Okay, normally I like T.I.‘s fashion sense, but that hat and those cargo pants are not the business. Just kidding, of course :)

T.I. made some patients happy when he teamed up with Wheelchair Charities Inc. and visited the Coler Goldwater Hospital. T.I., former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young and former NFL player Warren Sapp signed autographs and took pictures with the patients.

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A concerned mother spoke with Channel 2 Actions News’ Monica Pearson yesterday about her daughter’s struggle with mental illness.

Elaine Sabree spoke exclusively with Pearson about her daughter Nafiza Ziyad, 25, who was arrested after a MARTA passenger videotaped her verbally assaulting an elderly passenger.

After an extensive investigation, MARTA police located Ziyad on May 8 in the Fulton County jail where she was detained on unrelated charges. Ziyad is currently being held in the DeKalb County jail.

Sabree told Pearson her daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 3 years ago. But Ziyad had been off her medication for some time prior to the incident on the train. “I was shocked,” said Sabree who told Pearson that her daughter was off her medication because, “She didn’t believe she was bipolar.”

The elderly MARTA passenger was identified as Mary Freeman, the mother of Morehouse head football coach Richard Freeman. Mr. Freeman said his mother was never angry with Ziyad because she knew the young woman was “troubled”. He also said the family would not press charges.

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In this old video, BET 106 & Park‘s Rocsi proved just how gully she really is when she called out 50 Cent and said his CD was “garbage”. She wasn’t joking either. Rocsi went straight Kanye on a brotha!

Solange and Beyonce appeared on a billboard overlooking a fashion district in Tokyo today. The sisters have been promoting the summer 2008 line of hot-pink handbags for Japanese fashion firm Samantha Thavasa.

Solange and Bey made history by becoming the first black celebs ever to star in a campaign for the Tokyo company.

Samantha Thavasa has a long history of using Western celebs in their campaigns. Previous stars used to promote the trendy bags include Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz and Nicky Hilton.

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Last night the paparazzi asked Jay Z and Sean Combs to discuss the knockout punch that dropped their industry friend Suge Knight. I’ve never seen those brothers look so shook. They couldn’t get away from the paparazzi fast enough! No “get well” wishes to their pal – nothing. I don’t know about Jay Z, but since when has Sean Combs ever been scared to open his mouth? (Source)

In a bulletin on his Myspace page today, Big gay Al Reynolds wrote that he married estranged wife Star Jones for all the right reasons, and he is truly hurt that the media – including bloggers – has said all those nasty things about him:

“I know in my heart that I entered my marriage with love and the best of intentions and leave it with great sadness that it didn’t work. “If you think you are having a tough day, may I propose you walk in my shoes for a few hours. “In my mind, it feels like ‘Dump on Al Month.’ And I’m not having fun yet. I have been called a gigolo, a freeloader, unemployed, a sham and many other things that don’t bear repeating. People on television, radio and the internet have spoken disparagingly of my life, my sexuality, my career and my integrity.”

Al, 37, also wrote that the media “barraged” his home, friends and family, including his 79-year-old mother, for interviews since Star, 47, filed for divorce:

“As much as I want to defend myself, it seems like a silly and futile exercise. It’s clear that the media doesn’t want to let the truth get in the way of a good story. I hate to ruin their fun. I take great comfort in the fact that my loved ones and those people who really know me continue to love and respect me.” (Source)

Hmmm, funny that he didn’t whine when the same bloggers referred to him as “Big Gay Al” for the last 4 years. It seems to me he kind of enjoyed the attention.

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A Manhattan judge sentenced rapper Remy Ma to 8 years in prison for shooting her former best friend in the gut. Her mentally-challenged boyfriend, rapper Papoose kirked out in the hallway outside the courtroom.

    The rapper Papoose exploded in a fit of anger outside a Manhattan courtroom this morning just moments after his tearful bride-to-be, Remy Ma, faced down an eight-year sentence for shooting a woman outside of a West Side hot spot last summer.

    “Get the fuck off me. Fuck ya’ll. Fuck jail,” screamed Papoose as his 10-person entourage restrained him and court officers told him to move it along and exit the hallway outside of Manhattan Supreme Court. “I don’t care. Lock me up. Lock me up. Take me to jail. Arrest me. It’s all about money.” (Source)

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Newly minted style icon Zoe Kravitz and singer Maxwell made a cute couple at the Agent Provocateur’s” White Wedding” at the Milk Studios Penthouse way back on May 6. Okay, I know they are not a couple, but still, I thought this pic was cute and somehow it slipped under my radar on May 6th, so I’m just now posting it. :)

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The mentally disturbed woman whose videotaped manic meltdown on a MARTA train became an instant viral sensation was still in a DeKalb County lock up as of yesterday, according to DeKalb’s justice system website.

Nafiza Iman Ziyad, the self proclaimed “Soulja Girl” – dubbed “MARTA Girl” by bloggers – was arrested after being positively identified by the senior citizen who was the target of the brunt of Nafiza’s verbal tirade on the train.

The above mugshots culled from Nafiza’s booking info online shows the progression of her mental illness since being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2003. The graphic video and its aftermath has been virtually ignored by the AJC and other national media outlets.

Do I have to say that if the elderly woman was white instead of black, the incident on MARTA would have been headline news for a week straight?

Need I say that if the old woman was white instead of black, the AJC’s biased editors would demand to know what MARTA planned to do to ensure the safety of “the public”?

IS THIS STORY in the AJC more important than the story of a young black woman who fell between the cracks of Georgia’s inadequate mental health system?

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Kelly Rowland attended the London Premiere of the much-anticipated Sex and the City movie yesterday. Kelly was working that dress! She proves once again that she was – and still is – the hawttest member of Destiny’s Child! :)

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Pharrell Williams hardly looked like he was wearing an outfit that cost more than most NY cabbies make in a week. Pharrell wore select items from his expensive Billionaire Boys Club line for his appearance on The David Letterman Show yesterday.

Rihanna and Chris Brown photos: Splash News

I love those shoes! But please lose the headband Ri Ri

I’m happy to report that no cameras were broken while filming Rihanna and Chris Brown out & about in NYC yesterday. We realize that CB isn’t happy being led around like a dog on a leash, but he’d better get a grip and stop beating up photographers. Maybe the rumors are true that he’s bipolar?

More pics after the break!

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