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I don't know who she is, but Claudia Jordan must be important. She was able to attract at least one A-lister to her 35th birthday party in Los Angeles yesterday.

Chudney Ross (Diana's daughter), Carla Dibello, Kim Kardashian and Melanie Thornton (Bow Wow's boo)

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth got plenty of mileage out of her newly minted coins.

Actress Kyla Pratt is so classy. I love her matching metallic bag and shoes.

I bet director F. Gary Gray's bloodshot eyes has a story to tell

  • kpakpando

    She's a deal or no deal girl isn't she? But what A-lister are you talking about?

  • Yanaja

    She was allegedly "dating" Puffy at one point, not too long ago...

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    DAMN, time has passed and Gary has gotten old....he looks nothing like i remember on "Set It Off." Kyla Pratt is dressed very cute, the shoes are definitely on point!!

  • pinky2083

    She is on deal or no deal. Love that show!

  • pinky2083

    Oh and Sandra I know you aren't saying that Kim K is the A-lister!!

  • Hotstuff

    Hell no Kim K is not the A-Lister I'm hoping she was talking about Gary Gray!!!!

    Claudia is the model from "Price is Right and Deal or No Deal", more of a model and not a celeb but, she looks great for 35.

    Love Kyla's shoes...When is she gonna start doing shows again...I really hated the way they ended One on One made me really want to know what happened with her and Ray J's character.

    Everyone looks good though on a good note even Omarosa!

  • Tmekio

    "Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth got plenty of mileage out of her newly minted coins".
    Am I the only one that's NOT feeling her???? Please Advise!


    I believe she also co-hosts with Jamie Fox on his satellite radio show, "The Fox Hole". Cute.


    Omarosa's boobs look weird.
    Kyla Pratt is so cute!
    Claudia is cute. I watched a special on Deal or No Deal (didn't know she was one of those girls) but i found out that those girls make 6 figures and only work 5 days a dang month just holding up suitcases and looking fly! WTH?!! Shoot i guess i gotta loose weight...if she's 35 and can do it then so can i! Deal or no deal here i come babeeeeeeeeeee!!!


    chudney is so F U C K I N G ugly and im so surprised kim is turned around poking her azz out, its rare u see her face in pics, since her azz is so famous,lol literally

  • ATLien

    Is shoes a bad word today??? Anyway...Kyla's S.h.o.e.s...are the ish! :-?

  • Mia

    @ ~ LMAO. You summed up my comments perfectly.

  • cupcakes

    @Tmeko - I'm with you, Omaroscary needs to go sit down!! And those boobs need to be put back where she got them!!! LMAO!!


    i've got some goooooooooooood years before i'm 35! so a lil bitta weave, lipo, and lipstick and i'll be standing up there smiling too...saying..."No deal!" Hahaaaa!! ;)

  • Slimlady727

    Omarosa was on Plastic Surgery Before and After a few years ago getting her twins! She gave her mother a full make over and lord did she need it, she had a YUCK MOUTH!!

  • 2thick4u

    I love that first picture Sandra!!!

    What A-Lister showed up?!!!

  • STONEY605

    Cute girl but i listen to her on Jamie Foxx Show on sirius radio and she has a very bad mouth a BIG turnoff

  • 2bme

    These Z list celebrities are getting out of hand..

  • hellava10

    I'm sorry, Kim is really just not all that cute to me and black women have had 'groceries in their trunks' for years. Her ass in not important to me....but I don't like looking at her front or back. Does she have superfly ankles or something else relevant?
    Kyla looks cute, and Claudia looks great for 35. Omorosa and the 2 trapped game hens need to stop.

  • milly

    What A lister..did I miss it

  • krbinc

    omarosa got some nice new coins on her! like to taste those right therrrr!!!!!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    My, my, my Sandra you are probably right about F.Gary Gray the stories I heard about that brotha are straight off the hook!

    Moving on...

    Claudia Jordan looks very nice for her I love Kyla's look, she has grown into a very beautiful young lady!

    I like Melody's hair...the blonde look works for her.

  • Coop

    She also has her own show on Foxxhole radion on sirus and is part of Jamie Foxx's radio show.

  • NaturalNubian

    Kim K is looking like a light skinned Solange in that pic.

  • Negrito

    She is 35? I thought she was younger. Claudia Jordan is beautiful and was or still is engaged to Maurice Green (Former Trackstar and fastest man in the world, probably best 100m sprinter of all time).

  • greg

    I wanna see Omarosa's titties, and Wendy Williams'. I just love titties. Am I going to hell?

  • ChokLitFactory

    I assume the A-lister Sandra is referring to is Spike Lee whose pic is not posted here. Funny, this exact post is on Concrete Loop as well.

  • brwnsugga4you

    i'm confused to who the A lister is. kyla has really grown up. she's very cute. i wouldn't call kim k. or omarosa a A lister's at all....and omarosa always looks a mess.

  • dj_dceezy

    Who is the A-Lister fam?

    BTW, SANDRA, when are you going to drive the last stake into Gyants heart? The world is waiting!

  • candi got gushy

    Claudia got a wonky eye like Paris Hilton and she homophobic,the btch is 35 years old and cant keep a man plus i think she is a dikk crook and predator,on the radio show one them boys from B2K was telling everybody Claudia was trying to get him to cum to her room and he was only 16 at the time and she was 29.She admitted it and was still trying to get him to come over her house talking about he so fine.That Claudia chick is always talking shyt about REAL celebrities, talking about Keyshia Cole look like a toss up and always look dirty and Tiny look like a rat.That bitch Claudia is dirrrty all the dyck ran up in her middle aged ass. I know her wonky eyed,funny built ass be all up in forums and blogs checking the dirt, well here’s a good one about you !!!!Maybe you should learn a personality and get some class if you want people to like you or build a fan base like Jamie’s show. I love Jamie Foxx!!!!!!!

  • Maxdan

    @ #25 Yeah, I saw Maurice Green on tv with Claudia by his side....i was just wondering if they're still a couple. She's cute and I guess she's one of those model/around the way chicks who knows everyone now.