Tomika Skanes is today's Morning Glory by request. She is a video and print model whose résumé includes appearances in various music videos, in the movie Beauty Shop (starring Queen Latifah), a Boost Mobile Commercial (braiding Ludacris's hair), and as one of the BET's Comic View models, to name a few.

Tomika is not the least bit confused about her heritage. The biracial beauty refers to herself as "Blasian". Her motto is: ½ black + ½ Asian = 100% Amaazin. Tomika currently resides in Atlanta where she designs websites and owns her own modeling agency called Industry Factor.

Tomika's Myspace page

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    Ladies, this thread is for the brothers, not for you to critique or criticize the models. If I see any of that going on, I'll close the comments. Thanks.

Don't click the link if you're easily offended or can't handle the Fabulosity!

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  • milly

    I aint mad at her, shes pretty and smart enough to start a business and not just rely on thing for the long run.

  • MZN

    She is just simply gorgeous...

  • karaz

    That's a pretty girl... her name sounds so familiar to me.

  • Anna

    @ karaz Says:

    That’s a pretty girl… her name sounds so familiar to me.
    Ha Ha, Don't start!

    She is pretty, but why do some have to make up names to identify their race?

  • brwnsugga4you

    pretty & tasteful pictures for a change.

  • stylerazzi

    Tomika is one of my favorite video girls. She is beautiful and just as pretty in person. My favorite is LaShontae Heckerd, who has taken the video girl thing to the next level.

  • teecee

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm give me a minute..... ok yes very nice i do her. lol

  • eastpointvet

    awww i miss my ga state days i had a class with her i used to look at her then lol

  • browni007

    I'm not feeling the curly hair. it does her no justice.
    She does look nice in the pictures with her hair straight.

  • ms.peaches

    I think she is a pretty girl & glad to know she has a brain at a first glance at the first pic she reminded me of Paula Jai Parker? I think thats her name the chick that does the low budget movies(lol) she was in Woo & Sprung!!

  • SnootyPooty1

    She is very pretty!!! But why are the dudes not commenting since they requested this?

  • ThatCarmen

    Way to go hot girl! Stacey Dash is my one female guilt love so, when she falls off, I'd replace her with this chick. (Im not gay... I just can appreciate another beautiful chick)... and chick is smart too!! Makes her just as beautiful. And I love how other bi-racial people play on words to describe their race....Its like nobody ever wants to accept if you say black, or white, or mixed, or hispanic, indian...blablabla...they are always like "i know you are mixed with something"...hell, we get sick of breaking down the fractions for every 15 people a day that asks us what we are. Ive fallen to just say Im human. I know Im a strong and successful black woman but, everytime I express that, I get the "but, i know you mixed with something" comment.... that irritates the shi*t outta me.

    And to Snooty; I think the guys are too "busy" to type ... lol

    My boy here at work is requesting Gabrielle Union : ) Love her!

  • ggouch

    @ ThatCarmen Says: Way to go hot girl! Stacey Dash is my one female guilt love

    RIGHT! this chick is hot. I'm not gay...but I think I have a crush...LOL

  • ThatCarmen

    ggouch!!! yyyeessss mmaa'aamm!!

    I think many straight women who are secure within themselves can step outside the box and appreciate the beauty of other women without being gay. Im in love with Stacey but, Lord knows another woman's touch does nothing for me... I gotta go hit up the morning wood section now... lol

  • SnootyPooty1

    @ThatCarmen... I see they just want to look right...
    I feel you on the bi-racial thing... Its get on my nerves you can never make anyone happy with the response you give them so please yourself first and dont worry about the rest.

  • SnootyPooty1

    Oh Sally Richardson I have a secret crush on her even though I am straight I can appreciate another womans beauty whether its inner beauty or physical beauty...

  • candycane

    (Sounding like Austin Powers) That's a man baby! She looks like a very pretty gay boy. You better WORK! Sashay, sashay

  • candycane

    ok, she looks more girly in the other pics, but the main one posted, she's just as pretty as my boy (cant remember his name) from college hill. All he needs is makeup and walaaaaaa Morning Glory

  • bklynchick

    She is a very pretty young lady. Keep doing your thang ma!!

  • Zuley

    She is absolutely gorgeous. For once Sandra you posted a pretty Morning Glory! I gotta give her props she is stunning no lezbo though but I'm secure enough to give another female props.


    now that's a pretty girl.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    LOL @ Zuley...imma have to agree this is a pretty chick. I know the guys are happy lol...

  • Prissydiva71

    I have always thought she was a pretty girl. Glad to see her doing her business thing, too. She's smart enough to know you cannot model forever.

  • Detroit48205

    She's not ugly...but I can remember how you all responded to the dark skinned girl that Sandra posted, and you all hated on her.... DOUBLE STANDARD

  • Mika

    she is really perfect