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I love Zoe Kravitz style. She’s fast becoming one of her generation’s style icons. Other than the fact that she’s Lenny and Lisa Bonet‘s daughter, I’m still not sure what she does. But when you’re a rich socialite, you don’t need a resume.

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Mariah Carey leaving a private party at Mr. Chow’s last night ahead of her companion Da Brat. What does Mariah have on? This is what happens when you have zero sense of style and must rely on a high priced stylist who’s idea of fashion is whatever she wouldn’t be caught dead in. By the way, Mariah and Brat aren’t dating in case you’re wondering.

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I totally agree with the message on Da Brat‘s shirt. She really does need to STOP. She’s becoming a bit of an embarrassment. She’s also looking less and less like Lisa Raye and more like the old Star Jones.

Will Smith eats on the run while filming his movie Seven Pounds in Hollywood.

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Orish was the twin sister of Irish (center)

According to Realgossip101, Orish Grinstead, one of the original founders of 702 (along with twin sister Irish), has died of kidney failure. She was 27.

Orish Grinstead, founding member of R&B girl group 702 out of Las Vegas, Nevada, passed away on Sunday, April 20th from kidney failure. She was 27 years old. Orish, who created the group along with her twin sister, Irish and big sister Lameisha, was what friends called ‘a good person, sweet, sincere, humble and full of life.’ According to friends Orish had been ill for a long time, and sadly, due to other medical complications she suffered from including cancer that had yet to be treated, she was not expected to live too long. I’ll post more details as they become available. But for now, my condolences sincerely go out to the Grinstead family, especially to Orish’s twin sister, Irish, during this time of their bereavement.

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The say prison life breaks people and impacts their lives so drastically that they completely change from the person they were when they went in. I don’t believe that to be the case with former inmate Inga Merchand aka Foxy Brown, who was released from Rikers Island Correctional Facility on Friday.

I think Inga is a con artist who wants people to feel sorry for her. She’ll play the victim role for a little while, then it will be back to business as usual. So nail technicians, guard your grills!

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According to People magazine, Beyonce and Jay Z finally got over their last minute jitters and signed their marriage license this past Friday – before it became null and void.

What took them so long to sign? Weren’t they were married on the 4th? Actually, I heard that Beyonce signed the document the day of the wedding, but it took some prompting in the form of a shotgun barrel held to his neck by Matthew Knowles to get Jay to sign.

Scarsdale Town Clerk Donna Conkling tells PEOPLE the license – which lists the wedding date as April 4 – was received on Friday afternoon. The couple applied for the license just three days before the ceremony.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a bad omen.

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I spotted this picture of actress Halle Berry on one of my favorite sites, The writer guessed that the cause of Halle’s armpit scar was a clogged sweat gland – and I agree based on the length of the scar.

Halle probably had a sebaceous cyst which is a very painful infection caused by the use of antiperspirants.

Without getting too technical, antiperspirants are plain bad for you and you should avoid using them. Here’s why: antiperspirants contain toxic aluminum-based compounds that clog the sweat glands in your armpits and interfere with the release of sebum from our sweat glands.

Sebum is that oily substance that waterproofs our skin and hair and protects them from drying out. If the sebum can’t get out of our sweat glands it creates a pocket full of sebum that sometimes gets infected and forms a cyst.

The pain from a large cyst is extremely intense and usually sends the sufferer running to their doctor for relief. Once you get to that point, the only solution is surgery to remove the cyst. The surgery itself is simple: same day, in and out. But in some cases the after effects can be debilitating and permanent. Some post surgical patients complain of numbness in their fingers and arm that never goes away.

This very painful condition can be prevented by avoiding the use of antiperspirants. This was your Medical Minute.

For more info on sebaceous cysts and antiperspirants, go here.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m hating on the youngster? Check out the action at the 20-second mark of this video. If you catch your son and his friends doing this, your son is gay. Too many other homo erotic signs within the video to mention. Check it out for yourselves.

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So Jada Pinkett-Smith unveiled her new side mullet hair style at Posh‘s birthday bash and stylists everywhere laid down and died. Instead of congratulating the sister for unveiling a sexy new hair style – everyone’s hating. Why must we always hate and tear down our sisters?

I love Jada Pinkett-Smith’s new hairstyle and I’m sure her multi-millionaire hubby Will Smith does too. In fact I’m going to schedule a hair appointment to have my tresses cut in this style. It takes more energy to hate than it does to love.

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Rapper turned entrepreneur Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of TLC held a meet & greet to introduce her new children’s clothing line yesterday at her Chase’s Closet Boutique in Houston, Texas. Proceeds from the new clothing line will benefit the Texas Children’s Foster Care System. NFL star Takeo Spikes was on hand to support his boo. The Houston flagship store opened in 2005, followed by Chase’s Closet of Atlanta.

See more pics from the meet & greet!

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Actor Tom Cruise‘s adopted son Connor Cruise is all set to make his big screen debut according to People magazine. Connor will play a minor role as a young Will Smith in Smith’s upcoming film Seven Pounds.

Connor, 13, has grown up around movie sets all his life. “Tom is so proud of Connor,” says a source. “He’s proud of him for really doing this on his own.” Connor, who is biracial, was adopted as a baby by Tom and his then wife, actress Nicole Kidman. They share joint custody of Connor and his sister Isabella who is also adopted.

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Zoe Kravitz is sporting the new fad among the celebrity elite: the grimy grunge style that’s designed to look like she bought it off a bum in Central Park. The look is unique dirty couture and can only be pulled off by a privileged few. Before you go in on her, remember that rich people can get away with this kind of style. So please don’t try this at home.

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I know I’m late with these pics of Rihanna from the Glow in the Dark Tour, but a loyal reader sent me the link to the pics yesterday and I didn’t have a chance to put them up. These pics are from RiRi’s performance at the HP Pavilion in San Jose on April 19. I love Rihanna’s neon pink costume. It looks like it was made with silly string.

Rihanna is currently on tour with Kanye West as headliner. The tour, which opened last Wednesday, also features N.E.R.D., and Lupe Fiasco

While in Seattle, Washington, Rihanna checked into the Alexis Hotel with her toy poodle, Oliver. According to The Seattle Times’ Girlabouttown, Rihanna inquired at the desk about grooming for her dog.

The helpful hotel employee suggested Kristi’s Grooming Co. on Capitol Hill, which reportedly stayed open late to accommodate the singer. Rihanna was so pleased with the hotel’s concierge service that she left a personal thank-you note on his desk. That was so sweet of her!

See more pics after the break!

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You might notice that I don’t always post the same stories that other blogs post. That’s because 9 times out of 10 I just don’t care. Coons like Kanye West especially gets no love from me unless he just put an album out (I love his music).

I realize some of you do care about the breakup of the bisexual and his beard Alexis Phifer. So here you go:

    Rapper Kanye West and his fiancée of a year and a half, designer Alexis Phifer have broken off their engagement, Phifer confirms to PEOPLE.

    “It’s always sad when things like this end, and we remain friends,” Phifer tells PEOPLE. “I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.”

    Phifer was spotted on the red carpet sans her engagement ring at an “Evening in Vogue” event on Thursday night in New York, where her clothing line, Ghita, was featured.

    “They’d been having problems,” a pal of West’s says. “Kanye is really focused on his show; he’s putting everything into the show right now. Alexis is a nice girl, but Kanye has been going through a rough time. They hit a rough patch and for now they’ve split.” (Source)