If you recall, I told you that R&B chanteuse Keyshia Cole recently spent a few days in beautiful Hawaii shooting 4 videos. The first of those videos is "Heaven Sent," directed by Benny Boom.

The day before she landed in Hawaii, Keyshia shot a video with Trina in Miami. Is Key Key the second hardest working diva in music?

It pains my heart to say this, but, Keyshia and her boyfriend Young Jeezy are no longer an item. The couple have been separated for over a month now. This comes as a shock to me, but the source who gave me this tip is extremely credible and very well connected in the industry.

She described a recent extended trip to Atlanta by boxer Floyd Mayweather - who was accompanied everywhere he went by Keyko. Apparently they visited high end boutiques where he spent lavishly on her. The two were also spotted leaving the swanky Intercontinental hotel where he had a block of rooms.

Keep your head up Jeezy! You're a good man, bro!

  • Terry .W

    Video is very similar to Mary J's "Everything" video...but I like the song, and I think Keyisha is handling her business very well these days and shedding off all of her ghetto passed..she looks loveley, well done!

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    This is a beautiful. Mariah needs to take notes. The scenery is breathtaking. Lovin' it.

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    beautiful song

  • pinkvirgo

    The beach is beautiful but her las vid was set at a beach she needs to switch it up but since you said she just shot 4 vids in Hawaii I guess she won't.

  • ladyrazor

    This song is my favorite off the whole album..however please u guys stop the comparisons to Mary J its not that serious anymore...why cant we just complement her on her good works and what she does by not comparing her to anyone....she has a came a long way....writes her own songs the whole album was written by her....give created when its due and stop comparing...she is her own person.

  • Terry .W

    *typo* Lovely

  • JustSaying

    Same old same old with the video scene. It is getting boring. The song is OK. Key Key is growing on me.

  • LovelyLady



  • Terry .W

    *typo* past...jesus..my spelling!!

  • brwnsugga4you

    i saw this on access granted last night. glad keyshia let the stylist do her thing. i think this video stepped her up as a artist and also as a woman. she looked very classy. we don't always have to have on a tight jean w/a shot of patrone in a video for us to fit in ladies....

    good job ms. cole!

  • WeezysBaby

    I absolutely love the song

  • toosexy

    I love keyshia people was sleeping on her but she is the bomb her album you can relate cuz she speaks about situations that you know she had to go thru and that most women do its not just entertaining on her cd i love it and i love her as an artist and i will support her next album and the one after that and you get it ,love you keyshia and even though she did the beach last time , this one was still diff, because it was so beautiful the scenery just like heaven excellent!

  • HeyNow

    Love miss.Cole but iam confused I thought she said it would be 5 videos from this album.so how is she shooting 4 more videos?? so far this is her 4th video.As far as who she is dating she sure does kept that shit on the low!!!Where is TMZ when you need them

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    I would love for Keyshia and Floyd to be a couple, but it was just reported that he took someone else on a shopping spree recently. I can't remember who it was to save my life. As for Keyshia, she is definately on her way. She doesn't get the shine that Beyonce and Rihanna gets, but I see her having longevity and that is most important.

  • dj_dceezy

    Any video with Keyshia in a swimsuit is a hit!

  • uptopgrl

    Beautiful simply beautiful Ms. Cole keep growing

  • OhWell

    @ Bird...it was Chilli from TLC. He apparently took her to Giuseppe for shoes.

    As far as Key Key and Jay, they've always been off and on. I'm sure they'll be back at it soon.

  • OhWell

    LOL @ s.h.o.e.s being censored.

  • shanie

    After watching the reunion show and looking back on where she started she has grown tremendously....she reminds me so much of Mary J Blige...it took Mary a while to blossom and Keyshia is on her way.....

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    Keyshia Cole is hot, period. She been hot, too. Love her music and her work ethic. I wish her sister would find something to do other than having babies, but Keysha is on the right track. Floyd is a much better choice than Jeezy, also.

  • bloggergirlz

    luv the song and the video...KC is the bomb, she has expanded and stepped it up in every possible way...she seems happier and has a glow about her these days...

    i wish people would stop the MJB comparisons though...i hope she finds true happiness w/ whomever she's dating...

  • pinkvirgo

    Smokie Says:
    I wish her sister would find something to do other than having babies

    Damn that was random.lol

  • Bubbles

    I absolutely love this song but found the video boring and too reminscent of Mary's Everything video.

  • hellava10

    She is really growing into herself. I'm a fan. When 'it' finally hits her, she is going to be sooo serious.

  • ms.peaches

    There is only 1 Mary & 1 Keisha of course younger singers may take from her cause they looked up to her but because she is on a beach means what? alot of singer/rappers made videos on the beach!! it took awhile for her to grow on me but she is doing her thing I cant hate on her!!! now back to Floyd & Chili cause that seems interesting Sandra you follow Keisha & Jeezy Sh-oe shopping where was Freddyo when Floyd & Chili was spending money!!! (lmao)

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    HeyNow Says:

    Love miss.Cole but iam confused I thought she said it would be 5 videos from this album.so how is she shooting 4 more videos??


    This is the first of 4 videos that she shot last month in Hawaii. I don't know how many videos she shot prior to that. So there are 3 more videos coming out.

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Bird Says:

    I would love for Keyshia and Floyd to be a couple, but it was just reported that he took someone else on a shopping spree recently.


    Was that reported on CNN? You believe everything you read on the Internet? :) My source is very close to Keyshia. If I told you who it was you would totally understand that the info is credible.


    I saw this on Access Granted last night, Benny Boom did a great job! I like this song, but I'm surprised she picked this for her third single/video. Every dress she had on in this video I was beautiful.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird


    I didn't see it on CNN, but I saw it on the next best thing, TMZ. :) I was disappointed because while I don't know them from Adam I just really like Keyshia and Floyd as a couple. I hope you're right, but what's up with him taking Chili shopping?

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    @ Bird:

    They could just be friends. :)

  • licia

    this is one of my favorite songs off her album. i wasn't a keyshia fan when her first album came out but she won me over with the second album.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    "chanteuse"....that damn Sandra, got a word for everything don't she?! heehe

    Keyshia FIE doe, fa real.

  • tdl74767

    Sandra........I bet Keyshia's manager told you that.

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Beautiful video!!!

    Sandra...didn't your source tell you earlier this month that Floyd and Keyshia weren't an item. I'm confused!!!

    Whoever she is with...I wish her happiness!!!

  • misspiggy817

    Love Keyshia's hair..........

  • atlwife

    I love Keyshia! Very talented.

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    tdl74767 Says:

    Sandra……..I bet Keyshia’s manager told you that.


    Girl, no. You don't know Manny, lol. He embarrassed me so bad one day. I called him up a month ago asking him questions about Keyshia like I was a journalist. He said, "I don't gossip about my clients!" I felt this small. :) But I did talk to Keyshia this afternoon. She confirmed the break up. She's good. Very classy and mature.

  • Bubbles

    ^^^^Oh wow. I'm surprised about Keyshia being single again. That's too bad I guess.

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    2thick4u Says:

    Beautiful video!!!

    Sandra…didn’t your source tell you earlier this month that Floyd and Keyshia weren’t an item. I’m confused!!!


    Keyshia wants her personal life to remain personal. At that time she didn't want that out and she still doesn't. But she did confirm to me by phone today that she and Jeezy are no longer together.

  • ChokLitFactory

    ^^^OH WOW! Well you should have posted that instead!! Keep your head up Keyshia! And I agree, Floyd is very attractive. Him and Keyshia would make a great couple!

  • mrsdawn

    I agree w/ 2Unruly. The video is really nice and Keyshia
    looks awsome. And yeah, Ms MiMi needs to take notes.
    She needs to stop showing her bra and Panties all the damn time. She doesnt need to come off like such as Bimbo. She has one of GREATEST voices in the game. I love her music to death but I was really disappointed w/ Touch my body,
    the song and the video is the same ole Mariah. At least MJB stepped out the box and took a chance w/ Growing Pains
    whether people liked it or not!

  • ChokLitFactory

    ^^^At Mrs. Dawn:
    Everyone wants Mariah to go back to her 'Vision of Love' days. But have ANY of you been buying any new Mariah albums in the past 10 years??? the purpose of her 'Emancipation' to let herself be free and be herself, not what her record company wants her to be. So, if you don't like the REAL Mariah, and you prefer her previous manufactured image, then maybe you'll like Leona Lewis who is being manufactured off of Mariah's old look. 'Touch My Body' is a fun song, and thats all it was meant to be!
    I'm off topic!
    Keyshia looks great in her video, I'm feeling her hair alot more now. Its a good look.

  • Elizabeth

    This is just sad! I am a true Keyshia Cole fan, i love her voice, her music, her style... and i love love this song. It's my absolute favourite from her album..tho i love the whole album..LOL. Sad about her and Jeezy.. Floyd seems like a drop from first class to coach..sorry!


    Keyshia is a natural beauty! The song is cute too! I thought Floyd was with his baby momma. Keyshia needs to find a MAN that doesn't have any kids and can treat her like the queen she is. Floyd & Jeezy damn well can't do it cause they are about that money. Shopping sprees are ok but that is nothing that she couldn't do herself. Those dudes love flossing and that is not cute to me but might be to her. Wish her the best with her career and life as well!

  • sheirry

    When they confirmed their relationship, I knew that was a curse and it was soon that it would've been over. They should've kept their mouth shut like they've been doing for the last few years about their business.

  • Tiffochris11

    Ii love keyshia!!! she looks beautiful!its jus something about her thats so pure and real!! that i dont get from beyonce or rhianna...the seem to be "ON" and keyshia is just her...she just wants to sing!! love it!