By now you’ve all seen the graphic video of shock jock Wendy Williams‘ hubby “Big” Kevin Hunter tenderizing some hoochie in a video that was emailed to urban bloggers from Wendy’s own email account.

Wendy Williams reportedly had some kind of meltdown yesterday evening – this, according to a few sources close to the situation in New York.

Despite the crescendos of “that’s not him” from people who viewed the tape but don’t even know the man personally – a man’s wife can recognize her hubby’s ass anywhere.

I’m told that Wendy kept her man servant Charlamagne up half the night last night emailing and calling bloggers to narrow down the culprit who sent the emails. Word is Wendy was highly upset and in tears over the video. After all, a diva can only take so much.

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Man, Usher really fell off hard. This new album of his is shaping up to be pure garbage! Peep this limp leaked track called “Best Thing” featuring old man Jay Z. Clearly, Ush needs to take the next few years off to raise his kids with Tameka because he isn’t hitting on anything with this new album.

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I didn’t know about this video until it was brought to my attention last night. At the end of this video Keyshia Cole does something very admirable by shouting out Mary J. Blige. Last night I received a 3-way call from Keyshia Cole and her BFF Monica who wanted to dispel the rumors of some kind of forced friendship between the two of them.

They said that at the end of the day they both love each other and they’ve been best friends for a couple of years now. So any other comments you heard on Tyra [Banks Show] were taken out of context.

Just when Zoe Kravitz was christened the new Style Icon of her generation, she turns up in Miami on Friday looking like an old Jewish woman on South Beach – right down to the junk jewelry accessories!

I was assured by someone in Zoe’s camp that she is not the victim of a hateful stylist. In fact, Zoe was asked to wear this awful Chanel getup by a Chanel rep. It’s okay, Zoe. We’ll let it slide this time.

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Kelly Rowland performed during the Cannes Film Festival last week. I’m going to need for Kelly to ease up on the liquid foundation. It’s not necessary when your skin is already flawless!

So rocker Tommy Lee and rapper Ludacris are best pals now? I don’t get it… EDIT to add this note from an insider:

Tommy Lee and Luda are doing the TV show Battleground Earth for Discovery Channel. Atlanta and Vegas were the last stops for their green challenges that’s why they are together so much.

A few days after Lee attended Luda’s Foundation Dinner in Atlanta, they were spotted at the blackjack tables at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Saturday (5/17) in Las Vegas.

Alicia Keys poses with Nick Cannon who suddenly finds himself on the A-list since his publicity stunt with Mariah Carey. I’d like to know what’s in AK’s Styrofoam cup? Maybe the rumors are true that Alicia sips that Purple drank? The couple met up at the Grand Opening of MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Ledyard, CT. on Saturday night.

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Newsweek magazine’s cover story this week examines the longstanding effects of mental illness on one American family. Click here to read the Newsweek cover story.

My bad, did you really think Newsweek magazine wrote a cover story on Nafiza Ziyad‘s American family just two weeks after a video went public showing her having a psychotic moment on a MARTA train?

I hate to disappoint you. You see, that would have been too much like right.

It would have shown that Newsweek‘s editors were sensitive to the wider social issues of the public at large – not just the segment of the population that looks like them.

Don’t you know that as far as big media is concerned, there is no mental health crisis in the black community? And even if there was – who cares?