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Keyshia Cole was a stunner in white wearing GUCCI from head to toe at the V-103 Annual Car & Bike Show. Product details below.

'Hysteria' high heel sandal in dark grape crocodile (Keyshia's shoe) with metal Gucci crest detail with gold hardware.

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Purple python 'hysteria' medium top handle bag with gold hardware and double handles, detachable shoulder strap, magnetic strap closure, metal Gucci crest detail, and inside zip, cell phone and pda pockets.

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Photos by Freddy O Exclusively for

  • Tangela

    I like the shoes, wouldn't buy them EVEN if I had money like that. And that is one ugly-a$$ doggy. Also, I didn't know Keyshia had a lil' booty, I thought she was flat in the back and heavy in the front.

  • teeteek

    I luv Kee Kee Cole...Her shoes and bag are cut...

  • Dizz

    Keylolo looks like a hot mess..her shoes NOT (I don't care if they're Gucci)...purse is ok not for 5k though. Let me have one weekend shopping for her...she'd be a banger!!

  • HunE916

    She’s looking a little frail…a little Crackish…a little Frankie!

  • ckarinwhite

    Ke-Ke has definetly lost some weight. I love the purse.

  • missmiami

    Keishia must be going hollywood cuz she is getting thinner. wuz up with these black celebs feeding into that mess.

  • MissGauzzz

    What's the price of the doggy???

  • prynsexxx

    Her foot looks real cute in that shoe.

    The shoes and purse look really cute.

    I'm quite sure I can find a knock-off version somewhere. I already have the purple knock-off type purse

    Target - clearance - 6 dolla- don't trip!

  • Sharonda

    Like her hair.

  • Anna

    @ Tangela Says:

    I didn’t know Keyshia had a lil’ booty,
    I am thinking it's the jeans or padded underwear.


    The parrot toed thing is not cute, but she has been looking better these days

  • Dizz

    @hunE916 - You're on your way to a time out with that comment!! LMBAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Now I get homesick everytime I see you avi!! LOL

  • Dizz

    @hunE916 - You can't wash that Oakland swag off Keykey at all!! She's TOO HOOD!!!


    I hope she has a financial advisor otherwise she's going to be broke in 5 years. ;)

  • karaz

    Is Keisha really making that much money? She must have a really good deal or is getting great advances...

  • closetcolumnist

    ya'll are trippin- she looks fine- ok the shoes and bag are pricey and i know i wouldn't spend that much, but she still looks cute. casually cute and she definitely did not lose weight. btw i prefer this hair over the red orange weaved madness of the past. go on key key you look good witcha hips and booty (spoken from a skinny girl with hips and booty)

  • brwnsugga4you

    she looks cute..however, it's the same look all the woman in atlanta are giving...

  • closetcolumnist

    ps- i remember seeing her perfom "i changed my mind" at ciara's 1st album release and keyshia was most definitely skinny back then- straight boobs and kneecaps. she looks great now :)

  • ThatCarmen

    Keyshia is hhoottt... I cant hate on this chick even if I wanted to. Chick has a good head on her shoulders... (although could use some help in the boyfriend choices)

    Her outfit is cute for her style.

    Im not down with the thousands of dollars for a showoff toy but, I guess to each his/her own. Maybe MayFaker bought it all for her with his fake money.

  • candi got gushy

    Nah ^^^ its obviously because she selling records,any song she get on is a hit. Love the outfit and shoes!! Aint nothing wrong with being from Oakland,it is a historic city and alot of pride originated from that place.

  • Smokie

    She looks so cute!


    I'm wondering what kinda underwear is safe to wear under those coochy cutters.... No homo...

  • HunE916

    It's her face that looks crackish, not her body. She's always looked like a captial P!

  • AlwaysSweet

    Like the shoes, hate the purse. I wouldn't even spend $40 on the purse. Is that that dog's natural color?

  • MzTee

    The outfit is cute, but NOT 6K+ (including the shirt/jeans). Even if I had Oprah's money, I wouldn't spend that much on a 'fit. And if I somehow lost my mind and did, you damn sure better believe it would LOOK like it cost $6K. Remember my people, clothes are NOT an appreciable asset.

    And I agree with the poster who wrote KC needs a financial advisor. She doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of Toni Braxton or TLC. She better keep an eye on her accounts or she will wind up broke.

  • pinky2083

    i think Keyshia looks great!! much better than the look she was rockin when she first came out!

  • Dizz


  • Bubbles

    She looks pretty.


    ^^ About Keyshia and Manny bouncing checks


    Ok my bad.... Here's the right link... That other link is of Mo Chestnut (yeah, I call my baby Mo)

  • Ilovepink1981

    I think she looks good too. Im a little peeved about her bringin her dog in, I wanted to bring mines and I was turned away and mines was way cuter and dressed up for the event.


    You forgot to add that it's sponsored by p. valentine. They're paying to much money for you to forget that Sandra!!:)

  • kitty4shigady

    I will say I love keyshia but keyshia has a bad attitude and i was very disapponited at how she acted when she came to kc friday. Just let me tell you she can sing and all but all the stuff about her being a diva and acting like a bitch is true. her refsuing to go on stage before certain people all that is true. she thinks she is a btter artist than a person so if she is schedule to go on before them she acts a fool and will either refuse to go on or just not go on. she needs to get that shyt together. her fans would be very disappointed to know that she was back stage acting like that.


    okay, now this is my girl! where did the dog come in at? shes never been photographed with a dog. why do all starts need a toy dog?


    sandra? can you call keyshai and see if reports are true about mannie bounicng checks?


    She is a naturally beautiful woman! Artist need to be smarter with their money. Be more frugal! The only way I would wear all that sh** is if I was the designer's muse or the dude I mess with is breaking me off.. Until then, her a** needs to wearing bebe, arden b or bcbg. Straight up, no bulls***!

  • GAGIRL73

    She looks fly...the dog well thats another story!

  • ThatCarmen

    haha. i remember that episode of her financial advisor telling her to slow down.... when you buying s**t on credit and not paying it off every month or paying cash and if your cash is from a loan or credit advance, ...y o u a r e n o t b a l l i n!

    i know i previously said that i couldnt hate on this chick but, i hate to see us get a little money too fast and end up pinching a few years later. The industy dont get you an automatic 401K, insurance, retirement options, or severance ... Dont let me see all this shi* on E-bay in a few months...years...

  • 2thick4u

    Keyshia is looking fierce!!!

    Work it HONEY!!!

    She has really stepped her fashion game up!!!

    Congrats on a job well done!!!

  • Dizz

    @ThatCarmen...exactly....if you can't afford it with cash...YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!! That's what my gramma says, and that's how I live my life.

  • ThatCarmen


    amen... im so glad i dont have those issues...especially with the f-ed up economy. KeCo still got time to get her sh*t together...i wish her the best.


    Bouncing checks & overdrafting ur account is the wackest sh**! I hope that house that all of them live is paid off! Celebrities shouldn't have a mortgage!


    Definitely MAJAH! She has a great stylist. Much more feminine and fierce now.

  • brinabelle

    i'm glad she is leaving that 'hood booger' look behind..she needs to eat some pasta though, she looks a lil thin and white supposedly makes you look fat..anyways, go Keyshia 8-)

  • ELove

    WHY do these Young Ladies go from FINE to THIN when they become Famous-n-Very popular celebrity-wise... What is WRONG with maintaining your Weight-Fineness-n-Real Sexiness ;-)

  • hellava10

    When did she get on the level of 5k purses? Just what is the purpose? I see the link up there for 'buy it'. Not with the price of gas and groceries. You can't put the 'Hysteria' on a platter...which in her case, she is obviously sacrificing food for fashion. That's a lesson she'll learn when she gets grown. You can't eat that purse and Gucci don't do returns when she's done with it.

    And brush that little doggie!

  • Mspeng

    And even after all the upgrading in the fashion dept, she still has that unflattering, huge, ghetto, arm tattoo that just screams "I DON'T BELONG...even though I try with toy dogs and expensive purses and ferrarris..."

  • MistaO

    LADIES PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Now these are nice toes!!! Nothing looks more gross than long azz toe nails even with that ole french tip mess.

    Keshia's look very sexy and suckable!

    Again, ladies please take note...

  • tintin

    didn't know keyshia had so much ass.

  • hellava10

    MistaO - we are taking are a foot man and you suck toes. HOT DAMN AND HAVE MERCY. You may not go to the corner.....prynsexxx and others have very little self control and they'll tickle your tonsils. Some of these young girls need to hear stuff like that.

  • candi got gushy

    Ughh @ the haters!! Yall know Sandra says Keyshia read this blog, she looks hot, I guarantee the ones mad are the ones living paycheck to paycheck furious they can't afford any type of REAL Gucci.hahaha.How can broads be so mad at a real hood chick that happens to be quite beautiful, doing it big, and has real talent? That's why yall on the outside looking in,wishing u was in her shoes!! *singing* heaven sent.....

  • mina

    Miss sophia said that she had a sour attitude and didn't wanna take pictures with the fans at the car show. Thought key key was better than that!

  • AlwaysSweet

    MistaO, may I speak with u a minute in my office?

  • ThatCarmen


    uuuummmm speak for yourself sista. not least i know not me is paycheck to paycheck...and ummmmm many of us were commenting off of what she allowed to be put out there on her own show which was that she needed to slow down cause her spending was off the chain in comparison to what she was bringing in... anywho.... as i dont spend all my money on sh*t i clearly dont need; my bank account is surely not blank waiting on a check so .... yes ma'am i can speak on it.

  • Lucy

    @ Candi I feel you. I have some mad love (her talent) for Keyshia. She's no more a diva than Ms. Ross ( please).

    Why can't see be looked at as someone that pulled herself up out the shit and made good. No babies daddy issues and as far as the men she picks she's just doing what we all have to do, and that's kiss a hell of a lot of frogs.

  • London Marie

    Nah I knew Keyshia had a nice lil body from watching the show. But all that designer crap just looks like a big forever 21 sale to me.

  • milly

    lmao @ Helluva I see ur back


    Sandra you do good research on all these items to find prices, and include links to "buy it".

    But you forgot the main accessory. How much for the dog?

  • Ilovepink1981

    The dog is a yorkshire terrier which can range in price from 400-3000. Most likely Keyshia has a teacup, which will weigh between 2-6 lbs so her dogs on the higher end.




  • pinkvirgo

    She looks cute this time b/c normally she looks reggie.(My lil brother says a reggie is a regular broad decided to use it in a sentence.)

  • Hotstuff

    Oh ish...she has my bag and my shoes on...good taste Key Key!!!!!


    Go ahead Keisha and handle that!! She look fine on a nice casual day..nothing major for her. For the ones saying she done spent this and that!! Most of these designers GIVE them stuff just to promote their product anyway ..SHE aint paid NOTHING!!!!! I mean come on now..look at all the preshow give a ways and stuff them stars be atthey get diamonds watches, purses, 2,000 glasses please....It's not fair but that is what the designers do...even when the star CAN afford i said...HANDLE IT BOO BOO........LET UM HATE........



  • ChokLitFactory

    Keyshia has got herself a nice little body, no homo!
    I like her shoes, but if those stories are true, homegirl needs to ease up on those purchases, you AIN'T Monica, and you AIN'T got Monica money!
    LOL just playin Keyshia, we luv u!