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This weekend I posted pics of Behind the Scenes shots from Monica's new reality TV show titled Monica: The Single. Monica was joined by her cousin Ludacris, her producers B. Cox and another producer whose name I don't know. Anyway, this is the guy who produced Monica's single that Freddy O said is "The one".

After filming at a Buckhead studio, everyone gathered at Luda's restaurant, Straits, for a bite to eat. Then it was back to the studio to continue working on the remaining tracks on the album.

Ludacris will rap a verse on one of the songs on the album. Luda and Monica worked on that song on Friday. This album is shaping up to be a hit so please go out and support your hometown girl when the album drops!

More pics after the break!

B. Cox and Monica

Ryan Glover (Peachtree TV), Melinda Dancil (Mo's manager) and Ryan's nephew

B. Cox, Ryan Glover and Ryan's nephew

London (right)

Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for

  • 2thick4u

    Everyone looks so happy!!!

    Love Solange shoes!!!

  • eastpointvet

    makes me wanna go eat at straits again

  • AlwaysSweet

    What tha hale is that they're eating?

  • kay

    I love Monica... I hope you are right and this one is a hit bc the last albulm was definitely a MISS!

  • ThatCarmen

    I know who she better thank first at the awards show.....

  • Dizz

    Didn't we already see this post...get off her nuts sandra dang!!!

  • Dizz

    Isnt London that dude thats gott hella kids he doesn't take care of?? I could have sworn I saw a post from his B.M, putting him on blast...I could be wrong though...

  • RoJay

    Thanks for the news Sandra! We Monica fans have been waiting for the past 2.5 albums for Monica and Ludacris to link up for a track. This really excites me. Thanks for staying on top on the news for us.


    i do not care for solange at all. not even in the cheerleader movie she played in. sandra, did you teach your boy freddy-o to capture up close pictures of shoes and purses?


    Monica is absolutely MAJAH.....Solange, take notes girl because I can't put my finger on it about you. In her case, less is definitely more. I am just not feelin' her.


    And didn't she have the same dress on when she performed on another post you have up Sandra?

  • ELove

    One thing I will say about Monica other than her obvious talent is that she is Very Pretty But Solange is Just-Homely... I bet she's Butt-UGLY w/o make-up on ;-)

  • Crys

    FANTASIA > monica

  • Mspeng

    Solange has nice toes.

  • Sharonda

    I'm actually excited for Monica's album.Luda looks oh so sexy!
    That food looks good.Fun times.

  • teecee

    what the flack is going on with lil chris/luds's pants ? if that aint the gays thing i seen in a while.....

    second of all what woman let a grown ass man wear chunky azz earth sandles any place ? pls my brotha stop it with the sandles n sox...... sandles n sox are shoes daumit. lol if you are going to do that wear a pair of shoes instead.

  • karaz

    another post about Monica... wow tomorrow must be Rhianna tuesday

  • hellava10


    ........and moving along

  • bklynchick

    Luda has a star in front of his pants hmmmmm...

    I wonder if he is a star down there for real.....

    Love monica can't wait for the new cd to drop!!

  • Prissydiva71

    Sandra, I know you are Monica are girls. With that being said, who does her hair? Does she only do shorter hair and is she expensive?


    Sigh... So we have a pair of cousins with money & neither of them can buy her brother a new bandana? But they can afford $400 flip flops & $900 jeans??? So sad

  • estyle4039

    Tameka's ex-hubby looks happy! Are we sure that's Ryan's nephew and not one of his son's? I love Monica, but her brother is "ahem" a monster! And why does he always have the head rag around his dome?!


    Monica looks nice, but dang that girl is skinny, she reminds me of a rail... lol very talented though, but I know Sandra is her #1 fan, so I hope that single there talking about is going to be the one... keep it pushing Moncia..

  • ggouch

    Does Solange's breath stink or something..He (Luda) has a funny look on his face in both shots.

  • na na

    sandra can u please ask monica where did she get those leggens from. ive been wanting me a pair like those. so when u talk to her can u please ask her where she got em from thanks. or monica if ur reading this can u please let ma kno thanks an cant wait till ur album comes i am a little upset that ur show is only for atlanta thats messed up it really iz i am mad that ere body else who dn't live in tha a dnt get too see it. u do have more fans out side of tha A mo im not trying to sound like a hater or any thang im jus upset about that!!!

  • na na

    i jus wanted to say that i still luv u thoe monica,for who u are.hav much luv for my sista in christ.