It's nice to see Sherlita still supporting her man, Antoine "Big Boi" Patton after all these years. She has her own business (P.Valentine Boutique) and her own cash, so you know it's true love.

All photos by Freddyo Exclusively for

DON'T ASK: Maybe this was Janelle Monae's first time attending a ballet. And maybe she didn't know that the patrons don't wear tutus and ballet slippers to a premiere. Then again, maybe she knew all that already.

I love Tichina Arnold's sense of style. She doesn't care if anything matches or if it's in season - she's doing her!

P.Valentine owners Sherlita Patton and Tracy Valentine

Tracy Valentine and friend

Joyce Littel (V-103) and Big Boi

Sean Anderson and Tichina Arnold

Sleepy Brown and Joyce Littel

Mychal Knight

Big Boi and Big Boi

  • Bsoul

    Sorry, but she looked like a Nutcraker escapee.

    *not snickering*

  • Terry .W

    Good Lawd Tchina - those shoes are jacked the F**k up! - lmao

  • Terry .W


  • Negrito

    Big Boi's wife is beautiful.

  • gemini83

    love Tichina Arnold’s sense of style. She doesn’t care if anything matches or if it’s in season - she’s doing her!

    -And she looks a HOT @SS MESS while "doing" her!!!! Just ghetto.

  • ladyrazor

    something wrong wit that gurl i keep saying that...aint no reason u should show up looking like u bout to go trick or treat this early in the year.

  • Smokie

    Tachina looks kinda full (of food) in the pic. No comment on the shoes because some part of me likes them.

    Will someone please inform Janelle Monea (or whatever her crazy made up name is) that her wacky clothes and hair will not get her any further than she is right this second. Her whole gimmick is just not working and I find it highly boring. She needs some drugs in her life. Or date a rapper. Something!

  • Smokie

    One more thing about Janelle - how OLD is this grown woman?

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    If that dress would have been maybe Ivory or off white like the color outlining the designs on the boots I would have let her slide maybe....but the pink is entirely too drastic and the whole idea doesn't make sense?

  • shunda

    lmao at Bsoul. The people at work think I am crazy I just snorted like a pig laughing so hard. I really need to do some work.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    You know what smokie, I was thinking the same thing, cause Janelle took it too far with that

  • Kymystry

    CRACKIN UP ... Trick or Treating ... whooo .. thats the nice verison of a Hot Crispy Fried Mess !!!

  • teecee

    i remember he and the fem freak came to our homecoming one yr. hes all of 4'11. lol

  • brwnsugga4you

    big boi's other son's mom is cute as well.

  • milly

    Big Boi's looks nice...everyone else looks a hot mess or bordeline hot mess

  • milly

    ***Big Boi's wife

  • MzDetermined

    What in the world is wrong with Jenelle I mean I understand if your trying to be different but she takes it to a whole different universe. That Ballerina get up has giving me a headache she need some fashion skills those bangs and that inside braid down the middle has been played out since 1988 which is 2 decades ago.

    Tichina the dress and the shoe's are tacky boo boo.

    Big Boi and his wife look good.

  • SRR71

    For those of you who did not know, Jenelle is actully performing in the show:

    Jazz and opera selections from Purple Ribbon members Janelle Monae, Sleepy Brown and Konkrete music will make up the score for the show.

  • NaturalNubian

    Pam looks a mess. I really hate that type of wedge on those boots and boot season is over!!! The fushia color and that big azz bow is a mess. Tacky. That Janelle chick is really trying to hard. Her signing with Puffy lets me know she has a screw loose but to actually think this (I agree with Smokie)"gimmick" image is going to take her places is crazy. She can actually be a pretty lady if she would take that damn pompadour, bouffant thing off the top of her head.

  • chat bout

    pam is a ghetto rat. her ppl let her leave the house looking like that? they must hate her. that pure fuckrey.

  • Sharonda

    Jannelle comes off real phony.Before this "i'm a alien from out of space" she never was even like that oh well.

    Sherlita is looking nice.

  • HunE916

    Sandra says:
    I love Tichina Arnold’s sense of style. She doesn’t care if anything matches or if it’s in season - she’s doing her!

    You sound as crazy as she looks!

  • maema

    I love Big Boi, but he needs a tailor. All short men do, actually. His jacket sleeves are entirely too long! Otherwise, good look!

  • HunE916

    @ Smokie

    When I first read it, I thought you said..."She needs some drugs in her life. Or A DATE RAPER [instead of 'date a rapper']. Something!"

    LMBAO! I was like, damn, that's HARSH! lol

  • shhhh

    Just an FYI, but Janelle Monae actually went to the school of New York Arts and Theater where she studied ballet and opera.

  • HunE916

    And? She still looks ridiculous! Like she went to clown school!

  • hellava10

    She's too old to be walking around like a broke down Tinkerbelle. Her style should be a No No. Tichina needs to do her with the lights on and in front of a mirror next time.
    Spanx come in all sizes...I'm talking to myself and nobody should hear me


    Um.....that was the outfit she performed in...


    Have any of yall seen her perform?? Thats Janelle's style, those who have been blessed to see her live adore her, weird style and all, SHE's AMAZING!

  • ms.peaches

    Yeah Pam does take it to another level(lol) but something about those boots are making me like them of course not with her dress!! Mary J could have hooked those boots up proper!! I will leave Janelle alone cause we all have our moments(lol)!!!!Helluva stop please u & Smokie are in time out!!!

  • sabrina

    Sandra Rose, you need to be ashamed of yourself... -- either that or you're really just not in the know -- or you want to bend the truth.

    Janelle Monáe was IN the ballet. This was the outfit she was ON STAGE with. And it's a BALLET. She wasn't there to support Big boi. again, She was IN THE BALLET.

    All of ya'll looking for true news need to head on over to a blog where at least they speak the truth. Grow up Sandra. or read a book.

  • sabrina

    Oh, and Ms. Monae looks cute.

  • brenden

    Well if that's the outfit she wore in the ballet performance then no big deal. We can be kinda Especially calling Tichina by her characters name. I guess it is what it is though. It's interesting Big boi put something like this together. Good for him for stepping outside the box.

  • brenden

    Tracey Valentines friend looks like an older version of me.lolol. He really does. Minus the ashy knuckles I'd swear that's my

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Big Boi's wife is so pretty...I love Tichina and those shoes are very cute!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Okay...those boots are very cute!

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