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I just heard from someone in Diamond‘s camp who informed me that Diamond is throwing herself a star-studded birthday bash on May 20 (next Tuesday) at Club E.S.S.O. She wants all my readers to come out and celebrate with her celebrity friends. Even though I know you have much love for Diamond, I’m turning off the comments. Stay tuned for more details!

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According to, Entertainment Weekly has just released this “official First Look photo” straight from the set of the Biggie biopic Notorious.

Lmao, this movie is going straight to DVD because it looks corny as hell. They might as well wrap this movie up now and donate the rest of the budget to children’s charities right there in New York. This is not going to do well at the box office.

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Last month I had a spirited discussion with an industry friend about who Tyra Banks was dating (she brought it up, not me). I couldn’t believe my ears when she insisted that Tyra was dating actor/playwright Tyler Perry.

As evidence she pointed to the fact that Tyler himself said he’s dating a woman “up north”. “Well it damn sure ain’t Tyra,” I responded. As it turns out, I was right again.

Several blogs have these pics of Tyra out shopping with her man John Uthendahl in SoHo, NY. And while he posses similar How U Doin qualities, he’s clearly not Tyler Perry. So let’s put that rumor to bed once for all mmkay?

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While she looked beautiful on the set of ABC’s American Gladiator today, does Laila Ali look like she’s about to pop to you? Isn’t she supposedly in her third trimester? I don’t think she’s faking her pregnancy but I do get suspicious when I don’t even see a bump.

Be honest. When Tiny was out & about and clearly showing last month, you got on her because you swore she didn’t look preggers. Now let’s see if you treat Laila the same way.

I didn’t believe this was a sport either until I watched this video of the athletes practicing their Extreme Jeans gymnastics. As usual, please leave this extreme sport to the professionals. For God’s sake, don’t try this at home.

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Yesterday was a joyous day for most Atlantans who celebrated Mother’s Day with their families and friends. Unfortunately, Atlanta was hit with another round of tornados that tore up some areas south of downtown which is still reeling from the last tornado.

Andre Benjamin’s mother who is affectionately called Ma Benjamin, lost her home in Fayetteville as high winds blew her house down. Luckily, she has a son who has the means to rebuild her home or buy her a new one. But our prayers go out to Ma Benjamin and anyone else who lost their homes.

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“Life of the Party” is not exactly a new studio recording. But it’s new to me and it’s a cute little track that reflects T.I.‘s kinder gentler persona. The only drawback is the pedophile is on it some DJ is yelling over the track.