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According to two sources close to rapper T.I. who spoke to the media on condition of anonymity, T.I., real name Clifford Harris, will change his plea to guilty and serve 1500 hours of community service speaking to youth groups around the country - followed by 12 months in jail. (Source) What does that mean? Will he go on a speaking tour and then go to jail?

This is great news for T.I. and his very supportive family and friends who have suffered throughout this ordeal. The good news explains why T.I. appeared so happy at his recent family outing to Easter services at the Georgia Dome last Sunday.

It also very much explains why an inside source indicated to me a few days ago that T.I. might possibly attend his fiancee Tiny's baby shower next month.

She indicated that T.I. was very much involved in the planning phase of the party, which led me to ask if he would be attending. The source was very vague in her response, and I assumed she meant T.I. would ask for a reprieve from house arrest again.

Thank God that T.I. will be free to attend the birth of his son. A name is already picked out for the baby, but the name is a well-guarded secret.

  • 2Unruly

    I bet he has learned a lot from this experience, and probably will change for the better.

  • brwnsugga4you

    good for him. hopefully that stint in jail will change his & change his decision making as an adult and focus on setting good examples for his children....leading them in the right direction.

  • MzScorpo

    Wow, that's what you call a deal! Hopefully after all this he will continue to do what we love him to do....put out great music. Even when he sits down for those 12 months (9 months Fed Time), as long as when he returns he creates the Greatest Cd of his career... I'll be waiting for it.

    One more thing before I'm out...TI if you ever read this...........Marry Tiny already....she's that real Ride or Die chick, and she deserves it...

  • free

    wow, those easter pics really did the job! speaking to youth groups about what? how to have boo-coo babies and guns? smh @ celebrity justice.

  • wiggy2272003

    @ Mz Scorpio

    Fed time is straight. No good behavior. He will do 1 year

  • uptopgrl

    Good for TI I read about a possible plea bargin last month on another blog. Starts with a M and ends in a t but I didn't think it was true. Thanks Sandra


    I got this news from a Grand Hustle member today and he was very happy. i am glad for TIP and his family. :)

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Maybe we can be pen pals.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Aww he looks so handsome in that pic!!! Anyways...I am so proud of TI for stepping up to the plate and acknowledging his mistakes.

    I am soooo happy to know he isn't going to get a crazy amount of time...his family really needs him. I love TI he is one of the very few entertainers who seems very geniune. TI is also very open with his he doesn't mind sharing his past experiences...answering all kinds of questions...talking about love...etc.

    Sandra once again thanks for the positive reports on Tip...

  • ms.peaches

    Ok how long has Tiny been pregnant cause she didn't look it in that pic when they were at church! & if they live together why wouldn't he ba able to attend the shower if they have it in there home?? Im sorry this whole thing makes no sense to me cause he has been on house arrest for awhile & your telling me that he has to do the community service & go to jail Wow I would figure they would look at his time on house arrest as time served & should at least reduce his sentence or something I agree with the CS it would be good for him to talk with the young kids out here especially the ones who claim to be thugs!!

  • ms.kimba412

    Good for him.
    It does take a real man to acknowledge his mistakes. The time on house arrest must have been a real period of reflection for him. And 1-yr prison time is nothing compared to the time he could have been facing.
    Best of luck, Tip.

  • WeezysBaby

    His azz knew better because those people had entirely too much evidence against him.. anywhoo all in the same time it isn’t fair to us common folks with no money because our azz will have still been sitting in our holding cell waiting on a bond hearing... and lets bet this isn’t the last time we will see TI name and jail time in the same sentence...

    and I agree with Free what is he going to tell the youth???

  • wiggy2272003

    @ Ms Peaches,
    The house arrest was just a condition of his being released on bail. I guess he was considered a flight risk or something to that effect.

    lol @coocoobananas I hear that hot isht.

    He truly seems like a good guy. Hope he does his little time and he and his family have happiness health and wealth.

  • pinkvirgo

    Good for him maybe they can married before he has to go to jail.

  • Bird

    I'm so happy for T.I. and his family. I was sooooo disappointed in him when all this went down, but I'm sure he's learned his lesson and it's not like he got off scott free. This way he will be able to preserve his career and continue to provide for his family legally. Not to mention the good he can do by speaking to kids across the country. Good news indeed.

  • krbinc


  • mjoylaw

    @ pinkvirgo

    Yes! That would be greeeeat if he and Tiny would get married before he goes away, just for a lil while..he got an excellent deal! Best wishes to the whole Harris clan..

  • nonya

    He needs to serve as much time as any non celebrity. What he did was WRONG and ILLEGAL.

    You got bank and doing stupid ish like buying guns...FOR WHAT???


  • Coop

    And no snitching that's how handle your own time.

  • MzScorpo

    @ wiggy2272003

    Yes in most cases, but remember Lil Kim received 12 months too, and she served about 9mos. Fed time you are required to serve 85% + of your time. Need I mention Martha Stewart!

  • shanie

    Good for him!!!!

  • bloggergirlz

    taking a plea doesn't surprise me at all...he will bounce back from this just as he did the last time he went to jail...he is one of the few people i feel will be genuine when he speaks to the youths...he has plenty to share w/ them and i can't understand why others don't see it...

    @ ms peaches:

    look at the pics again, she looked pregnant to me...also, don't forget tiny is the only adult authorized to be in the house w/ him, so they can't have the baby shower there...

    i also thought fed time was 85%

  • mjoylaw

    I never noticed it before but T.I. fine as hail hee hee Get outta this mess soon TIP!

  • milly

    Aww thats great news, I hope it all works out for him.

  • selly

    TIP! When is the next album dropping? All of us are waiting! I'm sure this next album will be HOT!

  • Sandra Rose

    ms.peaches Says:

    why wouldn’t he ba able to attend the shower if they have it in there home?


    Because the terms of house arrest stipulated that he could only have 3 adult visitors at a time.

  • Hotstuff

    Oh I read this on another site and thought he was going away for a long time...silly me didn't read but this is WAAAAAAAAAAAY better than 15 years away from his family

  • bloggergirlz

    @ SR, that's for the correction...i recall there being some type of restriction...


    Sandra reported:
    "will change his plea to guilty and serve 1500 hours......"

    First it was reported to be 1200hrs now 1500hrs....get your sources right people.
    Anyway, TI know damn well if this incident was to occur while on the streets of BANKHEAD minus the celebrity status he has, he would be serving all his time as we speak. So he better take this ish into consideration and man the k**f up and quite with all his foolishness...."cause nesxt time his ass might not be so lucky!

  • maema

    fed time -- 54 days off per year for good behavior.

    excellent deal, btw, considering the number of guns involved.

  • Nina

    I like TI and was totally shocked when all this went down. He has learned & grown from this experience and I am happy he can spend more time with his family.

    I bet his talks will be straight to the point..."You will get caught so don't be out there thinking you are above the law - no matter who you are. It's not worth it"

  • Black Bauer

    1. I have never heard of someone doing community service and then a bid. 2. If he is getting a deal like this from the Feds, He's SNITCHIN!! They caught him red handed. He's on Team America if he only has to do a year.

  • cupcakes

    I just read on CNN that he will not be sentenced until a year...until he finishes his community service. Thats scary becuase he can still get 5 years or more.

  • cupcakes

    @black Bauer - I have never heard that either...something ain't right!

  • cutieleo

    one son name is messiah and the other one is king, so aint not telling, TI is so full of himself, he should have gotten serious time, i guess the more money you have...

  • Black Bauer

    >cupcakes, they are not going to sentence him for a year because they are gonna make him talk and see what they can get out of him. If he doesnt help them get some people, he's gonna do some real time. His community service will be talkin to the feds........

  • Sharonda

    Well he been in trouble before.I think he already knew.

  • 2thick4u


    He paid his lawyers a grip for this!!!

  • netta0281


  • Hottie76

    I am very happy for TI and Tiny.

  • crystal

    i know the baby's name:)