ol boy Weezy?

  • 2thick4u

    It's okay!!!

  • Sharonda


  • HunE916

    Forget her armpit- WHERE’S HER TOP LIP?

  • ms.peaches

    Sandra you crazy as hell I would havce never peeped that out & you can tell where you circled it at!! wow I wonder did they think that would go unnoticed!! Leave it to SR