Jacob Arabo also known as Jacob the Jeweler, was once the jeweler of choice for celebrities from Jay Z to Elton John.

Arabo, who designed Mariah Carey's $2.5 million wedding rock, was banned from hosting a charity event on Wednesday for NYC's Hale House. A spokesperson for the charity tells the New York Daily News, "Hale House completely disassociated itself from [Arabo]."

Arabo is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to money laundering and giving false statements to federal agents. He was accused of laundering $270 million dollars for the Black Mafia Family in June 2006. (Source)

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Recently, I wrote a comment addressing the fact that Monica's photo albums in my Gallery are the most viewed of any of my albums. Two of her albums have over 100,000 views each.

I'm not sure why American black females have such animosity toward Mo. My guess is it's self-hate America is a consumer-driven society. If an artist doesn't have a current hit record they are dismissed and fans quickly move on to the next hottest thing.

But rest assured that Monica is in fact considered a Superstar outside of America - hit record or not. Monica's fans are part of the reason why my site is so popular in other countries.

The following is an email from one such fan:

    Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 20:13:42
    From: Hagi Y
    To: sandra@sandrarose.com
    Subject: Hi Sandra.

    I enjoy checking out your site because you often post current Monica pictures. I was recently on your site again and noticed some new Monica pics with Keyshia Cole and others. Monica has always been a beautiful young lady but lately she's been looking HOT in terms of what she got on. And for all those people saying Monica is only known in the American black community, please let them know that Monica fans are all over the world, not only in America. I'm holdin her down in Canada, let her know we are waitin on 'lessons learned'.


The other night, O'Reilly was ranting about a video taped inside a Memphis high school gym that he considered shocking.

After watching the video for myself, I must admit I am embarrassed and ashamed for our people. I had to stop the video after one minute. This is disgraceful and I don't blame O'Reilly one bit for being disgusted by this. We can't complain when they call us animals. We make it too easy.

Rapper Bun stopped through Verve last week. Yung Joc was also in the house.

Notice how Yung Joc's diamonds reflect the light from the flash in a rainbow of bling? That's that real real. :)

Notice how the "diamonds" don't reflect the light from the flash? That's how you can tell fake diamonds from the real sh*t.

Yung Joc gets an autographed t-shirt from Bun B.

Yung Joc poses with his #1 fan, Tangie (V-103)

Photos by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Rapper Young Jeezy (allegedly) lost Keyshia Cole to boxer "Fake Money" Mayweather who was caught making it rain fake hundred dollar bills at Club PURE last night.

Is Jeezy talking about Fake Money Mayweather in the "I Luv Your Girl" remix?

Check the lyrics:

    Oh! He Bought You Dat Watch!?!

    Such a Nice guy He’s So Generous. . .
    (Ha Ha Ha)
    You Suckass Nigga You!

Thanks to loyal reader Jaclyn for the tip!

Here is the proof that boxer Floyd Mayweather is as fake as the $100 bills that he was throwing last night at Club PURE. Unfortunately for Floyd Mayweather, the wrong one caught that bill last night!

Also, word is that Mr. "I'm-worth-300-million" lies about his personal self-worth. He's constantly bragging about his jewels and cars which just goes to show he is probably "lacking" in other areas.

I feel bad for Keyshia Cole because she's allegedly dating this loser. Fred is a college student trying to make ends meet and this is unfair not only to him but all the people who caught Floyd's fake money.

The gas station employee kept the fake bill that Fred had, but anyone who wants to inquire about it call the Texaco station on Northside drive.

Now see, this is some real NIGGA mess right here! Note to rappers: If you can't afford to throw REAL hundred dollar bills, how about throwing ones instead?

A photographer was almost arrested at a gas station this morning after trying to pay for gas with one of the counterfeit $100 bills that boxer Floyd Mayweather tossed in the air at Club PURE last night.

According to the photographer (and several others in attendance) Mayweather's "boys" were handing him the stacks of hundreds.

There is speculation that one of his "boys" switched out the real hundreds for the counterfeit hundreds and kept the real cash for himself. I would be inclined to believe that maybe Floyd didn't know what his boys were doing, except that this has happened before!

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It was Girls Night Out again last night - this time, actress Vivica A. Fox joined Monica and her BFF Keyshia Cole and her family at Club PURE for a night of fun and laughs! Keyshia's family, including her adopted mother and sisters had a ball!

But the surprise of the night was when Vivica A. Fox told my photographer to take all the pictures he wanted! I'm told at least one person in her camp knew where the pics were going. :)

More pics latah! Thanks to Manny Halley for the personal invite!

Photos by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com