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We here at are happy to see the industry finally giving recognition and respect to our talented Nubian sistahs. British singer Estelle was in the states last week promoting her new single "American Boy" featuring Kanye West. This new emphasis on non-conventional artists signals a new direction for the music industry which is in the midst of its worst sales slump in history. Obviously something is broken and needs fixing.


Photo spotted on CM&V

The image speaks for itself.

  • Bsoul

    Stop Sandra, that is not a message. Ri-Ri loves everyone...including her haters. Her finger got stuck there.

    go Ri-ri and Estelle!

  • Mia

    At a glance Estelle could be mistaken for Monica. I don't really care for her current single, but I'm interested in hearing the rest of her upcoming album.

    As for Rihanna, I don't hate her. I just think she's over hyped and under talented and I don't mind saying so.

  • Bsoul

    Mia Says:
    At a glance Estelle could be mistaken for Monica.

    I think it's the haircut.

  • milly


  • ms.peaches

    I think she looks more like Brandy in the face with a Monica haircut!! Wow Rihanna thats how you feel? maybe that finger was meant for Chris cause she see's him in the distance talking to his manager, who knows!!LMAO

  • stylerazzi

    @Mia...... I was thinking the same thing when I saw the photo. I think she looks like a brown skin version of Monica. It may be the hair and the cheekbones. Either way, in this photo, she is very pretty..... As far as Rihanna, I think it was a "subliminal message" in the photo. she may have wanted it to "look" like she was holding her coat together. I remember when I was younger (pre-teen), I used to rub my middle finger down my cheek at a friend in class. They knew what it meant but, if the teahcer happend to catch me "HEY I WAS RUBBING MY FACE!!!!" :-)

  • AreUForReal

    Congrats to Estelle!!!

    And, stop starting stuff Sandra. Rihanna isn't giving anyone the finger. She faking like she holding her collar together so that the press can get as many pics of that new ring as they want to.

  • Bsoul

    "She faking like she holding her collar together so that the press can get as many pics of that new ring as they want to."


  • Black Bauer

    Estelle and Heather Headley could be twins.

  • Smokie

    She looks like Heather Headley, who can sing circles around Estelle.


  • Sharonda

    Estelle is a cute chick.She rocking the hair lovely though.I think Rihanna can be hype too, but I do enjoy "some" of her songs excluding Umbrella lol.

  • AreUForReal

    @ Smokie

    Nobody knows. It's the mystery ring. LOL of course people are saying CB gave it to her and that they are secretly engaged now......blah blah blah

  • jcroft

    that's right ri-ri! give them the middle finger!

    Rihanna forever!!!!

  • Smokie

    Is that ring on her right hand...?

  • 2bme

    I love me some Estelle..she's fiyah..go Rih Rih..tell em how ya really feel!

  • Bsoul

    Rumor has it that Ri-Ri gives those rings to her exclusive friends.

  • AreUForReal

    Bsoul Says:

    Rumor has it that Ri-Ri gives those rings to her exclusive friends.


    If that girl has to give 20 carat diamond rings to keep friends she needs counseling.

  • kee3

    Lvoe Rih Rih but she needs some proactiv!

  • Goliano

    You tell 'em, Rih! lol


    Rihanna has some BEAUTIFUL eyes! Can't hate must congratulate!

  • kpakpando

    [sandrarose] Rihanna has really nice finger nails, she's hot![/sandrarose]

  • ms.peaches

    Smokie says....Is that ring on her right hand…?

    Exactly the wrong damn hand just like the pic of Ciara wearing her ring on the wrong hand!! Is that suppose to through us off or could it really mean that it's mereley something she bought her damn self!!!!
    & Bsoul I still have yet to get one I don't get it!!(lol)

  • hellava10

    Flip me the bird if she wants....I'm keeping my ring. Can she get another coat? There's like 50/11 pictures of this coat....I'm not hating...I'm just saying I would like to see a change of outfit.
    Good comment of the day---she has on clothes.

  • Bsoul

    "I still have yet to get one I don’t get it!!(lol)"

    All-knowing R-Ri is fully aware of how you really feel. Until you do right, you're not getting one.

    ::buffing my fabulous ring and being blinded by its fabulousness::

  • claire

    estelle does favor monica for a split second even though i think monica is much prettier estelle looks really good in that picture!

  • JustSaying

    Rhi Rhi don't bite the hands that feed you. If people stop buying your music you are a goner.

  • miamore73

    I hope she was giving off the finger. It would seem when there is always a camera in yourself you'd want to tell someone to F**k off.

  • pmap

    u guys have GOT to be kidding.