Since we're talking animals this morning (or the lack hereof) I decided to post this viral video which has over 32 million views on YouTube.

That's more views than Beyoncé and Chris Brown put together!

In this video, a baby buffalo is being eaten alive by cowardly lions when one buffalo decides to step to the plate and man up. The next thing you know, a lion goes airborne and the chase begins! You have to watch the entire video to appreciate the beauty of it. :)

  • milly

    LOL damn,,,forget the WWF this is what I call a tagg team lmao

  • 2thick4u


    This is hilarious!!!

  • 2bme

    I LOVE it..they came back GANGSTA and shook the lioness..(I think those were the females, look too big for cubs)..uh uh you BYTCHES..NOT today! lol

  • Nikki

    If only people would stick together like that!

  • Bsoul

    A fiend of mine sent me this YouTube clip last year--sans an explanation. As I began to watch, I was thinking 'why is he sending me this when he knows I don't watch wild animals eat other wild animals?'.

    Strangely though, something wouldn't let me stop watching.I was rooting my butt off for the baby. Oh, did you guys see the crock or 'gator creeping up in the picture too?

    We could take a lesson from these animals; stick together against our foes. Alas, we don't...sometimes we send our own to the lions.

  • Bsoul


  • D.Ortiz

    did the baby live ?

  • cutienjerzey

    I was amazed at this. I couldn't believe it. They came back deep as HELL and through all of that the baby buffalo was still alive and was set free. Ahwwwww

  • BayArea

    Thanks for sharing this video Sandra!!! It was great. I could not believe how deep those buffalos came back!

  • MsAmour22

    That was awesome!

  • tallie


  • lovejoy1

    this was very interesting.thanks for sharing i havent seen it but i saw part of it on a commercial. But i have to say that this reminds me of my family. When one get jump, trust me the whole family coming to throw down.. Boy do i miss those young days.. lmao

  • LeLe

    I loved this video too! The fact that it started out looking like the Mom, Dad and baby buffalo. And after the lionesses got ahold of the baby, the Mom and Dad buffalo went and brought back the WHOLE buffalo clan and rescued their baby. That was great. Never saw this before. I hope the baby is still alive today. ;)

  • Island Princess

    I was sad when they caught the baby. That was messed up when they were fighting over the baby in the water. The baby's people came back deep. Only if it was like that in the hood. He was a little trooper, he walked away from all of that shit. I thought he was gone. You loose aliiagtor and tigers!

    This video should be shown to all of the niggaz who shit on their people!

  • AlwaysSweet


  • bobblekins

    LOVED it.