I apologize for posting those pics of Kim's sloppy butt (and Reggie's no butt self). But I had to show the discrepancy between Kim's old butt and new butt (so certain people can go on with their lives).

Anyone who can't see the obvious discrepancy is in denial - and needs to schedule an eye exam ASAP. Real talk. :)

Thanks to a well-paid paparazzi, Kim Kardashian's much-publicized butt cheeks are exposed for the world to see. Kim and her boyfriend, footballer Reggie Bush were photographed while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Not only does Kim's butt look deformed, but it's also totally fake. We know it's fake because her butt was considerably smaller in her and Ray J's raunchy sex video. The one that she sent an army of lawyers to make disappear.

Fortunately, we have a still from the video here for comparison <---- NOT WORK SAFE!

Island Records sent out a press release yesterday trumpeting Janet Jackson's return to #1 after 7 years. According to L.A. Reid, Island Def Jam's embattled chairman, the Worldwide 100 million-selling megastar Janet Jackson returns to Soundscan’s #1 position on the Billboard 200 albums chart with first week sales of 181,075 units. Discipline marks Janet’s first #1 Soundscan album debut in nearly seven years, since All For You in May 2001.

Word is, Reid is telling anyone who will listen that 180,000 is the new 500,000.

"Janet delivered an amazing album and Island Def Jam is on a mission to deliver big results for her in every way," said Mr. Reid, who already delivered $40 million to Janet in the form of a signing bonus when she moved over to Island from Virgin Records. "Janet is musical royalty who only deserves the very best,” he said.

Yesterday, Janet called in to V-103's popular Ryan Cameron Show which is on location at Disney World. Ryan initially put his good friend Janet at ease with the easy questions such as how she felt about being #1 again. Then he hit her with the rumor: "Why did you tell Tyra Banks you gonna freeze your eggs?" Click below to hear Janet stutter.


Photo: RETNA

The National Enquirer broke the news today that actor Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which spread to his other organs. But Swayze's doctor says reports that he has just 5 weeks to live are untrue.

"Patrick has a very limited amount of disease and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far," Dr Fisher said last night in a statement.

"All of the reports stating the timeframe of his prognosis and his physical side effects are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic."

The 55-year-old star, most famous for roles in To Wong Foo, Dirty Dancing and Ghost, was diagnosed in January.

Swazy and his wife Lisa Niemi, who both have pilot's licenses, flew themselves to Stanford University Medical Center in California on the weekends in hopes of keeping his chemotherapy treatments secret.

Swayze may have had part or all of his pancreas removed in an effort to save his life. Last month it was reported that Swayze had undergone surgery at Stanford hospital for a serious "gastrointestinal procedure". Patients who have the surgery can expect a 5 year survival rate of 10%.

Swayze originally thought he was suffering from gastroenteritis after he began spitting up blood. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer tend to appear at a late stage when the cancer has already spread to other organs.

The symptoms include nausea, vomiting and severe upper abdominal pain that usually radiates to the back.

Pancreatic cancer is usually diagnosed in men 55 and older. The pancreas is critical to the digestive process and is also vital in maintaining normal blood sugar.

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Monica's baby boys are growing up big in front of our eyes! Romelo Montez is only 8 weeks, but he looks like a 6 month old! This was Romelo's first photo shoot since he was born. Romelo slept through the entire photo shoot!

Older brother Rodney Ramone Hill III aka Lil' Rocko, is 2½ years old. Lil' Rocko will celebrate his 3rd birthday at Disney World in May with his parents, Romelo and his older brother Ramone Malik, 12.

Their father Rocko has been away on tour promoting his new album Self Made non-stop through March 18 when the album hits stores. Their mother Monica is working on her new album which definitely drops this Summer.

Monica is also working on her new all boys clothing line that Romelo and Lil' Rock are the models for called Regions Rock. Monica's new album is tentatively titled Lessons Learned.

Usher is back in a familiar position at the top pf the charts. Usher's newest single "Love in This Club" featuring Young Jeezy, made an astonishing leap from no. 51 to number 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. We here at Sandrarose.com still have no love for Usher, but he is an Atlanta resident so we feel we must support. Congrats to him and Polow Da Don who produced the track.

Yesterday, seconds after I made a post predicting Sen. Hillary Clinton would win both the Texas and Ohio primaries, my phone started ringing.

It was a friend calling to remind me that Sen. Barack Obama was on a 12-state winning streak. I reminded her that Obama's weak campaigning against Clinton had taken its toll and the momentum was swinging in Clinton's direction.

Sen. Clinton has humiliated Obama with dirty campaign tricks for months now, from voter suppression tactics to accusing Obama of drug use - without barely a whimper from him.

The latest dirty trick to come out of Hillary's camp is this ad attacking Obama for not holding any hearings on Afghanistan. In the ad, Obama appears 3 shades darker than his normal skin tone. So far, there's been no response from Obama. When he does strike back at Clinton, it's with kid gloves on.

Now he claims he's ready to fight back.

While talking with reporters on his plane on his way from San Antonio to Chicago today, Obama hinted at taking a harder stance against Clinton in the coming weeks. This comes two days after he was practically mauled by the press corps in Texas on Monday. An AP reporter asked him whether an Obama aide had tipped off Canadians that his anti-NAFTA campaigning was just rhetoric aimed at winning votes.

Obama began to stutter, "Let me, let me, let me, let me just be absolutely clear what happened," Obama answered, while reminding them that the press conference was a "courtesy" and not really official.

The press corps, like a pack of hungry wolfs, smelled blood and attacked. The exchange proved what some of us already know about Obama: when his back is against the wall, he is not prepared to fight.

Obama told the reporters on the plane he wanted them to ask Clinton more questions about her foreign experience. "I haven’t seen any evidence that she is more equipped to handle a crisis," he said.

But on Monday, Obama proved he wasn't equipped to even handle a question on the "NAFTA gate." That one question from the AP reporter was like a right hook to the jaw that left Obama reeling and swinging at the air. He didn't see it coming. He wasn't prepared.

Do we really want Obama stuttering on the phone in the White House when that crucial call comes in at 3 AM?

War Czar: Mr President, we have detected 7000 weapons of mass destruction heading our way. What should we do?

Obama: Let me, let me, let me, let me discuss this with Michelle and I'll get right back to you!