Endgadget.com reports that a line 60-deep has formed outside the NYC flagship Apple store today. Was there a cool new gadget released that I didn't hear about? No, apparently these dummies have been standing on line for hours to be the first to purchase an iPhone.

Yes, I know we've been through this madness already. But this is a new 3G iPhone. Whatever that means.

I am proud to say I never succumbed to peer pressure to buy an overpriced iPhone because I am in complete control of my mental faculties and common sense.

For more information on the overpriced 3G iPhone, click here.

While we don't care much for the hoodie, we are LOVING Miss Ashanti's hawt new Louis Vuitton bag! Her new stylist is earning her paper!

Nick Cannon with the same Christopher backpack that Jay Z owns. Only Nick's is monogram and Jay's is epi black leather.

Edited: Raven-Symone is a Beautiful Thick Young Lady with impeccable style and grace. I love that color red! It matches her bag and shoes nicely. :)

Slim Thug purchasing Louis Vuitton luggage in Houston. I love black men with good taste.

Poor Usher must be losing it. The singer visited The Ellen Degeneres Show today and he seemed totally clueless to the fact that he and baby mama Tameka Foster have separated. Between showing Ellen his tired dance moves Usher said this about certain entities dissing his marriage:

"The opinion is that maybe this wife has come in and torn something down … she’s built it up even more now the foundation of who and what I am is even more. This stands for more what I want to see more of … I want to see more men standing with their women. I want to see more men be open and honest about where they are in life and that’s a lot of what I chose to talk about in my music not necessarily just about my relationship just about being vulnerable being honest … that’s the reality." (Source)

Four more witnesses took the stand in a Chicago courtroom today to identify R. Kelly as the man in a video engaging in unlawful acts with a minor.

Four witnesses identified the girl, now 23, as the one on the tape; she herself has denied she’s the person in the video. The girl’s uncle and aunt, however, identify her as the one in the tape.

The singer’s defense continued to push their strategy. They maintain the man on the tape is not Kelly and the image has been digitally altered.

“Something could have been done to put a different head on that body,” Defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. said, according to the Associated Press. (Source)

Photo: Sandra Rose/Sandrarose.com

Actress Jodie Foster stepped out for a stroll today with her home wrecker girlfriend, actress Cindy Mort.

Mort left her longtime girlfriend, thirtysomething actress Melanie Mayron, 55, - and their child - to creep with Foster.

Foster, 47, who prefers her women older, met the 51-year-old Mort on the set of a movie last year. The two cheaters have been sneaking around behind their lovers' backs ever since.

Foster is still shacking up with her longtime ex of 14 years with whom she shares custody of Foster's two boys. But friends say Foster plans to move in with Mort. What a mess.

(Photo source)

According to AOL Black Voices blog, Rihanna is set to make her big screen acting debut in 'Mama Black Widow'. She will star alongside a stellar cast which includes Mos Def, Macy Gray, Anthony Anderson and Kerry Washington.

Mama Black Widow is the story of a black Mississippi family's journey from the segregated south to the supposedly more open-minded Chicago in the 1930s.

The story follows Otis Tilson's struggle to keep his family together as they navigate through the big city strife of Chicago. Otis Tilson will be played Brian J. White ("Stomp The Yard') - and Rihanna will play Carol, Tilson's sister.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Fantasia and her boo Young Dro stepped out on the red carpet at the American Idol Finale last night. Could they be the most beautiful couple in Hip Hop?

Hate her if you want to but you're wasting your time!

LOVE the sandals, girl!

Mary J. Blige isn't giving up that blond lacefront just yet. She paid way too much money for it.

Someone should whisper in Amerie's ear and gently tell her that the crackish look only works if you're a high price model.

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When NBA legend Magic Johnson announced he had contracted HIV, many fans began to mourn his imminent death. But Magic has astounded the medical community by outliving his life expectancy.

Today, Magic Johnson's HIV viral load is undetectable in his blood stream.

How did he do it? By fighting the infection naturally with a supplement called Natrol.

According to Naturally Yours, an organic natural health blog, Natrol is an extract from the stumps of larch trees, which grow in Central Europe, North America and parts of Russia.

Natrol, which is marketed in the states as My Defense, is used as dietary fiber in food and drinks. But according to the manufacturer, it contains an ingredient called ImmunEnhancer which the manufacturer claims "can improve the body's immune system".

Whether such claims can be proven remains to be seen. While there is no cure for HIV, Magic says the supplement has improved his quality of life and he swears by it.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Thanks to loyal reader Sincerely addiction_005 for sending along these pics of Rihanna and her BFF Chris Brown drinking the night away in a Canadian pub.

Both teens are underage but my loyal reader sent shots of them getting quite plastered.

They apparently thought they could get away with it since they were out of the country - but prying eyes are everywhere! Maybe CB isn't a good influence on our girl? Someone get Tina on the line!

Sincerely also wrote that Kanye, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams were in the house.

MissXpose reports that MTV canceled the opening date as well as other major dates on the Making of the Band Tour featuring Danity Kane and Day 26. Supposedly the dates were canceled due to "scheduling conflicts". But I'm guessing poor ticket sales is the real culprit.

The Making of the Band tour didn’t even begin and already drama has surfaced. The tour which features Bad Boy acts Danity Kane. Day26, Donnie Klang and Cheri Dennis, was originally going to kick off May 18 in Lake Buena Vista, Fl. The show was cancelled along with two other shows and now the tour will begin ten days later at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. READ MORE...

(Photo source)

Singer R. Kelly took one step closer to the penitentiary today when a woman took the stand and positively identified him as the man in a video engaging in sex acts with a minor.

Simha Jamison, 24, also testified that the young girl on the tape taking money from R. Kelly is her best friend from childhood who was 13 or 14 at the time the tape was made.

Jamison recalls viewing the videotape at the center of the prosecutor's case twice before confirming that the girl was her friend.

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Apparently, 106 & Park co-host Rocsi had the hots for 50 Cent long before she called him "garbage" in a video I posted earlier.

In a recent interview with a radio station, Fiddy struck back at Rocsi saying he wasn't feeling her then and he isn't feeling her now.

According to 50 Cent, Rocsi started showing her true colors the moment he and Ciara began dating. "I knew this sh*t been this way for a long time. It's just it actually came out now," said Fiddy.

Fiddy spoke with the crew over at 93.9 WKYS and he basically put Rocsi on blast saying he knew of at least 4 "people" she slept with.

He went on to say he knew she was sweating him hard but he didn't have time for her 'cause, you know, he was courting a real lady...

Shouts to loyal reader Melissa P for the tip!

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Firs of all the paper is in Roswell - enuff said. the Daily Kos says it better than I can. Thanks to SpaceyG for the tip!:

The accompanying article is about hate groups in the area who are upset about Senator Obama’s candidacy and concerns the local authorities have about possible violent acts from these groups. The article itself is not offensive, but the cover is beyond the pale. As indicated by the article, there are some serious racists in the area, and Obama’s candidacy has brought out the worst in a lot of people. The last thing we need is a newspaper to suggest assassination with an incendiary cover such as this.

Please let the Roswell Beacon know how you feel about their irresponsible cover:

The Roswell Beacon is a free newspaper that relies heavily on advertisers to keep them afloat.

Below is a list of companies that advertise with them:

Carl Black Buick GMC Pontiac Hummer of Roswell

Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Holiday Inn Roswell

Harrison Motor Sports

Northpoint Office Furniture

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This is one of my favorite photos of Rodney "Lil' Rocko" Hill III. I'm posting it because today is Lil' Rocko's third birthday. He looks so cute posed in his daddy's cap and scarf. Happy Birthday Lil' Rocko!

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Legendary singer Tina Turner gave Beyoncé a wicked left hook and put her down for the count during a British interview yesterday. Tina told reporters that while Beyoncé is "elegant" she will never match her for raw talent and Bey will never be "rock n' roll".

Tina said:

"She was one of the ones that were sitting in front of her little television, her little self looking at the big screen when I was Tina in the Ike and Tina Turner days and she took from all the stars at that time.

"Diana Ross influenced her, I influenced her. What I like about her is that she knows what she is doing, she really did her homework and decided to stay elegant.

"She's not rock 'n' roll - she's totally elegant. Unless you're rock 'n' roll from the heart you can't mimic that. The stance, the movements, it has to come from the inside."

Okay, I'm feeling this song mainly because Solange aka Sol-Angel isn't straining her vocals on this track.

On her other tracks off her upcoming CD Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dream, Solange tries too hard and it sounds forced. That comes from years of Sol listening to her sister Beyoncé do it the wrong way.

And to think I was ready to give this CD coaster status when I heard she was in the studio a few months back. :)

The 13th Annual Bermuda Music Festival boasts a hawt lineup this year! The headliner is Alicia Keys who will share the stage with Beyoncé and her sister Solange. Playing second fiddle must feel strange to Bey, but we're sure she will adjust quickly!

The Music Festival is scheduled to kick off on October 1st and wind down on the 4th.

Other celebs in the lineup includes Steve Harvey, Lyfe Jennings, The Whispers, UB40 and Aaron Neville. Tickets go on sale at 5AM on Thursday. You can book your tickets online here or call 1-800 Bermuda.

Thanks to loyal reader and Bermudian Millissa for the tip!

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

The child custody battle between Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee just got a little more interesting - at least to me.

According to That Bitch, Russell has threatened to reveal Kimora's past lesbian sexcapades if she doesn't play nice. But these idle threats have been made before. My regular readers know of at least two women Kimora allegedly "kept" in upscale Manhattan apartments while she was married. But are there more women? Does anyone care at this point?

Photos: Wireimage/WENN/Sandrarose.com

Awww, here's a cute pic of Baby Daniel showing his daddy he can count to two. Just kidding y'all. You know Sandra loves the kids! Baby D aka Juelz, was spotted at courtside with his dad Big D at a basketball game at Texas Southern University on Saturday . Mommy is Beyoncé's sister Solange.

(Photo spotted at Crunktastical.net)

Tommy Lee and Ludacris invited fellow minded environmentalists to explore water conservation in Las Vegas by staging a communal shower. As part of the new Planet Green series, BATTLEGROUND EARTH, Tommy Lee and Ludacris travel across the country to raise awareness about the essentials of being eco-friendly. They are trying to set the Guinness World Record for the 'Worlds Largest Group Shower' in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Tommy Lee, Ludacris and their "eco-rages", invited hundreds to shower with a friend and save water.

I'm all for saving the planet, but seriously, doesn't Luda look like a fish out of water?

Photo: Splash News

Rapper Bun B attended a private listening party for his new CD "II Trill" with his wife Queenie and grown kids at a Louis Vuitton store in Houston yesterday. Notice the lack of fake jewelry around his neck? I learned yesterday from a celebrity that rappers have "copies" of their jewelry made for when they are slumming. That's why 90% of the sh*t looks fake. If I have to wear something fake I'd rather not wear it at all. Bun B's real name is Bernard Freeman, by the way.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Usher taped a promo for MTV in NYC on Sunday and his wife Tameka Foster Raymond was in attendance. I'm concerned that Usher is still hiding his baby son under blankets. Can someone explain that rationale to me? And where are the rest of Tameka's children? I take that back: I see one of Tameka's sons in the trailer. I knew she was a good mommy.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty