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As you already know, Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick, husband of actress Lisa Raye, is under fire due to rape allegations against him. But this is not a story until someone reveals the name of the female celebrity who lodged the rape complaint.

I predict every urban blog will go into a feeding frenzy when the name is revealed. Rumor has it that the complainant is Adrienne Bailon of The Cheater Girls, but I think it's Gabrielle Union. Does anyone know if either Adrienne or Gabby were in Turks and Caicos last week?

  • London Marie

    Hmmmm.That's very interesting.
    Can't wait to see how this
    unfolds. I hope it isn't true.

  • BayArea

    Myra Panache knows (Blind item for today)... And I don't think it is Gabby.

  • alana

    LMAO..Its not the "cheater girls". its the cheatah girls....

  • iyonah

    Its is a story of sorts right now. I wonder who it is too. I doubt its Gabby though. Who is Myra Panache?

  • mina

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's Gabby - we all know how she just loves to party and do whatever else she does. If it's her, then that's really unfortunate cause then it'll be the 2nd time she's been raped...

  • BayArea

    Per Sandra: Myra Panache: Gossip purveyor , she runs a blog: Very interesting read.

  • kogletree

    @ mina:

    I was just thinking the same thing. Being raped twice.... I can't begin to imagine.

  • Mia

    This is the first I'm hearing of this "story"....When did this take place?

  • brwnsugga4you

    i don't know..but the word is lisa has left the island and hasn't returned since then. i have a friend that moved their 4 yrs ago and it's buzzing down there...alot of speculation.

  • Bubbles

    politics and hollywood are a lethal combination apparently

  • MZN

    lmao@ Sandra!!! ha...ha... was Gabby there this weekend?...

    I feel sorry for Lisa, it just seemed like they wouldv'e been happy. I was actually rootin for them to stay together and not have drama... smh

  • brwnsugga4you

    sandra it's the cheatah girls that Adrienne is she also dates kim k. little brother...seems this is going to be alot of drama behind this one.

  • hellava10

    Wasn’t he also recently tripping the light fantastic with Nicole Murphy?

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    awwww man....Lisa and Halle get no love, In a lot of men's eyes they are the perfect woman...and yet they still have to put up with men who are never satisfied with what they have at home. I mean even if he didn't rape her, I bet Lisa got him to admit to adultry....thats usually what happens in those rapes cases. First an affair, then some delusional broad falls in love with someone's husband, asks him to leave her, husband says no, and then files a rape charge while evidence of cum is still left inside of her. sad.

  • blkdiamonn

    I love Lisa Raye because she seems to be a very savvy business woman, and used this relationship for what it was worth. She married him within a year, so I'm sure that she didn't really know what kind of man he was but, she knew he was the King of an island $$$!!

  • kwallace577

    all reports i have been hearing keep saying the female is a friend of lisaraye. which means gabby is closer in age to lisaraye than a disney star like adrienne. BUT lisaraye does have a daughter close in age to adrienne. so maybe the media got it twisted? at any rate rape is a horrible crime no matter who it is and yes it would be tragic if gabby got raped again.....

  • plushlush

    Sandra you are a lonely know good and well gabrielle union has not made these allegations....As a rape survivor the fact that you would try to be funny and reference a horrible time in gabbie's life for what who knows you dont like men so you dont want ludacris..what is the problem did gabbie turnyou are a miserable vindictive person and i will not be posting or visiting your site anymore and shame to anyone who has a daughter and visits this site.....for gabbie to come out and say that she was raped to help other women is are a loser.Sandra

  • plushlush

    your site must not be doing so well anyway seeing as how we are being redirected to several other sites before we get to yours what goes around comes around

  • Krysi – yes the same one



    MAJAH Drama on the way. I just hope Lisa stays strong. I really like her. Seems like she could be one of my homegirls.

  • 2Unruly

    I hope this isn't a case (if it is a story) of someone giving up the goods, then changing their mind after getting caught, or allegations of indiscretions were raised. Either way, not good publicity.

  • Bird

    The rape victim will never be revealed unless she chooses to come forward.

  • bahamachyck

    a poster from another blog who is from Turks and Caicos already stated that everyone from there says its Rocsi from 106 & park. It was during the opening of the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa . My husband and I were there that weekend also, but not for the opening.

  • Sharonda

    Lisa Raye was just quick to be name first lady.@plushlush, she just giving out what possibly info someone gave her.

  • candi got gushy

    Oh yes she will be revealed unles Lisa dosent wanna spill the beans. That island rules are different than the states.

  • mj

    Adrienne Bailon? Oh geezs! I can not see her agreeing to anything with this guy so if she is the girl, it must be rape. Just my opinion. And besides, she is dating that Kardashian dued.. She seems to be so "in love".
    And Gabby Union has been raped before so if this guy was dumb enough to try it on her then he will go down for his crime. Gabby will take him down hard one way or another.

  • milly

    The rape victim may unfortunatly get paid seems to happen a lot these days

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  • Bird

    candi got gushy

    It doesn't matter what the rules are down there. The American press will not reveal the identity of a rape victim even if they know who it is without the victims consent. And since this is their county's leader I doubt they will reveal it either even if that is something they normally do which I don't know. People who want to shame and out the victim will have to rely on blogs who don't adhere to rules of journalism. They also don't do much investigating so they wouldn't have first hand knowledge anyway.

  • brwnsugga4you

    bahamachyck Says:

    a poster from another blog who is from Turks and Caicos already stated that everyone from there says its Rocsi from 106 & park. It was during the opening of the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa . My husband and I were there that weekend also, but not for the opening.

    ^^^^^Rocsi from 106 & park????? ^^^^^

  • 2thick4u

    I will have to read the comments on Myra's blind item for yesterday.

    Iknow she covered the story briefly and it was a bomb shell!!!

    I doubt it is Gabby or the none-famous Chettah Girl!!!

  • 2thick4u

    *I know

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I hope its not Gabrielle she has been raped before...and this would just be too much.

    That man looks like he has power issues...and there has been allegations of him cheating on Lisa Raye. I wonder how she doing throughout this ordeal...

  • T.Michelle

    If the rape victim is a "star" there is no paying her off, money is not the isssue. Her body, her self-esteem, her moral fabric has been bruised and batterd. Whoever the lady is my prayers for strength goes out to her.

  • kamini

    I heard it was Monica Calhoun...not sure if its true, but that is what I heard.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    D*mn don't tell me he GOT EBONY?!!!!

    was it in room 306?

    Diamond - "oooh I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry....BLUE!!! help me 306, 306!!!"

  • candycane

    #36 lmao!!!! That's not nice