Kobe Bryant wasn't thinking about losing the NBA championship to Boston when he took his daughters Natalia and Gianna Disney Land for a fun day on the rides. Studies show that every parent has a favorite child among their brood who they lavish the most attention on. Can you tell who Kobe's favorite is?

Photos: Splash News


    Is it me or do his kids look like Ming & Aoki? His daughters are gorgeous. I dont think he has a favorite, maybe the other one was misbehaving or she wanted to stay with her mom. U dont know what the circumstances were, Sandra

  • brinabelle

    nah uh, i don't think his kids look like Ming & Aoki..
    he was at disneyland with both of the kids..there are other pictures on the net with bot of the girls and Kobe

  • brinabelle

    with both** of the girls

  • pinkvirgo

    Those kids don't look anything like Ming and Aoki and I know this might make some ppl angry but his lil girls aren't really that cute.


    Maybe its the "good hair..." they're still cute to me. i cant see myself calling a child ugly, not cute or unattractive. I mean, gosh, they're CHILDREN

  • ThatCarmen

    they are gonna be stunnas when they get older. that oldest one looks just like him though... glad to see him out with his girls....

    no comment on the "favorite" thing...

  • bklynchick

    ^^^^^ wow!!

    they look just like him though. They look they are just enjoying the day with their dada!

  • intensemocha

    Cute pics! she looks just like her dad- especially making that face:)

  • pointhimout

    i dont think parents have favorites. some kids require more attn while others are more independent and do their own thing. i think most parents balance it pretty good.

    i'm pointhimout, and I am the favorite amongst my siblings.

  • http://stylerazzi.blogspot.com stylerazzi

    Sandra, I noticed the same thing a couple weeks ago. The little is definitely his "favorite". Natalia gets no love or, if she does, the photogs never seem to catch it. Check out these other photos all within the past few months of Natalia getting the shaft!!!! And they do look like the Simmons cuties!!


  • Fatkat

    That oldest girl look just like Kobe.

  • LovelyLady

    Those kids don’t look anything like Ming and Aoki and I know this might make some ppl angry but his lil girls aren’t really that cute.

    Co Sign............His daughters are funning looking to me Aoki and Ming Lee and beautiful

  • LovelyLady


    see dats what i get for talking sh*t

  • shunda

    Don't worry about people getting mad they kill me what is the age of calling a person ugly? If you are ugly you are ugly. Some people just happen to grow into their looks. Hopefully that little one will because she is surely the favorite

  • ThatCarmen

    I have a 2 and a half year old daughter and i know i would pop a brick at somebody behind talking about a child who has no concept of the stereotypes of cute and ugly.

    Randomly thinking...That said, I do agree that you have the freedom of speech to express such opinions. I just think its sad and the reason why our kids grow up so self absorbed with what others think of them. Then again, if they do grow up as ugly adults, we will talk about them anyway on these blogs so.... are we just preparing them early???? Shelter them into thinking the world is all wonderful and pretty just for them to get slapped in the face as adults or allow them to hear the ugliness that the world may throw at them in order to toughen their skin and teach them to be able to tell people to f-off???

    Thank you daddy for that good balance. I love myself and can still tell others to F-off : )

  • ThatCarmen

    ^^^^ add: i think his kids are pretty with strong features.

  • shunda

    ^^^ Exactly my point. It is up to parents to instill self esteem. The world is a cruel place. I have an 11 year old and a 6 year old. I think they are gorgeous but I also think my daughter looked like a rat when she was born she has changed over the past 11 years. There are some things I find cute that others may not. It is the way of the world.

  • ThatCarmen


    -their porportions change so much as they grow into their bodies.

  • shunda

    ^^ Girl Mickey Mouse in the flesh. Her dad was like why do you keep looking at her like that. I was like dammit don't you see she looks like a rat. I think it was because she was only 5lbs 4 onces and was bald. She is very pretty now and I have had several modeling agencies approach us but I do not believe in exploiting kids.


    Shunda, u got the first pass to a weekend in timeout!!! LMAO Lord I pray I can stomach the way my child looks

  • miamore73

    That oldest girl looks just like him. They're making the exact same face I mean right down to the bottom lip.

    I don't think he has a favorite, if he does you certainly can't tell it from these pictures.

  • marshefen

    Just because the media doesn't catch him hugging Natalia doesn't mean the youngest is his favorite. And they are both adorable to me.

  • http://www.myspace.com/themdivasinc Mimi Renee

    Yea that older one looks just like Kobe.

    LOL @ Shunda and that Mickey Mouse comment. Hey I like Mickey Mouse, he's cute, lol.

    And how can you pick a favorite just by lookin at pictures? LMAOOO

  • shunda

    Oh after the week I had does weekend timeout come with martinis lol!

  • London Marie

    I love me some Kobe.. Mmmm Mmmm GOOD.


    No they come with happy hour shots and movie nites on the lawn.... See u there!!!

  • shunda

    lol. I'll be there

  • aqtpie

    Dang the oldest little girl looks just like Kobe.

  • brwnsugga4you

    his kids are cute...and by the way....

    ~~~..ladies..it's last call...shunda, you've managed to be in time-out on the last day of the week...everybody in here deserves a d*mn shot for these comments this past week...(singing..take it to the head..take it to the head)lol.....~~~

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I know its not the one that game him the side eye lol J/K
    I doubt he has favorites...but that older one looks just like him

  • http://myspace.com/mullatos SnootyPooty1

    I dont think that Kobe has a favorite either. Those girls are cute.... One looks like him and the other looks like his wife... I love to see Dads with there kids... :)

  • toosexy

    the one that looks like the mother is not a cute as the older one to me she is funny looking to me

  • toosexy

    @pink virgo i hate to say this but i agree.

  • toosexy

    @shundra i am like that too, because my first son looked like a rat and a chicken when he was born, but he is so handsome now (10) but i agree you have to teach your kids because sheltering a kid is the worse because the world has no mercy. so i make sure my daughter understands that she's beautiful and that's all that matters. you have to install things into your children, i tell them everyday how handsome or beatiful they are.

  • brwnsugga4you

    toosexy Says: you have to install things into your children, i tell them everyday how handsome or beatiful they are.

    ~~~it's instill...no worries i do it all the time on here..~~~

  • ThatCarmen

    ^^^ my dad use to inSTILL in me that as cute as i was, there was always a chick out there cuter than me and then, if i acted like i wasnt listening, he would inSTALL an asswhoopin on my behind... lol : )

  • hellava10

    ya'll are a mess. The kids are his kids - cute, ugly, bad as hell or little angels. I am still laughing @ shunda.
    **party in the corner for the entire weekend**

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    His little girls are the cutest!!!

    Glad he is out and about showing his family some attention and affection.

  • shunda

    I just told my daughter that I told you all she looked like a rat when she was born and she said well did you tell them I am pretty now lol.

  • Nix

    I don't think his daughters are as cute as Ming and Aoki. In fact, his youngest daughter isn't all that cute.

  • Anna

    Murray could never say to Kobe, "You are not the father". LMAO. No DNA needed. She has not only his looks but his expressions.

  • Anna

    I just wonder when she is thinking or when she gets in trouble if she does the closed mouth tounge swirl. LOL

  • Anna

    @ me Anna Says:

    I just wonder when she is thinking or when she gets in trouble if she does the closed mouth tounge swirl. LOL
    I am so laughing at myself. I was online playing "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader". I had a question with the word tounge in it. I realized I spelled it wrong. TONGUE. I had to come back and correct my spelling. BTW, I did beat the 5th graders and did not use any life lines.(It is fun to beat the little rascles and get $1 mill even for fun). If you have not played the game online I say "why not"? It's fun and keeps my 41 yr old(tomorrow) brain working. I can't phatham that GOD willing I am 9 years away from 50. Ha Ha! GOD is good. If I spelled phatham wrong all should understand. I don't have spell check but, I am able to type 70 wpm. I only get on my kids for spelling words wrong. I am almost a senior citizen so I get a pass. Looking at my mail now to see if I received my AARP card. I want cheaper Insurance.

    Life is good, even with high a*s gas prices and my being on vacay from work for a week and spending my vacay time at home(I can't afford to go away on a real vacation) I still have nothing to complain about. My logic is "If you can't laugh at yourself you can't laugh at anyone or anything! Being I am able to laugh at me, I can chat about a wrong momet of others. Getting older is not so bad. I think the older you age the wiser we get. My hubbys parents have been married for almost 50 yrs. If that is my future I will take it. Have a great work week all. I am out.

  • Tiffochris11

    That Churro Look good! LOL