Recently, I received an interesting email from a loyal reader who suggested that FOX News guest political analysts Juan Williams and Tara Wall were Uncle Toms. While I agree that the right wing liberal (and closeted gay) Juan Williams seems to be an apologist boot licker and Sean Hannity flunky - I have my doubts about the beautiful Tara, whose side gig is deputy editorial page editor of The Washington Times.

Wall doesn't come across as an apologist to me. I've watched her defend Obama against the likes of Hannity and she makes the point that FOX and other racist media are unfairly biased against Sen. Barack Obama. Do I think FOX News producers go out of their way to find biased elitist bourgeois blacks who share their views? Of course they do!

But what say you?

Read the email after the break!

    Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 07:28:04
    Subject: Uncle Tom Reporters

    Hello Sandra,

    I know you are quite aware of how racist the Fox news network among other networks can be. I'm very much at odds however with certain Black columnist/ reporters/ news contributors such as Juan Williams, Michael Still, and Tara Wall. It appears that they are on the Uncle Tom payroll for these racist networks and are being used to counter any issue concerning civil rights, Barack Obama, or any other issue that may work toward the enhancement of the black community in this very much racist society. Our young brothers and sisters need to know about these individuals in order to stay informed about how NOT to behave. Please put the word out on these individuals. Thanks for your time.

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    " Faith doesn't get you around trouble, it gets you through it "

    "Vision without action is a daydream.
    Action without vision is a nightmare."

    Charles P. Everett, V
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  • milly

    Fox has to hire These uncle toms...So they can fall back on the "we are not racist because your own people agree with us"

  • cupcakes

    Don't know them....must be in the ATL.

  • hellava10

    The network itself has always been bias towards the unsunkissed population. I agree with Milly, it's a ploy to get us to watch and even still I refuse to give them merit. Juan makes you think he really believes what he says, while I think she is just playing the game. Now, I could be wrong about her REAL views. I don't even bother watching anything Fox news says. They are all a bunch of Don Imus minded folks.

  • ckarinwhite

    Yes, Fox News goes out of their way to find black people who will buy into their racist ideologies.

    @ cupcakes~ Hey, ease up off the "A"...She is talking about Fox News the cable station.


    Do I think FOX News producers go out of their way to find biased elitist bourgeois blacks who share their views? Of course they do!

    Fox does the typical white thing... "we're not racist, our best friends are black..." Its a shame

  • browni007

    The media very rarely represents us in a favorable light. And since Obama been running - it's even worse. I believe its partly ratings and what they really feel to sway the population. The ranting about hsi pastor, then his visit to Africa - its just ridiculous, but his is still standing. So BOO to Juan, Tara and whomever else is aiding and abedding the criminals who want to take Obama down.

  • Smokie

    Juan is Uncle Ruckus without the cussing. I think I hate him even more than I hate O'Reilly.

    Tara is almost irrelevant.

    Micheal Still is slightly better than Juan, and that's surprising considering that Michael has a white wife.

  • Coop

    Tara Wall sure is don't be fool because she's defending Obama. If it was any other Dem she be tag teaming with Juan.

  • prynsexxx

    Can somebody just tell dude to put his teeth back in his mouth. Teeth lookin' like a row of yellow chicklets.

  • Smokie

    I know for a fact that Fox News goes out of their way to find slave catcher black analysts. Last year O'Reilly had a black "hip hop commentator" (right) on his show. This guy couldn't even pronounce Nas' name. This black "hip hop commentator" kept calling him NASE or something odd like that. I knew, right then, that Faux News was a fraud and totally NOT fair and balanced.

  • karaz

    Tara could it be that you don't want to see the truth, many of us see about Tara Wall because you find her attractive?

    @cupcakes, I hope that was a joke, because I didn't see the lol after your sentence. Let's not choose a backseat in more serious conversations about politics that shape our future in this country.

  • SnootyPooty1

    @prynsexxx... Okay you earned the first spot in the corner today.. Yeah for you!!!!!! I do agree with you but you said it but you were thinking it... LOL

  • cupcakes

    @ckarinwhite - Oh, my bad..I have DTV. That's probably why I never heard of them. I watch my Boston local news...not cable news.

  • SnootyPooty1

    @prynsexxx ... That line was from white girls for the record... LOL

  • ggouch

    Fox News, NY Times and CNN are conservative news outlets. We are taught that Journalists are to be un-biased in their reporting. What we, the laymen, don't pay attention to are the people behind the station; the owners, the executives, the board members. They clandestinely influence the news the station reports and the people reporting it. My question, how do we know that Juan Williams is not simply a black conservative?

  • pointhimout

    the door to Juan's closet was blown off the hinges years ago.

  • ggouch

    karaz Says:

    @cupcakes, I hope that was a joke, because I didn’t see the lol after your sentence. Let’s not choose a backseat in more serious conversations about politics that shape our future in this country

    Right! Cupcakes, I have to agree with Karaz's statement. I hope these types of post gets the same enthusiastic debate we give the RiRi posts. It’s just a MUST.


    But what say you?


    HUH??? EBONICS????

  • krbinc

    that's all fox news do is find the greatest uncle toms they can find! i'm surprise LARRY ELDERS isn't workin for fox news! he hates everything black!

  • krbinc

    and they must be from da A

  • brinabelle

    i don't even know who these people are..because i don't watch FAUX News..


    I definitely agree with you Sandra. I stopped watching Bill O' Reilly after that horriable diatribe about Chris Bridges. Frank Ski (from Atlanta) was a guest on O'Rielly's show and Bill called Frank, "Mr. Ski". My husband and I cracked up at the time, but he was being sarcstic. Most news shows on there are very much right wing.


    "horrible" (I have to get these nails cut down)! "sarcastic"

  • LiseyC

    There was an interesting article in the WSJ regarding 'political activists' on cable news networks. The shows that were called into question for using such 'analysts' was O'Reilly and Hannity, Olberman et al... These shows stick the title on people who aren't qualified to represent themselves as analysts, they are just good with sound bites. This is the main reason why I DON'T watch these shows. Fair and balance is a bunch of bullcrap. The fact is that while we see through their crap, the majority of white american's think that they are getting information from a good source cause it isn't ABC, CBS or NBC and they take the hateful crap that is spewed out by these people as gospel. Why do you think it was so easy for Hillary to get away with her blue collar, one of the guys, knocking back a shot of whiskey, friend to african-americans sham? PLEASE... This country has come far, but by no means have we come far enough that people refuse to buy into the stereotypes of each race and cable news networks feed and stoke the fire of these stereotypes for the disgruntled and those that fail to do for themselves.
    I get what Michelle Obama said about being proud of her country. White people are behind the eight ball, so to speak, now and they are pissed about it. For so long they held the majority and the power and the scales are now starting to tip and equal out. BUT don't forget people, they haven't equaled out yet, there is still aways to go. Change doesn't happen by itself. We have to fight every step of the way to ensure that this country grows and evolves into a society that is tolerant of ALL of it's citizens.

  • Richardshabazz

    Juan williams is not new. I remember back in the day when they used him against spike lee to denouce the movie Malcom X. People like him and heraldo will sell out there own people to make a buck any day of the week.

  • ggouch

    @ LiseyC

    Are you in the legal field by chance...I ask because you don't see too many people use: et al.