Someone wants you to know that Bow Wow recently dismissed his homegirl Melanie Thornton to take up with a new woman. Her name is Dollicia Bryan, and according to the person who sent me the email, Bow Wow was so impressed with the "model/actress" that he sent a private jet to fly her to his star studded birthday party in Vegas back in March.

Supposedly, Melanie saw the two making out like vampires in the VIP and vented her frustrations out on Bow Weezy who promptly took back his AMEX Black card on the spot.

Okay, I made that last part up. But I'm not totally convinced that Melanie is out of the picture. I know for a fact that the two love birds were together in a Florida hotel room just two weeks ago. So Dollicia better keep her options open.

More pics of Dollicia after the break

  • Hotstuff

    She'll leave him as soon as she gets her first offer to do something she's only fucking with him b/c she knows blogs like this will show her pretty pics and give her exposure

  • Hotstuff

    Oh Snap did I get 1st....

    Yeah on a post that really doesn't matter....

  • iyonah

    LOL @ Hot stuff ... Its exposure for her though. People who read blogs are taking note.

  • ChokLitFactory

    LOL @ this post, Sandra: "Bow Wow promptly took back his AMEX Black card!"

    Yah, I seen this chick in KING as their Eye Candy. She's half-Black and Italian. I heard on some other blog that she was kickin it with Jamie Foxx tho. I don't really believe this story, this lady looks like too much for Bow Wow to handle...

  • ldorisca

    She looks too old for him.

  • jadecool

    He should know that any female who even looks at him is wanting his money and not with him for his looks or personality...or height.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    She actually looks like a better version of Karrine Steffans....Anyhoo....she does NOT want BOW WOW and thats obvious he can dream on..cause the minute one of those big time rappers in the A see this post (which they do find time to read..TRUST) they will be sending Kudos to this bIYATCH on MYSPACE!!!

  • heartbreaker

    They have recent pictures of her floating around the net with Jamie Fox feeling her up... They claim that she's his smash??? I guess ain't no fun if the little hommies can't have none!

  • aqtpie

    Wait I thought she was with Jamie Foxx.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Dollicia's options are open Sandra...she was with Jamie Foxx not too long ago.

    I swear these girls gonna get it by all means necessary...they ain't thinking about all those other chicks ole' boy is dating, all they concerned with is the money.


    i read about her on Necole Bitchies blog last week. dunno if this is true tho, bow and her dating. but home girl is baaaaaaad. she hot. no doubt. and if it is true, she don't want him. all these pretty gurlz dating these lil rappers is a game, a joke, publicity stunts. whatever...

  • 2bme

    ok i didnt think i was completely crazy I knew that last picture looked eerily familiar..she does look a lot like karrine(can't be a good thing) oh and hotstuff..don't start none won't be none with that first mess..not on this site please


    @ Krysi - yes the same one

    SO TRUE!!!!

  • brwnsugga4you

    word is this is jamie foxx's girlfriend and bow-wow is an admirer. i don't think she's checking for bow-wow.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    And how do you expect a man like Carmelo to pass up a broad like this leaving nothing to his imagination but the happy family he left at home.......If La La hadn't had his child he probably would have nutted in somebody like this woman who intentions are MONEY no LOVE, NO RING...just dollahs and the baby would probably be put off on a great aunt who will be hired for a nanny...while she gets knocked up by another N*GGA FOOL...who doesn't want to settle down with a GOOD woman, who wants to be a mother instead of a slot machine!!!

  • milly

    Really her and Bow wow...I'm stunned

  • SnootyPooty1

    She is way too much for him... His pig in the blanket is not the business. LOL. I am sure she appreciates the exposure though. She is a bad chick.

  • aqtpie

    Damn I forgot to add she is a bad a$$ chick.

  • gemini83

    Uh out Lola!

  • 2Unruly

    one thing I always lacked...a kuhPOW like, but I made up for it in every other

  • kpakpando

    Gosh she screams "Escort!!!" to me.

  • Maxdan

    Hahahaha @ #20

    I think she's a bad a$$ chick. But right now this is her "season". They've all been crazy about Buffy and Melyssa Ford but then the looks come and go until something else "exotic" is new. She is toooo GROWN for Bow Wow so with all her other options I'm pretty sure that's not where her train stops.

  • jadecool

    lol yall thought ciara was too much for him, lil homey couldnt handle this chick, shed be faking it ernight

  • jcroft

    It might not be about money - she may actually like him. LOL

  • Tmekio

    Is it just me, or does this girl even LOOK like she's in th SAME lane as Bow Wow??

    She looks like she PASSED him a FEW times! :)

  • Tmekio

    heartbreaker Says:

    They have recent pictures of her floating around the net with Jamie Fox feeling her up… They claim that she’s his smash??? I guess ain’t no fun if the little hommies can’t have none!
    I thought Jaime Foxx was seeing Leila Arcieri?? Help me understand.

  • Mia

    Dollicia? I hope that's her stage name.

  • Windycitychick

    @ Mia--- I was thinking the same thing!

    Also, when u take off all the make-up and cover her up I take it she comes out like pic #1, bcuz I can hardly tell thats the same person

  • ms.peaches

    I am not even gonna hate on this chick cause she is pretty but c'mon Bow Wow ain't checkin for her in that dept.!!! she probably just another chicken he can add to his list & as for her he probably just another celeb/rapper she can add to hers so I guess it works out or the both of them!!(lol)

  • pointhimout

    please. not buying it, unless he's buying her. i still can't see how he ever pulled Ciara.

  • hellava10

    I would have to see them do it with my own 2 eyes to believe it and even then I might have some questions.

    PLEASE Please please don't start that '1st' through '40' mess over here!

  • Maxdan

    BTW, adding 5 more cents.....

    Jamie Foxx dating her, I could believe it. For the longest I thought he didn't do black women at all. He loves white girls, ask his daughter's mom and I'VE SEEN THE PICS TO PROVE my "auntie" house. When he doesn't do them, he does strictlty bi-racial, Italian/Black seems to be his FAVORITE. Yeah, she's white, did fitness competitions and had an a$$ that would make the world jealous....Jamie got at her during Super Bowl (jewelry store) and they were "friends" until she turned her life over to Christ and dropped bad/men habits.

  • brwnsugga4you

    lol @hellava10 i just noticed that first sh*t..lmbao!

  • mjoylaw

    She is gorgeous..she's been in a lot of videos already. Guess she's tryna step up her game and get more fame or land a rich husband before her coochie is ran thru too much, lol. Bow doesn't look like her type but there are stranger couples that work, so I'm not tryna hate on anyone's relationship..hell Bow's wallet makes him tall and have a big if they like it I love it? lolz

  • Sharonda

    This chick actually been in the "Girlfriend" video, and she was in the Sean Garrett video.I don't think Jamie is dating her even though we heard she did.Get your hustle on.

  • London Marie

    I saw her in Show magazine and I've been trying to figure who she was for the longest! She's hella pretty. Reminds me of that chick Martin Lawrence married in the 90's. But wow@ you sandra! LOL @ the black card part. You're too funny. I doubt she ever had those priviledges. Bow sure gets around eh. I was wondering who was the chick letting him dig around in her boobs haha.

  • London Marie


  • Negrito

    Bow wow is a young successful and popular dude so he attracts a lot of women. He's only doing what every man in his position would do so I'm not hating. That chick is a dime.

    I don't know her personally maybe she's a sweet person, but she "looks" like the type of woman you just wanna have some fun with. If they're dating it's most likely not all that serious. Bow Wow gets to add another dime to his "I hit that list" (That makes his friends jealous) and she moves on to another celebrity and brag to her friends who she has dated and what it was like and bla bla bla.

  • milly

    Sorry but I dont believe this

  • 2thick4u

    She is linked to Jamie!!!

    I doubt she is fucking Little Man!!!

  • Bird

    It's amazing how many truly gorgeous girls are playing themselves out the be the jumpoffs of celebs. This girl needs to find a regular dude with a good 9 to 5, maybe a VP or something, to take care of her. First she lets Jamie Foxx violate her and now she is selling out for teeny tiny Bow Wow. Regular guys make wives of their trophys. Black celebs, not so much.

  • T.Michelle

    So evidently this DOLLICIA chick gets around because she was dating Jamie Foxx two months ago! WOW!

  • Hotstuff

    First off I'd like to say THERE GOES ANGEL LOLA'S CAREER (HOPEFULLY)
    And once she gets her first mag/video gig she'll be through with Lil' Bow Weezy

    Oh and 2Bme...fall back b/c everybody who gets that first slot says "first"...don't get hostile cause I beat you to the punch...SORRY SWEETIE

    Jamie and Laila been over years ago...I'd say right before he got that Oscar.

  • 2bme

    ^^^nothing to fallback on..if you notice no one else says "first" on this me I don't care to be the first person to post on a blog just for the acknowledgement, adults dont need to do that "sweetie" nor am i a follower of what other people were on that limb on your own..I was simply alerting you to something you obviously weren't aware if you want to take it there on something this petty, knock yourself out..but just like you being the only one to say "first" on this blog, assuming it's the same as other'll also be the only arguing..with yourself..toodles


    She is absolutely gorgeous and if Bow Wow is hittin' it. Get it Bow. I doubt it, but you never know. Dollicia is definitely MAJAH!

  • Hotstuff

    You cared enough to say something...but it totally fell on death ears...SMOOCHES!!!