Kimora Lee must not be in a very good mood or she's not getting what Jennifer Anniston is getting.

Yesterday, Kimora set her goons attorneys on me to force me to stop talking about something that I thought everybody already knew.

I'm just a small time blogger trying my best to entertain my readers with a little jibber jabber when along comes an attorney from a large NY law firm threatening me. Is that fair? I don't have millions to defend myself like Perez Hilton does.

Well, I'll just put it in the hands of the Lord - and hope that I win the lottery this weekend. :)

  • katgirl33


    Don't be trying to sound all innocent.....LOL

    It'll be alright....I hope you win too....send me some $$ if you do...LOL


  • 2bme

    oh PLEASE..everyone knows she's BI..or is it because you put up the pics..hell she WAS married to Russell..if that don't make you gay I don't know what will

  • brwnsugga4you


    ~~~so sandra don't tell me they have filed some sort of order on you...or posed threats???~~~~

  • Terry .W

    Shes mad coz you be messing with her fabulosity and Djimon must have gotten mad as hell about her being with other women - ... watch your back SR

  • Kymystry

    Awwww Po Sandra .. Kimora ... is pissed that You didn't try to holla at her ... Don't be afraid of the big bag wolves .. After all there IS the First Admendment ... Freedom of Speech ...

  • candi got gushy

    So do yall think celebrities read this site or do they have site stalkers reporting what they read? I mean its obvious chick gets down with females,its 2008 Kimora do you !!!!(if you are reading this)

  • mimi08

    Kimora got a lot of nerve, ugly turkey neck fake a/s/s whore. She got lucky with playing on Russell's insecurity, that's the only reason he married her. We all know the issues some black men have with black women, and self hate. Kimora profited from that. She got lucky, cause she was not a good model. IF it weren't for russell, she'd be cleaning houses by now. Fat faced turkey neck goose. Deep down she's just a insecure person, faking fabulosity. I hate phoneys. She was born with a borrowed wooden spoon in her mouth, not a platinum one...she is so fake and insecure. She better thank her lucky stars Russell was retarded at the time.

  • mimi08

    P.S. the celebrities all lie when they say they don't read these sites...of course they do, the sites are primarily about them. They are liars, they don't want you to think you got to them, so they say they don't read them, but of course they do. I laugh everytime one say they don't, yet they walk around with laptops and things of that sort. It's not for business, cause that's what PDA's and blackberries, and other things of the sort are for. LOL

  • Ashunti


  • milly

    LOL..@ Sandra
    I hope you win the lottery too, because I know you'll keep posting regardless of how many threats you get.

  • kpakpando

    Ummm Sandra are you implying that Djimon doesn't have it like that? Because my sources tell me he has it and more!

    Anyways I love that Kimora is protecting her brand, her tenacity is what keeps her at the level she's in, regardless of what she did to get there.

  • milly

    But on a side note...Kimora needs to take a seat somewhere, she only responded to you because theres some type of truth to what was posted other wise she wouldve ignored you.

  • tina12

    Wow Sandra, you can win. Beyonce had to take out a restraining order against you for stalking, and now Kimora's attorneys are sending you notices to cease! You better get yourself together and stop all that hating!

  • bklynsjm123

    A hit dog will holler is what my mom used to say.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I love, Love, LOVE me some Ki-Ki but what is she mad at you for?

    When celebs send their lawyers out on only makes them seem guilty or like they are hiding something. Anyways, the damage has already been done and you are most definitely not the only blogger who has put her out there...

    Besides, what is she gonna do slap everyone with a suit that talks about her...if anything the damage has been done YEARS ago and she is just beating a dead horse.

    Well Sandra, I guess you have arrived gyrl...getting messages from Maneka and harassed by Kimora's lawyers! DAAAAMMMNNN know what they say any kind of publicity is still publicity lol. Tell 'em to keep your name in their mouths...they making you famous gyrl lol.

  • bklynsjm123

    Oh my mimi angry much lol. Tell us how you really feel.

  • 2bme

    #13 That was an internet hoax

  • brwnsugga4you

    i think she is going after the wrong person. try calling russell kimora. the story didn't just fall out of the sky....don't blame sandra for russell airing laundry out to the streets.

  • lajajar

    Sandra all I can say you is a mess leave that girl alone

  • blkdiamonn

    no offense sr...but, i don't blame these celebs for calling out bloggers for spreading rumors and gossip as entertainment. Bloggers just trade stories with each other and other unreliable sources, and post false info as if its the Gospel. It is actually slander, and if I was the victim of one of these bloggers and their fake stories I would be threating slander and libel lawsuits, too!!!

  • BayArea

    I love Kimora too, BUT FCUK HER! I love Sandra MORE :)


    she better back up off you!!! the truth hurts huh?


    sandra, take that letter as a compliment. kimmora reads your blogs!!!!!

  • aprilshowers

    HA! Small time blogger....

    More like afraid now.... got that ALLIGATOR MOUTH, WITH A HUMMINGBIRD ASS is more like it!! LOL

    I'm glad celebs are starting to blast out bloggers...especially the ones that spread evil, slanderous lies. That's not fair. :-(

  • Naima

    That story was out there before your website was even created, how are you getting blamed?

  • MsAmour22

    Lol @ Mimi08. She does have a turkey neck that she tries to get photoshopped on every magazine pic. She does seem quite insecure on her show at times & I feel that she hides behind her materialism. Very Sad.

  • bloggergirlz

    sandra, you ain't gotta lie to kick it! i don't believe anyone contacted u...slow news day huh?!

  • Sandra Rose

    brwnsugga4you Says:


    ~~~so sandra don’t tell me they have filed some sort of order on you…or posed threats???~~~~


    Her attorneys sent a cease & desist order by email yesterday. I guess I'm supposed to be shook. :)

  • KittyHummerKitty

    Kimora needs to sit her elephant neck a$$ down! Everyone knows that she goes both ways!!

  • KittyHummerKitty

    She better thank her lucky stars Russell was retarded at the time.
    Mimi, that was classic!


    I always say that when anyone reacts in an angry manner or being defensive, they are guilty or their ego is reacting. Either way, Kimora is bi and you had the photos to prove it and it got under her skin. Keep doin' you Sandra.

  • Zuley

    It's ok Sandra I got ya back girl. Kimora we already knew you like the kitty kat so whats the problem? It must have been true for her to react so fast. But you know I was so tempted to post it on my blog but I just forgot. I guess that was the Lord warning me cause I was going to go innnnnnnnn on that. That or my blog partner banning me from posting on gay topics LOL. Whatever the case how much you want to bet she won't show this on Life in The Fab Lane.

  • LB

    ok i missed it, what dahell did u say? she was bi? Hell i've seen u type way worse about way more famous celebs than her... thats not a compliment by the way lmao

  • musicluvher

    mimi08 is a tad bit bitter. Do you something juicy to tell?????

    Bump Kimora.. Do you Sandra!!!!

  • ELove

    Like the Majority I'm on sandra's side... F-K Kimora!!!

    If she's worried about her kids finding out THEN she should've had kids Glass-House-Living TRICK ;-)

  • TenderTeeTwo

    Although I really hate that you talk about Monica so much...i'm all with you on the kimora tip. I can't stand kimora with her fat neck! If she is bisexual, then she needs to be proud of it....Anyway, the only reason anyone wants her is for her money.....Truck neck butt!!!

  • Necole Bitchie

    Well, I’ll just put it in the hands of the Lord - and hope that I win the lottery this weekend. :)


    LMAO, you made my night with that statement. girl you funny..

  • LAChick

    Kimora please gurl, no one cares, not then, not now, not evah!!!

  • omina-homina

    Perhaps it's because she's currently involved in a nasty custody battle with her ex. The accusations could work against her in court. lol.

  • brwnsugga4you

    well sandra continue to do you. this is a great site. we all come here to be entertained daily...and leave our crazy comments. one of the fellow bloggers already said this...if your information wasn't true their wouldn't be a problem :)

  • Anna

    Kimora likes positive attention. Her little Lee Lee's will give her more hell than any person ever will. I have a mini me and I am so glad she is a mini me. It's ok to not put up with someones shit but also ok to remember ppl have feelings too. Kimora is way over the top too fab and wait a few years, it will show in her Little Lee Lee's.

  • tallie

    Kimora is so ugly, both inside and out.

  • free

    sandra, you have officially ARRIVED. forget rocko and tiny, you are hitting the BIG TIME now!

    if push comes to shove, i will sell some chicken dinners to contribute to your war chest, be the first to hold vigil in front of the courthouse with a FREE SANDRA ROSE t-shirt on, and will put money on your books each month when you go to jail.

  • blu_mango

    you know what would be interesting? if she dated snoop from the wire. :)