Thanks to loyal reader EmmCee for the link to this video of Barack Obama's response to Hillary Clinton's ringing phone ad. But I was hoping to find a video that shows Barack answering the phone after the voice over says, "who do you want answering the phone?"

  • ms.peaches

    Now this video I can get with!! He's telling us what he has done & what he will do & I believe it!! I believe him!!! & he looks pretty good standing in front of the White House, sorry Hilary you lost this fight!!!

  • 2Unruly

    Obama has an answer to EVERY attack Hillary has.

  • lovely25

    That's why he's the man!!

  • Nina

    Yeah - his video is a great response to Hillary's ad. I do see what Sandra is saying about him actually answering the phone...I bet someone does it.

  • jemalangel

    Great rebuttal on Baracks behalf. Hillary won't answer the phone either because at 2:50 am, she rolled over and noticed that Bill was not in the bed so she's on the east wing of the white house looking for Bill who's getting his rocks off with yet another intern and Hillary has told her staff to hold all calls...............LOL

  • EmmCee

    President Obama would let the answering machine pick it up might be a bill collector.

    BOOOOOOOO!! Bad joke me. He's going to make a great 2 term president.
    P.S. I'm a black man so that joke's not racist.
    I don't think...

  • 2thick4u

    Love this video!!!

    It was very well thought out.

    March 4...I'll vote again in the Texas Caucus for who I want to answer the phone!!!

  • milly

    Looking foward to that vote!

    Obama 08