Jazze, Bryan Michael Cox and Polow Da Don onstage at R&B Live Atlanta last night at Luckie Food Lounge

Bryan Michael Cox hosted R&B Live Atlanta at Luckie last night

Singer Dionne Farris and producer Drumma Boy (Kanye West, Jeezy) attended R&B Live Atlanta last night

Singer Algebra performed

R&B Live Atlanta founder J Erving and a guest at the R&B Live Atlanta event last night at Luckie Lounge

Garner Circle PR founder Nicole Garner and producer Jazze Pha at R&B Live Atlanta

Nicole Garner and Keri Hilson

The founders of R&B Live Atlanta, l to r: Mark Issa (Mute Media), J Erving (J Erving Group), J Carter (Mute Media), Askia Fountain (compound Entertainment)

R City rocked the house

Photos by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

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According to Vivica A. Fox's publicist Kim Tumey, Vivica is looking for a few good stylists for her new reality show on VH1.

    Vivica A. Fox, actress, producer and fashion luminary, is bringing her celebrity style to VH1 for a new competition series ripped from the pages of the fashion magazines.The new series, "Glam God With Vivica A. Fox" slated to premiere August 2008, searches for the next great celebrity stylist who has what it takes to become the stylist to the stars through their ability to create a chic masterpiece using the three key elements of fashion -- hair, make-up and wardrobe.Each week the "stylista" contestants will be asked to compete in various challenges that will test their knowledge of fashion and style trends as they create the perfect look from head to toe. Those that fall short of creating that perfect look will have their style license revoked and will be sent packing. The one stylist that manages to rise above the rest will be given the ultimate reward -- the chance to launch a career by styling an A-list celebrity and being awarded $100,000.

Source: Kim Tumey
Kim Tumey Entertainment

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

An Atlanta man was arrested for impersonating a Piedmont hospital doctor. The sad part is his wife, who he met last year at a club, dropped him off every morning at Piedmont hospital (he didn't have a car?)

Two things she did wrong: 1) she married a guy she met in a nightclub, 2) she married a guy who couldn't scrape two coins together to buy his own transportation. Atlanta is full of losers like this guy who hook up with desperate women willing to take care of them. Stop enabling these LOSERS, ladies!

Thanks to loyal reader Divababy for the tip!

The woman who prosecutors say could blow the R. Kelly child molestation case wide open returned to Atlanta yesterday after her scheduled testimony was delayed for two days.

Lisa Van Allen, 27, is the prosecution's star witness who allegedly had a three-way sexual encounter with Kelly and the 13-year old girl at the center of the case against Kelly. Allen is expected to return to Chicago to testify on Monday.

Allen's testimony was delayed because the defense flew in a witness from Atlanta who, according to the judge, could undermine her credibility.

The defense witness, Damon Pryor, arrived in Chicago on Wednesday night at the expense of R. Kelly. Once in Chicago, Pryor refused to give the prosecution his Social Security number for a background check to verify he is who he says he is.

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Looks like Michael Jordan has trouble holding his liquor. I'm willing to bet this pic was taken at a party where the only melanin in the room was Michael himself. You see, Michael refuses to allow any of "us" to snap shots of him when he's partying in black clubs.

That's why you never see him partying with "us". Oh, but trust me, Mike parties. He was in Atlanta last month partying every night of the week. But not one of "us" were allowed to take any pics of him. I'm not sure why. Maybe he doesn't want his corporate pals to see him slumming? That's typical of a corporate coon like Mike.

Shout out to loyal reader April for the pic!

(Photo source)

That's the question fire investigators are wondering today after Fiddy's Long Island home burned to the ground last night.

According to an article in today's NY Post, the case is being referred to the arson squad "because of the intensity of the fire, and also being that who belongs to the house."

    The blaze occurred just days after a heated confrontation inside the woman's attorney's office over the home. 50 Cent does not live in the home and apparently wasn't there at the time.

    Six people inside the Dix Hills home were taken to a hospital suffering smoke inhalation. Police later said they were treated and released. A firefighter also suffered a minor eye injury, officials said.

    Investigators from the Suffolk County arson squad were called to the scene after Dix Hills Fire Chief Larry Feld deemed the blaze suspicious. The fire was reported at 4:59 a.m. and was extinguished about 45 minutes later, Feld said. READ MORE...

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Producer of the Year Polow Da Don and singer Keri Hilson at the R&B Live Atlanta Event hosted by Bryan Michael Cox at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta last night.

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Producers Jazze Pha and Polow Da Don squared off at the R&B Live Atlanta Event hosted by Bryan Michael Cox at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta last night.

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Producer/singer/songwriter Bryan Michael Cox hosted R & B Live Atlanta at Luckie last night

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Jazze Pha and a guest livened up R & B Live Atlanta last night

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

l to r: DeVyne Stephens (Upfront Records), Ryan Glover (Turner Ent Network), Keri Hilson and Jazze pha attended R & B Live Atlanta last night

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

R City with Keri Hilson at R & B Live Atlanta at Luckie last night

Hollywood socialite Christina Milian added a touch of style and grace to the the Kari Feinstein MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge held at a private residence in LA yesterday (5/29). Socialite is a term I give to people who are celebrities for no apparent reason. We still don't know why she's famous, but does it matter in today's Hollywood?

The only thing keeping Hollywood socialite Keisha Whitaker from blowing away are her clothes. As you know, she's Forest's wife. I thought black men liked their women with a little meat on their bones?

Hollywood socialite Rashida Jones is an actress now? Okay...

Diana's daughter Tracee Ellis Ross attended Chanel's Concept Boutique opening in LA yesterday. Tracee is rocking the Christian Louboutin pumps. Here's a little secret: Tracee and Ludacris dated for a hot minute. Chanel is really stepping their brand game up in Hollywood, I see. They have everybody wearing their line.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty except where indicated

According to TMZ.com, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has agreed to pay ex-wife Dany Johnson $22,245 per month in child support for their 7-year-old daughter Simone.

Both parties agreed to pay $5,000 into a trust fund for little Simone that will go towards college tuition and other living expenses when she's older. The couple will also share custody of Simone.

Dany is no slouch in the finance department: she earned 700K as a financial analyst last year. Damn, smart and beautiful. Go Dany! (Source)

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

The rumors are true! It seems singer Clay Aiken convinced one of his BFF's to get herself knocked up with his seed ala Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe! Perez Hilton has all the juicy details:

    Clay Aiken has reportedly knocked up his best gal pal, Jaymes Foster - an LA-based record producer in her 40s who oversaw a few of his album productions.

    The baby is said to have been conceived via artificial insemination, cuz we all know the Gayken doesn't want to stick his pee pee in a vajayjay.

    He's much more than just a sperm donor, though!

    Clay supposedly intends to play in active role in raising the child due in August. (Source)

(Photo source)

Question: How many videos do we need for one song? The 1st version of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" video was interesting to say the least. But the 2nd version was hot garbage.

This 3rd version is along the same lines as the 2nd version - which, as I said, was hot garbage.

What's up with Kanye? Is he that arrogant and self centered that he thinks the public will sit still for 10 different videos of the same song from him?

Yes, "Flashing Lights" was a hawt song, but it's played out now. For that matter, Kanye West is played out now. Can we get another single off the album?

(Video source)

I'm very disappointed that my fellow blogger That Bitch caved to the pressure from Kimora Lee's henchmen attorneys.

Apparently, That Bitch got served over the weekend and she removed any and all references to Kimora Lee's preference for licky licky with her back rubs.

It seems Rhymes With Snitch exercised her constitutional right to freedom of speech by blogging about Russell's plans to expose Kimora's dirty laundry. But Kimora had her attorneys on speed dial, and, as the saying goes, they put the smack down.

Someone should explain to Kimora that she is a public figure and therefore open to public scrutiny. If she doesn't like people talking about her, maybe she's in the wrong line of work.

Guess which celebrity was spotted on Wednesday carrying a worn copy of Tuesday's USA Today with the headline 'Usher: Music will grab fans if lyrics don’t'?

See who it is after break!

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I'm getting the funniest emails in response to my Medical Minute titled Pain After Sex.

Judging from the emails I've received over the past couple days, just about every female has experienced the debilitating cramps that follow their orgasms - and they think they know the reason why.

Loyal reader Tayjon explains the cause and the cure in her email!

More power to you ladies for letting these mandingos use your uterus as punching bags! :lol:

    Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 04:19:31
    From: Tayjon
    To: sandra@sandrarose.com
    Subject: Your entry on pain after sex.........

    It is caused from air (which no chick willingly admits) or from having your cervix [beat up].

    Its really bad for you.

    Mine lasts exactly 45 minutes and it's the most excruciating debilitating cramps I've ever had. One time I couldn't even get to the door to let a guy out. I gave him my apt key and told him to GET OUT and lock the door behind him.

    Of course I got my locks changed when I could walk again.

    Now I know how to recognize when its happening during the sex so I can stop it from developing..... it's a very definite feeling and its not entirely an unpleasant pleasant feeling, but you'll start to recognize it and that's when you need to put YOUR LEGS DOWN.

    He's going in too deep, baby stop him before he hurts you.

    Some of us are just shallow.

As I told you earlier, Ludacris and Tommy Lee are on a mission to save the planet. The two are filming a Planet Green series called Battleground Earth for the Discovery Channel. I wonder how much green the Discovery Channel is lining Luda's pockets with? Call me a skeptic, but I don't believe for one minute that Luda gives a hoot about saving the planet.

Rocker Tommy Lee couldn't get enough of comedian Tommy Davidson at the premiere of the Discovery Channel's Planet Green event and concert yesterday in LA.

Bob Marley's oldest son Ziggy rocked the crowd at the Planet Green concert yesterday.

Rihanna is June's cover girl for Luire magazine. I've never heard of it either.

Patti Austin proves you're never too old to be a GRAND DIVA, baby! Patti performed at the 2008 Jazz at Lincoln Center "Spring Swing" Gala with James Ingram and Wynton Marsalis in NYC last night.

This photo of CNN's Anderson Cooper and Elmo is toooo adorable! Why do we love Anderson so? Is it because he's Out, Proud & carefree?

Photo: Splash News

Speaking of Out & Proud, singer Mario stepped out for a bite to eat "with friends" in NY's West Village last night. Have I missed that one photo of Mario stepping out anywhere with a female on his arm? I swear Mario is always out "with friends" that never seem to include any females in his circle. I'm just curious...

Photos: Wireimage/Getty except where indicated

According to Contactnews.com, Rihanna loves her sexy Glow in the Dark Tour costumes so much she can't resist taking them home. She says, "I like to push the envelope sometimes. It depends on the mood and the occasion.

"It's always fun to take some home. Sometimes I get to do that.".

A surprise witness from Atlanta is expected to testify for the defense at the R. Kelly trial today. The witness arrived in Chicago yesterday afternoon and was hustled away by defense attorneys. The man is expected to dispute a woman's claims that she engaged in a threesome with Kelly and the young girl at the center of child molestation charges against Kelly.

The girl who was 13 when prosecutors claim she appeared in a video engaging in sex acts with Kelly, has maintained that she is not the girl in the video. But several witnesses have come forward to identify the girl and Kelly as the subjects in the video.

the surprise witness is said to be the boyfriend of a woman who was set to testify against Kelly on Wednesday afternoon. The trial was abruptly halted at noon on Wednesday by Judge Vincent Gaughan before the woman could take the stand to describe a threesome she allegedly had with Kelly and the girl.

CBS 2 reported exclusively Tuesday night that defense attorneys claim the woman was trying to extort money from Kelly with false claims about that sexual threesome and even sought to have her arrested.

The mystery prosecution witness reportedly will claim she got tens of thousands of dollars from Kelly's people to return a tape of the threesome.

Damn, I miss Court TV.

New music off Here I Stand by Usher featuring Jermaine Dupri called "Chivalry". It's basically the same "I knocked up my jump off so I married her" mantra that Usher has been repeating here lately.

In more Usher news, mobile phone giant Sony Ericsson and Usher announced a new business partnership yesterday in NYC. The few fans Usher has left can choose between uploading exclusive ringtones, wallpapers and pictures to their phones or winning a chance to meet Usher on a video shoot, and getting VIP tickets for a concert.

Usher said he signed the 12 month deal with Sony Ericsson because: "Cellphones are the future. you can't live life without 'em." Wow, that's deep.

Atlanta's own Queen of Crunk Ciara pays homage to paparazzi and Vogueing in her HAWT new track "Click, Flash". Unlike a certain beweaveble diva, Ciara at least appreciates the hard work we photographers put in. I love the beat and the chorus! CiCi even spits on this track:

    I got my Kodak instamatic,
    I grab it and I kick and flash
    They grab they camera phones
    whenever I be switching pass
    So ultra fabulous, my jeans my jeans
    They fit me crazy
    Them boys be yellin' out
    You're beautiful, baby!

Click Flash by Ciara

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

As some of you may already know, loyal reader PYT_504 recently won the title of Ms Opelousas Spice and Music Queen at a pageant in Louisiana. Congrats to PYT! We so proud of you girl!

PYT got the chance to give a speech before the mayor. Her profile photo also won Most Photogenic in the pageant. According to PYT, the pageant honors the history of creole people and their culture in Louisiana.

I'll let PYT give you all the details:

Well the pageant was for creoles in Louisiana. It was based upon knowledge and history within our culture. Also based upon the knowledge and history of the music we listen to here in Louisiana which is called ZYDECO. (zah-dee-co).

It wasnt based upon skin color, hair texture, nor eye color as some people think that is what creole people are supposed to look like. It was not a beauty contest. I don't get down that mess. A festival will be held in my honor and also to honor the Spice and Music culture here in Louisiana. The city it will be held in is Opelousas, LA.

My official title is Ms Opelousas Spice and Music Queen. The other girl that was in the audience in the 1st pic is the Teen Queen and she is a white girl so having knowledge about the culture is not based on heritage. The festival will be held June 5th - June 8th!!! at our racetrack and casino.

I really don't like this dude 'cause he's an arrogant SOB. But I know most of you ladies like the men with the light eyes. So here's a story on Gary Dourdan from CSI:

Gary Dourdan pleaded guilty to two of the felony possession charges against him and won't have to serve any jail time.

The first charged against him, for having heroin, was dropped. He pleaded guilty to the possession of coke and ecstasy charges.

Dourdan will enter a treatment program and has to complete 16 classes. (Source)

Yesterday I wrote a post detailing a phenomenon that remains a mystery to most doctors. Over the years, many women have complained of a phantom cramping pain that begins about 10 minutes after they engage in sexual intercourse or oral sex. The cramps increase in intensity to the point where some women are immobilized with pain.

Yesterday I wasn't clear in pointing out that the cramps are usually brought on by the female orgasm - not the physical act of having sex itself. When a female has an orgasm it produces the same minor uterine contractions as women in labor. Most women don't notice the contractions at all after they have an orgasm.

After I published my post on post coital cramps yesterday, I received a handful of emails from loyal readers who experienced pain during sex due to a medical condition called endometriosis. Women who are diagnosed with endometriosis usually experience sharp pain during and after sex.

This is different from the post coital muscle cramps in the lower abdomen that otherwise healthy women have complained about for years.

For most women who experience post coital (after sex) cramping, there is no known cause or cure.

More Medical Minute after the break...

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Let's face it, Usher hasn't exactly drawn rave reviews for his acting. But if Usher ever fails at his music career he might have a future as a comedian.

Okay, I know this is one too many Usher posts, but his CD dropped yesterday and, well, he'll disappear from public view once the album bombs. So it all balances out in the long run.

Anyway, Ush made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live last week. But his comedy skit was cut because he misread the cue cards. In the skit, Usher gushed about his love for women much older than his 39-year-old wife Tameka. A video clip of that skit finally found its way to the Internets. I totally enjoyed this video. I laughed out loud more than a few times at his attempts at humor. I thought Usher was really funny - and cute..... did I say that? :lol:

Mariah Carey made a fool out of herself in Tokyo Japan when she threw the first pitch at a game and bounced the baseball off her own head. Okay, maybe not her own head - but her wild pitch went over the plate and into the small crowd that assembled to watch her sashay around the mound. The team mascot, not knowing who Mariah was, kicked her off the field. I'm kidding of course. Mariah was a good sport and the Japanese loved her.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Designer Christian Audigier isn't exactly a household name, but his name was enough to draw the biggest stars in showbiz to his 50th birthday party at the infamous Peterson Automotive Museum in LA last week. Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg, Mickey Rourke, Fergie, Pamela Anderson, and more were in the house. If this were 5 years ago, Michael's attendance would have shut down Miracle Mile in LA. But nowadays, nobody cares. Most of you will recall it was at the Peterson Automotive Museum where The Notorious B.I.G. attended his last bash before being killed in a drive-by shooting in 1997.

Usher posed with industry veteran Mark Pitts (Zomba Label Group) at his album release party. Michelle Williams, Gayle King and Busta Rhymes were the only celebs to hit Usher's album release party at Norwood in NYC last night after the "Sex in the City" Premiere. I guess nobody cared. I believe Usher borrowed his outfit from one of his stepsons.

Lil' Kim still looks blissfully disoriented as usual, but at least she's color coordinated.

I had no clue Sarah Jessica Parker was that tiny! Jennifer Hudson finally found the time to attend a "Sex in the City: The Movie" Premiere after missing the first 3 or 4 premieres. This one was at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night.

Mary J Blige and her faithful hubby Kendu Isaac also attended the 'City' premiere last night. Black love is sooo beautiful! Love the Chanel clutch and dress. Chanel must have had a fire sale because everyone is Hollywood is wearing the line.

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According to pre-sales estimates, Usher's 5th studio effort Here I Stand - which dropped yesterday - will be the biggest debut album of the year with 575K in 1st week sales. On the strength of his solid #1 hit "Love in This Club", Usher soundly trounces Mariah's E=MC2 which previously held the top seller title with 475k sold the first week out.

Most of us missed the boat on this one with predictions as low as 80-150k in first week sales. I'm sure Usher is somewhere laughing.


Usher appeared on MTV's TRL show today. Just after passing out about a hundred CDs to the studio audience (which most likely counts toward his overall CD sales), Usher went into a rant about people talking about his wife (again).

This is sooo tiring and bizarre. Does Usher have a PR company? This is the time to promote his new album which is about to do horrible numbers, in part, because of this obsession he has with people talking about his wife.

Usher acts like he's brand new to the music biz. He's lost most of his fan base with his unpredictable bitch-like behavior.

It's not a good look for a male entertainer to continuously show his feminine side unless he's on the verge of coming out. We already know his wife wears the pants in the relationship. Usher should make an effort to hold on to the last shred of dignity that he has left.