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Sometimes a woman has to handle her biz where her man is concerned. When Bow Wow's main chick Dollicia Bryan saw my post about Bow Wow's side piece last weekend at 300 Bowling alley, she decided to shut that down real quick!

Okay, I'm lying. But Dollicia was by her man's side at the Kanye West "no-show" after party at Jermaine Dupri's Studio 72 on Sunday.

You may recall I wrote this post on Dollicia and Bow Wow 3 weeks ago. Dollicia dropped Jamie Foxx when Bow Weezy sent his $300,000 Bentley to pick her up for a date after she appeared in his video.

Then Bow Wow flew her to his star-studded birthday party in Vegas on his private jet and it was on! Following the Kanye's Glow in the Dark concert on Sunday night, Bow Wow and Dollicia cuddled and kissed all night long in the VIP at Studio 72. So I guess it really is over for Melody Thornton and Bow Wow?

  • heartbreaker

    She's definitely a pretty girl!!!

  • h0tsauce

    Her and Jamie Foxx were NEVER TOGETHER....she was on his radio show on Siruis 106 The Foxxhole and they laughed and joked about it. They are not a couple..she is friends with Claudia Jordan and met Jamie through her.


    ok... why is his mouth open when he's goin in for a kiss? is he gonna swallow her whole? I'm pretty sure he sucks in the bedroom, but damn, bow, u cant kiss either boo? ur hand game better be fire!!!!


    and what da hell happened to him and angela?!?! wtf?!

  • ms.peaches

    Ok let me first say that every woman from now is no longer considered a jump off when Bow Wow is concerned I am officially calling him the jump off cause he is trying his damnest to be with any & every chick on the planet(lol) I think she is a very pretty girl but she did look like Supahead in that first pic...jus a lil bit & is he sitting on her lap in the second pic trying to give her a kiss(lol) OMG!!! Shad u still ain't grown in my eyes!!!

  • Sharonda

    Damn, Nick and Bow be pulling the girls, what the hell are fellas doing now?Can't hate, them doggy biscuits get you far.

  • Windycitychick

    He's not sitting on her lap, rather on the arm rest of the seat. AND he's whispering sweet nothings in her ear... NOT trying to kiss her.... she's trying to kiss him....

  • Mia

    Good call Windycitychick.

  • Windycitychick

    wait wait.... further inspection: it looks like he's talking to someone sitting behind her and she's looking for her next victim.

  • LAChick

    He is still in underoos...he should be dating every chick he can get his freakishly small hands on. Dang, what he is doing is what every dude his age should be doing, he just got the private jet and bentley to back that sh*t up. He sure should not be trying to get got but some video chick after his money or some hood chick trying to leave home, if he does it right, he will know when the one who is looking out for him comes along. Do your thang Bow weezy!!!

  • cupcakes

    And he needs to stick to jump offs that look his age and not his mommas!!!

    The chick may be pretty but the first pic is not a good look!! Trying to get too much attention with those boobs hanging out!!

  • cupcakes

    and the outfit is trifling!!

  • cupcakes

    further inspection...I like the outfit, just not on her. On a person less top heavy.

  • candycane

    How old is she? From Jamie to Bow Wow - Jamie is pushing 40, if he hasnt already crossed the line, and didnt bow JUST turn 21???

  • MzDetermined

    eeewwww... I wonder if bow wow's breath is stinky.

  • hellava10

    HA! It does look like he is trying to whisper something in her ear like "those 2 picnic hams are about to fall outta that top" and she's trying to slide in a kiss.

  • kitty4shigady

    she is cute and I heard that bow wow got it poppin in ther bedroom don't know how true that is but i heard that from a reliable source and i don't think he is trying to kiss her it looks like they whispering to each other

  • ms.peaches

    Im sorry the more I look at that pic...yall can't tell me that chick don't resemble Supahead it's uncanny just look!!!
    WindyCityChick, Helluva somebody help me out(lmao) just look at the first pic real quick!!! They related maybe not by blood but by sharing the same di**(lmao) Ok Im done on this post!!!

  • hellava10

    ms.peaches - she does have some superhead kinda apparent ways

  • bloggergirlz

    @ ms.peaches...they look the mouth! their mouthes stay open...

  • jadecool

    who cares? please post some real news we don't care what chick he is buying from a side street

  • Necole Bitchie

    I was about to come in here and say it but it's been already said. Sandra, you sure that ain't superhead?


  • brwnsugga4you

    she does look like superhead....and really. she's just another chick chasing that old mighty dollar. i'm sure if bow-wow..was broke..she wouldn't be checking for his lil azz.

  • brwnsugga4you

    okay...another close look at that pic...she really has the girls out...and her mouth wide open..just as i thought it always all the d*mn time and not just for

  • Zuley

    She is a cute girl my blog partner has the biggest crush on her. He is obsessed with her. Anyway I agree that outfit is not flattering on her she is way to top heavy and booty shorts?? ehhhh that is so out of style. And then top it off and mess with Lil Bow Wow?? ohhh the horror she can do so much better. Like Juelz Santanna mmmm now thats a man.

  • candi got gushy

    He is such a teenager,if she was dating Jamie Foxx why would she downgrade to a little boy? I know bow aint up there (stacks) with Jamie,but its gotta be the $$$ because he is not sexy, I dont believe he got skills in the bedroom either.........

  • sunny


  • AKAtastrophy1908

    wait a minute! Stop the press...this FOOL let Jamie Foxx go for Shortie Doo-wop? LAWD! She must have voted for Hillary because rational decisions have passed her by. We all know that both are serial daters but Jamie could have brought her stock up. Bow Wow is gonna have everybody pointing and laughing or saying AWWWW! She looks like Superhead...Enough about her. So Jamie Foxx is single? I'm gonna have to stumble up on that! ummm...I'm up to three now...

  • Bubbles

    She looks like a pretty version of Supahead lol


    @ AKAtastrophy1908.... Its obvious that u're AKA which more than likely means u're a beautiful black sister... Hate to tell u, but u wont be Jamie's type. He likes em pigmentally challenged, if you catch my drift ;)

  • Yazzmin

    I'm sorry but she looks like to much woman for my boy. But hey, I'm sure he's "TREATING" her like a queen. Get money! I'm not mad but don't get used brother just to have a pretty face by your side.

  • Yazzmin

    Then again, big things can come in small packages. Get it shortie.

  • bklynsjm123

    I dont know what she sees in him. He is a damn baby.

  • bklynsjm123

    On a side note, she is wearing the hell outta that outfit.