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Yesterday, while I was sleeping, it seems the entire world was in an uproar over a photo of Disney star Miley Cyrus with her back out on the cover of Vanity Fair.

The photo was taken by noted celebrity photographer Annie Liebowitz, whom I idolized in my college days - nowadays, not so much.

Maybe it's due to her advancing age, but lately Annie's photography has taken on the look of painterly movie posters. She's lost that edge that made her work stand out from the crowd - and she's fallen victim to the hype machine that drives a once-thriving industry which now finds itself having to compete with the Internet and blogs for readership.

The "controversial" cover picture of Miley is in fact a smoke screen designed by Vanity Fair editors (and Annie) to attract just the type of attention the picture is now getting.

Are our collective memories so short that we've forgotten the racist LeBron James "King Kong" cover controversy whipped up by these same cohorts?

As you can see from the photo at right, Miley is "wearing" the alleged bed sheet and she's also wearing pants so she is clearly not naked.

Last week I posted a video showing teen rapper Souljah Boy humping on his hype man in a sexually suggestive manner. Where was the uproar over that video which bordered on child porn?

So let's not waste another moment on this non-story about Miley Cyrus and get back to real gossip.

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Just because you're on a tight budget doesn't mean you can't afford trendy maternity clothes just like the stars! Tiny's cute maternity clothing can be found at affordable prices at online boutiques such as Bellablumaternity.com.

Target sells cute jeweled flat sandals for $19.99. Add a pair of stretch denim leggings for less than $100 at Glimpse.com, and anywhere you go, you and your baby will arrive in style!

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 12:02:38
From: [Name removed]
To: sandra@sandrarose.com
Subject: Tiny's Baby Shower

Hey Sandra Rose,

I am a loyal reader of your site, and I wanted to email you to let you know the baby shower that Tiny had was thrown by Kandi Burruss, her former [Xscape] bandmate. I just wanted to make sure that it was known because sometimes the media makes it seem as if these girls do not get along with each other. Both are very very nice people and surely get along. Now those Scott sisters are a different story.

For those of you who indulge in the lifestyles of the rich and famous - unlike myself who shuns material things. Awww, look at Shaniah! Isn't she a cutie? JD is such a good daddy because Shaniah is so not spoiled.

On the other hand, it's interesting to see JD's newest phenom PhatFffat (I like that name, dammit) with her head buried in her laptop and hand held mobile PC. Lawd, I hope that child isn't addicted to the Internets at such a young age.

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Thanks to the Music Man Online, Andrew Silberstein for hitting us up with these images from Lil Mama's next video "What It Is (Strike A Pose)" featuring T-Pain.

Lil Mama's album Voice of the Young People features production by T-Pain, Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch, & The Runners. The album drops tomorrow, April 29th.

The video was shot in New York by Director R. Malcolm Jones and the photos were taken by Photographer John Ricard.

Tiny's daughter Zonnique aka Star is almost as tall as her mom. Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Baby Romelo and his mom Monica. Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Family and friends of Tameka "Tiny" Cottle held an elegant baby shower for her yesterday afternoon in Buckhead. The rain didn't dampen the evening as Monica, Kandi Burruss, Tiny's parents Diane Cottle and Charles Pope, Frank and Tanya Ski, Ryan and Kysha Cameron, LaTavia (Destiny's Child), celebrity photographer Derek Blanks, socialite Eboni Elektra, singers Truth Hurts and Sunshine Anderson, Tamar Braxton (Toni's sister), rappers Lil' Scrappy, Diamond, and more showered Tiny with expensive gifts for her unborn baby boy, due next month.

T.I. showed up towards the end to help his fiancee carry her mountain of gifts to the car. Oh, and my photographer Freddy O helped too. He so nice.

Trust me when I tell you that these pictures would not have been possible without the love that Tiny has for the readers of Sandrarose.com - which was the only blog invited to the party. So please show your appreciation and love in return.

Much respect to Tiny and Monica for the personal invite!

More pics later!

LOL @ the other bloggers scared to put these pics up. What y'all scared of? :) I'm going to take a wild guess who he borrowed that sequin dress from.

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You guys are too good! Yes, it's Miss Jackson being chauffeur driven around by her fiance Jermaine Dupri. It's very rare to see JD behind the wheel of a car. Especially after that near-fatal accident he was in a while back that most of you never heard about.

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For those waiting anxiously for the new Rihanna video for "Take a Bow" - it's over now! This video gets a standing ovation.

Shouts to loyal reader Kriss Kringle for the link!

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Naomi Campbell has a little less to worry about these days now that she's losing her hair. It appears the feisty model is suffering from a case of alopcia, a hereditary condition of the scalp that's usually brought on by stress or a stank attitude. Home girl needs to take a chill pill and go away for a long long time.