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More than a few Bajan journalists and residents of Barbados are wondering if the Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson made the right decision in appointing pop star Rihanna to the position of Cultural Ambassador to Barbados.

Eric Lewis, a writer for the Barabados Advocate wrote an article questioning the firing of key cabinet officials to make room for Rihanna on the payroll.

Lewis also questioned the taxpayer-funded stipend the singer is getting for her new position - and if the new PM plans to fire anymore officials to accommodate RiRi's salary.

According to Lewis, Bajans were outraged when they learned that the old Cultural Ambassador was paid $6,000 a month - an amount that comes out of taxpayers pockets.

"In fact, some people want to know if now that Rihanna is a Cultural Ambassador if she on the payroll too and what she getting considering that she is a millionaire," writes Lewis.

Other journalists question whether the 20-year-old is even ambassador material at all.

"But how susceptible to dishonor does a country become when its celebrity ambassador goes haywire?," writes Rochelle Oliver in an article posted today on the South Florida Times website. "Imagine Brittney Spears becoming the ambassador of America in her pop-princess days?," she writes.

I have to agree. Recent photos of Rihanna lying between the legs of her BFF Chris Brown in a suggestive manner as he nuzzles her neck, are not the type of images Bajans want to see of their Cultural Ambassador.

It's embarrassing enough that her supposed boyfriend is still allegedly carrying on an illicit affair with his older manager behind closed doors while he conveniently makes out with Rihanna in full view of the cameras.

Bajans are a proud people who frown upon public displays of affection by anyone, much less an official who is being paid by taxpayer dollars.

Rihanna continues to insist that she and Chris Brown are 'just friends'.

Lenny Kravitz appears in a video promoting New Orleans. Lenny, who was hospitalized briefly last month for severe bronchitis, made the ad as a favor to his former assistant Sydney Torres who now runs SDT Waste and Debris Services. Torres spends his time and money cleaning up the French Quarter of New Orleans following the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Good for them!

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Actor Mario Lopez was spotted having an intimate lunch with the very married Eva Longoria in West Hollywood yesterday. During lunch, Mario surprised Eva with a delicate gold pendant from Cartier. Eva blushed and appeared ecstatic, according to the assembled paps who said the duo looked very happy.

Yes, I know the 'Desperate Housewives' star is married to NBA jock Tony Parker. But how long did you think that marriage would last after his infidelity was exposed in headlines all over the world last year?

Simmie Lewis Williams Jr., 17, was gunned down in the early morning hours of Feb. 22 on a desolate stretch of road in Fort Lauderdale known as the transvestite stroll.

Simmie, who was known on the stroll as Chris or Beyoncé, died dressed as the pop star he idolized - in his favorite dress with a fierce pair of pumps on.

But Simmie, who loved to wear women's clothing, was buried as a man in a sharp beige suit with white gloves.

Despite his friends' requests, his mother, Denise King, wouldn't have it any other way. She had searched for just the right suit to bury her oldest son in. It was the first suit Simmie ever wore.

''Simmie's friends asked me if I was going to dress him as a woman for the funeral. I said no. I gave birth to a boy, and my baby would be buried as a boy,'' says King, 38.

His friends say Simmie, who was openly gay, was a troubled boy who was bullied into dropping out of school at Hollywood Hills High in 2006. All Simmie ever wanted to be was a chef like the ones he saw on cable tv.

On Feb. 21, his mother enrolled him in the job corps where he would study to become a chef. ''Simmie loved to cook. He would watch the Food Network, then experiment,'' King says. ''He was so happy because he was going to finally be able to work toward becoming a cook." The next day he was dead.

Police have few leads in the homicide case. Broward Crime Stoppers received only two tips, but neither tip panned out. The gay community, outraged by the senseless killing, raised money to help pay for Simmie's funeral. Gay rights leaders plan to ask the state legislature to pass school-bullying laws - with amendments specifying protection for sexual orientation, identity and expression.

''Simmie has become the most recent face... of someone hurt or killed because of who they are,'' says Brian Winfield, a spokesman for Equality Florida. "People are feeling absolute anger that another young life was taken.''

Source: The Miami Herald

Dwyane Wade with Alize models
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Yeah, I know these pics are way late. But better late than never, right..? As you know, I was hired to shoot the Alize-sponsored events in New Orleans this year. But I couldn't make the trip due to other commitments, so I gave the gig to my dependable and very professional photographer Freddyo, who took some great shots.

Unfortunately, he encountered a few problems in New Orleans that I won't get into. Anyway, the bad boy of the NBA Allen Iverson and the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade were in rare form at the Alize party in New Orleans. My spies say AI arrived with over 40 members of his entourage in tow. Dwayne Wade meanwhile was a perfect gentleman all night long. More pics later.

Allen Iverson

Dwyane Wade and Alize models


AI and Keshia Walker, center, (Insights Marketing)

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It was a love fest all around as the legendary Dru Hill gathered together to make a live reunion announcement on the 92Q Marc Clarke and The Big Phat Morning Show. But things took a wrong turn when Woody decided to stick to his Gospel career.

Sisqo said, "Oh, HELL NAW, man. You could have told us this yesterday!"

Before you could say Thong song, the group which once made the ladies swoon, were at each other's throats!

Thanks to loyal reader Kels for the link!

Sean Garrett is called "the Pen" by Jay Z because of his talent for writing hit after hit. Garrett steps to the forefront with his own musical offering (hell, if T Pain can do it, why not Sean?).

Garrett's debut album is titled Turbo 919, on Interscope Records. The first single is "Grippin' On the Bed" feat. another solid verse from Ludacris.



In an earlier post I wrote that the music industry would have to go in an entirely different direction if it wanted to reverse the sales slump it is currently in. The record buying public had expressed its displeasure by abandoning the CD for online music stores and independent artists on social networking sites like Myspace and FaceBook.

The music industry is finally taking notice: Here are two hot new videos from an up-and-coming artist Edreys ("I Like It") and Playaz Circle ("Dear Mr. LA Reid).

I'm very critical of new music, but I like what I hear in these videos!


On Wednesday night, the Cavaliers' LeBron James had one of the most spectacular games of his career, scoring 50 points in a 119-105 victory over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. As James departed the game and exchanged high fives with fans in courtside seats - one fan felt left out of the celebration.

17-year-old Anthony Erskine from Mount Vernon, told friends he would meet LeBron that night. Seeing his only chance was fading after LeBron exited the game, Erskine sprinted onto the court and stood face to face with his idol.

“I said yo LeBron, what’s up? I just wanted to meet you, I love the way you play,” said Erskine, in an interview with BET the next morning.

The 6-foot-8, 250 pound James responded, "Oh alright, that’s cool."

Erskine was quickly surrounded by security and hustled off the floor to a back room where NYPD arrested him. The kid sat in jail for 3 hours until his sister bailed him out.

Proving he is the nicest guy in the NBA, James told reporters, "It was a great feeling. You get a fan to come down there to express the way he feels about you... told me I was his favorite player, that never happens," James said. "I respect him. I respect his pride and for him to come out there and tell me something like that face to face. It’s like the (most) unbelievable thing that ever happened to me." (Source)

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Despite Sen. Hillary Clinton's big wins against Sen. Barack Obama in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island on Tuesday, Clinton still finds herself even further behind Obama in the delegate count than she was before her wins. In order to clinch the democratic nomination, Clinton must win the next 12 primaries by a considerable margin - a feat that political analysts say is impossible.

Which explains why Clinton is now floating the idea of a Clinton-Obama ticket. Superdelegates won't help Clinton either: Newsweek's Jonathan Alter asked several prominent undecided superdelegates if they would go against the will of Democratic voters in each state and vote for Clinton. They said no because it would "shatter young people" and be the death of the democratic party.

After all is said and done, Clinton's only chance of returning to the White House is if Obama asks her to run with him against John McCain. Even then her chances are zero and none because John McCain is already at the White House taking measurements of the oval office and interviewing busty secretaries.