The other night, I spoke to Dorian of BET's College Hill by phone. He's such a charming young man. He and I are going to become fast friends.

Anyway, young Dorian hipped me to the fact that his fellow cast member Shavon had emailed me once. He said I also posted her pics on my site.

For some reason I could not recall ever writing about her. He tried his best to help me remember, but I kept drawing a blank. Then last night I did a search on my site and found this.

I had no clue that Shavon on College Hill was the same young lady who some say allegedly dated rapper Young Dro in the past.

So we now know that at least two female cast members of College Hill are suspect Star Searchers. Y'all already know about young Ashley R, who I'm told dated nothing but singers as far back as high school when she was a straight A student at Stephenson high in Atlanta.

Her high school classmates recall the parade of young male singers that Ashley dated before finally settling on a member of the group "One Chance" who was seemingly destined for bigger and better things.

The question is, did BET cast a wide net into the murky waters of Atlanta's underbelly of celebrity groupies and Star searchers who had connections to rappers and video directors? Was being fast and loose in the industry a prerequisite for being cast on the show?

Couldn't BET find any good, clean, wholesome students on the Spelman campus to represent our black college students? It seems I'm not the only one questioning BET's motives.

Anyway, Ashley posted a lengthy note on her Myspace page in response to my post yesterday. I won't repost it here because that's what she wants. I will say she comes off as articulate and bright in her note which indicates she was sobered up from the night before.

But the offer still stands if she wants to speak to me and give her side of the story. This would be the best time to do it while the big hand is only on the 2 on her 15-minute clock.

Thanks to loyal reader Ill Nana for the tip!

  • cupcakes

    Who hasn't Young Dro dated! eeel!

  • Tmekio

    Why are most of these so called "stars" also trying to become "models" or "video" girls??

    Can't "pretty" women become MORE than that now-a-days??

  • Bird

    I guess anyone qualifies as a celeb in Atlanta.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Sandra I think your being used by BET to expose these woman and increase college Hill ratings. You should stop posting any further news on these random subjects...and let BET handle their own PUBLICITY STUNTS. Unless of course you are getting paid....LOL!

  • Sharonda

    Spelman?Now I know some Spelman girls going out clubbin' getting theres too.It's just they want to keep a squeaky clean image.

    As for this thing right here though.Why am I'm not surprised?It's going to seem like more ish about them is going to come up.

    I think the blog, VoteMeCool2008, you link sounds a bit over analytical.And I only standby saying that because when people ask to get on a show, they know exactly why they going on for.They went to the auditions, these people know how to act.They grown enough to figure out what and what not to do.I know people now, on my campus who would done College Hill in a minute!That's them.There was a rape on my campus the other day, I guess we should blame it on ______.It just crazy to me.These people (who want to be on College Hill) are not stupid.It's entertainment to some, but people put it on a whole new level like they suppose to represent them.If those people want to act a certain way, they do it at their own expense.

  • alana

    I actually tried to sit through College Hill this week and found it very difficult. I went to an HBCU in the South and my experience was alot of fun. I partied/studied and everything in between. It kind of reminded me of my college days. The thing I dont like about the show is how it seems BET wants them to "hook up sexually" and make themselves look bad on television. Im glad so far (from what I hear) nobody has done that yet. Won't be watching the show again due to me being against BET and its demise of the black race...I only will watch it to see Keyshia Coles show. One thing I can appreciate about these young adults on College hill that they are at least seeking higher education and when their 15 minutes are up they will have a degree to fall back on..we cant say that about some of the other "video models" and such..

  • Thoughtful1225

    Its all about ratings! You know BET wanted the young women who lives' were saturated with drama and who needed it to substain thier existence so it would reveal itself on TV. You know they interviewed thousands of " clean, good, wholesome" students but passed right over their applications for sure.

  • pinkvirgo

    Nobody wants to watch "good wholesome"college students.I 'm just waiting on BET to get their version of Flavor of Love

  • pinkvirgo

    Oh and by the way those girls get on my nerves on this season their too bit*hy.Must we always perpetuate the stereotype of Black woman with the stank attitude.

  • milly


  • Terry .W

    @ Bird...same thing I was thinking !....only in the ATL I guess!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    not to mention they get all these sex kittens on the show looking all promiscuous and sh*t, but turn around and wanna tell somebody to Wrap some sh*t up....BIG CONTRADICTION.

  • MissJenee

    here we go again.. I posted on a comment before that Shavon was on College Hill

  • stylerazzi

    I think in contrast to how Ashley handeled being called out for datin Bow Wow, Shavon handeled herself like a woman and contacted Sandra DIRECTLY (even though she did email through someone else to get to Sandra), in a clear and sober mind to clear the air. That may be why you didn't remember her b/c she didn't create a BIG HUGE SCENE. I don't think Shavon is looking for the same fame as Ashley so I don't think that they should be lumped into the same category. And also, FYI, the big hand on Ashley's 15 minute clock is on 14:57........ 14:58..........14:59

  • sanaas

    HMMM, I remember you talking about this young lady before and talking about her dating Dro. But now he's happily dating Fantasia and for what i hear he is madly in love!

  • Sandra Rose

    MissJenee Says:

    here we go again.. I posted on a comment before that Shavon was on College Hill


    You did. But I didn't make the connection.

  • Maxdan

    I have personally auditioned for a BET show in Los Angeles before (Sunday's Best). They are not interested in "regular" folks who have talent or aren't about drama. You need the hype for the ratings. It seems like nowadays more young ladies are trying to model and be in videos than in class.
    It's all a joke to me. I'm not even bitter about how I didn't make the cut on the show I was going for.REAL TALK. Also, it's a small world and from what I've seen an even SMALLER Atlanta....

    And if I hear that one girl talk about Africa one more time....

  • shunda

    I still want to know how are these reality show people stars? I see a star as someone such as Rubie Dee, Angela Bassett, etc. People with longevity. We won't remember these chicks after the next season starts. My family is from all parts of Georgia and I know we have respectable women there.

  • kogletree

    sandrarose said:

    "...while the big hand is on the 2 on her 15 minute clock."

    That is the FUNNIEST thing I have read all day:-) LMAO!

  • Anti-believer

    pinkvirgo Says:

    Oh and by the way those girls get on my nerves on this season their too bit*hy.Must we always perpetuate the stereotype of Black woman with the stank attitude.

    The girls don't act up. It's the boys except for Dorian and I mean boys. Dru is a homophobic, malewhore ni66a. He is an embarassment to black men. The other two give into peer pressure because of ignorant Dru. Dru is very disrespectful and had no business asking Dorian if he was gay. Dru should be sent to a counseling to learn about being sensitive to other people who ain't him. he needs to learn some tolerance.

    He's a ugly fucker too! Homophobic bytch!

    I hope you read this.

  • 2thick4u

    Sandra...I remember you specifically stated that Shavon was going to be on College Hill and she wasn't dating Young Dro.

    You posted a letter that she wrote to someone that was an executive of a music label who forwarded it to you.

    I guess...I stopped watching this show after Luda left!!!

  • Sharonda

    ^ Luda was on there?

  • gemini83

    @ Anti-believer... harsh! lol....he is ugly though.

  • Hotstuff

    This is kinda ridiculous I questioned them when I saw Ashley R on there...but then again I said even video girls need an education but this is getting too out of hand...

    When are we going to get a REAL educational show on that channel...I think we better learn from one of the banned episodes of Boondocks and really question why:


  • ms.peaches

    Im so through with these chicks I mean we all know that everyone on a BET show has to find some type of come up!!(lol)

    Pinvirgo I thought they were coming out with a show with Plies in it called Bust It Babies (some mess like that) or was that BET??


    there are more schools in atlanta besides morehouse georgia state clark and spelman.........thanks for leaving the rest of us out, but i dont want that type of unflattering exposure anywayLMAO H.A.M.

  • jane

    Sandra, the reason you won't see anyone from Spelman on there is basically because we know better. It's not like we don't have girls that like to wild out and act a fool and aspire to be video chicks but we just don't put our business out in the street like that.

  • lovely25

    Sandra you know you remember posting about Dro and Shavon, you were actually talking about Fantasia!! And you mentioned her myspace page and her job at hooters!! Don't go drawing blanks now!!