It was difficult choosing the Best of from this year's show considering the performances were so horrible. Ne-Yo did his thing. He is the consummate professional. And, of course Rihanna shut it down!

Check out vids from Keyshia Cole, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, SWV, Nelly, Fergie, and Usher after the break!

    To add videos of Maxwell and Al Green. How could I forget their stellar performances!








  • mjoylaw

    the best was Al Green!! and the tribute to Al, did yall see MAXWELL???? Can't wait for his new album!!!!!

  • mjoylaw


  • goinback2cali

    I'm not an Usher fan....but I must say that he did his thang last night!

  • ThatCarmen

    YES! AL GREEN WAS THE BEST!!! It was like everyone at the venue was jamming and having fun....

    Rhianna shut it down? I like the song and thats all I'll say about it.

    Ciara made Chris Brown a man last night! For the first (and probably last time) ever, he coulda got it last night!

    Im just glad nobody was doing "beef" shout outs and all that ghetto shi*.... no guns were reported and everybody just had fun.

  • AWhiteP

    Everybody sounded off key yesterday.... but Rhianna shut it down cute girl good lyrics terrible voice, but hey enough people like her.
    Jill Scott killed it.

  • shunda

    Usher was horrible. I actually liked that clown T-pain's performance. The jabowaceez was the best part of Neyo's performance. I wish lil Kim can go back to the black woman she was back in the day. Al Green killed it. Did ya'll see Maxwell?? I was like he's back

  • classic

    In order for me :

    1- RIHANNA- hands down took it.

    2- Neyo- always, the perfomer- AWESOME!!

    3- NELLY & HIS CREW- Now, the party has just started.

    4-AL green- except for the part where he thinks he was at the Academy Awards.

    5-Chris Brown- could have done without the whole white bow tie concept- and that hot Azz Gucci Jacket in the California sun on the red carpet- Moves were ok. Know the women loved when he was doing that grinding routine. CICI- should have done something on her own. Dont know about the complementary aspect of her with Chris- shady!!

    T-Pain- eccentric, quirky, ala-Cirque de Soleil [ by the way best circus ever] it was different and I like that they/whomever came up with the act was thinking outside the box-can't help thinking of a Madonna tour I saw though -..hmmm!

    Usher- shorty, napoleon complex kat- He was aigght!! Would have picked Rihanna to open the show with a high impact routine, or Ciara over him anyday.

    As for the other perfomers- I was either bored, preparing for work or care not to watch. And who the hell gave DL Hughley the gig as MC- why the hell not Niecy- Dang!!!! love DL but he went out the the Kings of Comedy.
    As for Niecy and that monologue - off da chain- with those kids, Marquiese, Twan..or whatever their name is LMBAO-there goes my ab workout routine again.

    Sidebar: Someone need to give folks- esp, black folks who attend these hot azz climate type shows that black folk sweat dress properly man. Fashion disaster Pretty Ricky - more like Ugly Rick- looking like freaking ghetto Azz grooms men, and Kheisa cole mom- please dont ever drop it like its hot ever-especially not at an event like that ever- black folk dang!
    I could go on but I will leave it right here- **#&#@ let me go get a darn snack from the vending machine, before I come back and they put me in the sand box instead of the corner and i pour sand in someone's eyes.

  • pyt_504

    Mjoylaw....... imma just go on ahead and it get out the way... you can go head with that first sh!t we dont play that here at Sandra Rose... thats for that other site media fakeout!....

    Now back to the awards......AL GREEN DID HIS THANG I MUST ADMIT!!!! Neyo was ok. I thougt usher was good shunda! hahahhaa

    I enjoyed the award but everyone knows its BET it will air another 4,089,098,0949, times

  • solodove2008

    Okay...I may be late...but did Keyshia Cole get new teefs? Her smile looks a little different...pretty...but her teeth don't look as small as they used to.

  • brwnsugga4you

    Sandra says: And, of course Rihanna shut it down!

    ~~~i didn't even see the awards...but, i knew without a doubt that your bff as going to get the gold star from you...lmao!!!~~~

    ~~~however, i just watched the usher performance and he was god awful...i like alicia's performance...and i have to say that nelly did that d*mn thang!!! keyshia was horiffic...and lil kim..well...i'm going to go ahead and continue that dominos game from yesterday...mocha!!!~~~lol.

  • bklynchick

    Usher did good but it just wasn't there something was messing. Where was Maneka when we need her??? NeYo is definitely a class act.He shut Ursher down!!

    A Keyes did her thing!! SWV, EnVogue and TLC. Classic!!

    T Pain did good he represented with all his hot tracks. He kept it HOOD!!

    Nelly my god his body. I didn't even pay attention to what he was rapping about. Except I kept seeing a monkey coming across the stage. Was that JD?

    Chris Breezy could of took me down for real last night. CiCi did her usual. Love her!

    Keyshia Cole did alright. Lil Kim is looking more and more like a blow up doll for real.

    Lil Weezy please believe me!! Good ending to the show

    Al Green and Maxwell was the best to me.

    In all it was a very good show and I enjoyed it.
    Sandra stop hating you know it was good to ya? Your girl RiRi did good but that dress kinda freaked me out :)

  • Mimi Renee

    Usher's performance was soooo wack that it didnt make no sense..he really did not need to open the show. And what was with that lip synching he was doin? My cousin said that baby must have kept him up all night cuz he looked like grandpa raymond last night.

    Keyshia Cole sounded bad...she looked great but she obviously has not mastered the ability to SING AND DANCE on key at the same time. all that hollering left me confused.

  • miamore73

    What Rhianna didn't do was shut it down. She's got no personality no emotion her face is just blah through the whole song.

    I liked the whole SWV, EnVogue, TLC thing.

    I wonder if it was hard to get EnVogue together.

  • brwnsugga4you

    the only thing that saved neyo was the jabowokis...THAT'S IT!!!

  • j-lo843

    Am I the only one who thinks Rihanna act was boring and she DIDN'T shut it down...Frankly I expected more from her..I thought she was going to rip that mess of a dress off and then do some type of dance routine...what happened???

  • Sharonda

    Oh, Maxwell..

  • j-lo843

    @ pyt_504 nice now!!!

  • Detroit48205

    Kudos...everyone did a wonderful job!!!!!

  • ckarinwhite

    RiRi performance was garbage!..Instead of riding around on a skate board she needs to be taking vocal lessons..

    Keyshia Cole was horrible, she sounded very off key!..

    Alicia Keys performance was good, T-Boz sounded horrible.

    Usher did alright!..

  • D.Ortiz

    And, of course Rihanna shut it down!


  • j-lo843

    @ D.Ortiz


  • pyt_504

    -lo843 Says:

    @ pyt_504

    LMAO…play nice now!!!

    Sorry my A.D.D. kicked in for a few secs

  • Detroit48205

    j-lo843 Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Rihanna act was boring and she DIDN’T shut it down…Frankly I expected more from her..I thought she was going to rip that mess of a dress off and then do some type of dance routine…what happened???

    I thought her performance was boring also...her accent gets on my nerve in that song...on t.v. and the radio...

  • brwnsugga4you

    pyt_504 Says: Mjoylaw……. imma just go on ahead and it get out the way… you can go head with that first sh!t we dont play that here at Sandra Rose… thats for that other site media fakeout!….

    ~~~i just went back and saw this sh*t...attention..attention. we hear at sandra rose are not we don't get into that first, second sh*t. leave your d*mn comment and keep it moving....~~~

  • shunda

    Girl T-pain(pain to my eyes)Usher. I know we all had that old stalker affection for him but it is over now lol. What do ya'll think about Rick Ross exposing that pilsbury doughboy belly.

  • shunda

    oopse meant T-pain was better than usher. typing to fast

  • Sharonda

    Kim look like she in a can of biscuits about to pop.

  • H-Town Shan

    D.Ortiz Says:

    And, of course Rihanna shut it down!



    I second that.

  • aMochaBabe

    I expected Rhianna's performance to be...well, a performance!

    She just stood there doing that irritating thing she does with her voice..oh she calls it singing, my bad.

    So as for 'shutting it down' no, umm umm I don't think so she should take her own advice and take a bow.

  • pyt_504

    aMochaBabe Says:

    I expected Rhianna’s performance to be…well, a performance!

    She just stood there doing that irritating thing she does with her voice..oh she calls it singing, my bad.

    So as for ’shutting it down’ no, umm umm I don’t think so she should take her own advice and take a bow.
    hahhahahahha ummm no ma'am head to the corner----->


    Ok, I still think Alicia had a muffin top thing goin, but whatever. That high falsetto ish was not cute.

    Poor Ashanti & Rihanna, they need to get personality stylists

    Al Green & NeYo (with the Jabo-wakeez, yes I actually watched the entire season of that show) killed it!!! I got chills watchin them.

    I like T Pains performance for the originality and not being scared to try somethin new. I could've went without seein Rick Ross stomach & t*ts.

    I already commented on the live peepshow that Ciara & Chris did.

    Keisha, Frankie & Nefee really need to get an etiquette coach or something. Everything they do & say simply screams "Ghetto" (and not in a good way)

  • browni007

    Not feeling Take a Bow either - really dislike that song

    Everyone else was good. Nelly did his thing with his fione self. I actually liked that Put IT ON stuff.

    Sorry guys -- I did like Usher's performance.
    Neyo was great as usual.

  • dakotab

    Maxwell comes out of nowhere, no album, no promotion and kills w/o trying hard! No pyro, no booty dancers, no fake publicity stunts.

    That's class, that's talent.

  • pyt_504

    Ok but ummm TRUTH BE TOLD.... I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THAT SONG TAKE A BOW I wont lie when it comes on I am singing it and i turn the volume all the way up!!!!

    Yep I had to tell the truth and shame the devil

  • brwnsugga4you

    Mocha says: Keisha, Frankie & Nefee really need to get an etiquette coach or something. Everything they do & say simply screams “Ghetto” (and not in a good way).

    ~~~i agree! now, would you like your drink on the rocks or straight up????~!~~~

  • 2bme

    the awards were alright..better than expected..yall better be glad i didn't see that first know i got an itchy finger ready to press the red button on children!

  • browni007

    ^^^^^^^ definitely with regard to Maxwell, but he looked totally different.


    Lemme get it straight.. They're tryin to make me work today... I forgot about Maxwell. He didnt look the same, but he still looked good. So did Nelly. Fergie came outta nowhere & was like "Yeah this white girl got soul!!!"

  • Sharonda

    Maxwell could saved that so called sexy talk in the bedroom.He can talk dirty all night then, but the gaydar was full effect!

  • ggouch

    @ mjoylaw Says:

    I don't think we do that here BooBoo cho. Anyone...anyone... do we waste precious blogging time with the "I'm First"?....(crickets chirping)...uhm....NOPE!! Sorry sweetface.

  • ggouch

    Al Green & NeYo (with the Jabo-wakeez, yes I actually watched the entire season of that show) killed it!!! I got chills watchin them
    I thought that was the Jabo Wakeez, and I too watched that show last season. I believe the new season as started as well.

  • browni007

    dayum that was Fergie.... I was so off. Gees, I need to look at a lot more TV - darn children take up too much of my time.
    She was off the hook!


    What was so good about Nelly's performance was that he was live.. No pre-recorded crap. He gave his all. I was pissed that his air head introduced him. And DL is not a good host but a good comedian

  • cupcakes

    Al turned that show out!!!

    Alicia and all the old scholl girl groups was next!!

    It was a good awards show....and I will be watching again becuase I missed the last half hour...trying to watch 48 hour mystery.

  • brwnsugga4you

    ggouch Says:
    @ mjoylaw Says:

    I don’t think we do that here BooBoo cho. Anyone…anyone… do we waste precious blogging time with the “I’m First”?….(crickets chirping)…uhm….NOPE!! Sorry sweetface.

    ~~~~baby the children don't understand that this is an adult blog, they want to first and second us to death...~~~~lmao.~~~

  • brwnsugga4you

    nelly's body is off the d*mn chain!!! goodness..shanti hold on to him...girl. at least someone in that household can still perform for!!!

  • milly

    I got up and started screaming and Al green was on LoL! Chile I almost threw my drawers at the TV


    Seeing maxwell again put tears to my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cupcakes

    @brownsugga4you - you aint never lied!! I had to change my panties, they were so soaked last night!!

  • iscream

    Why is everybody forgetting about ANTHONY HAMILTON HE RIPPED IT!!!

    ASHANTI... why was you HOLDING that damn dress? I was really confused @ first. If the shit don't fit don't wear it. Walking around with an evening grown holding it above your knees like your going home after partying all night at the club.. CLASS!

    ALICIA KEYS.. Love her but when she went on stage to accept her award. Was I the only one who saw black spandex shorts. Made me wonder if she had on a PADDED BUTT.

    IS COCO pregnant?... Envouge looked great.

    & all those Beyonce performing rumors was just that.. Missed her can't lie.

  • hellava10

    Sorry, I'm late. Rhi put me to sleep and I just woke up

  • cupcakes

    BTW - I thought RiRi was WAYYYY better than Keyshia!

    Keyshia needs to practice her breathing...she was out of breathe WAY too fast. But, thats my girl.


    Helluva, bye!!! And yes Anthony Hamilton showed his lil black ass!!!

  • cupcakes

    @iscream - yeah, you right Anthony did rip that shyte up!!! LOVED HIS PERFORMANCE!!

  • hellava10

    The crickets outside my window carry a better tune that Rhi. I have a question for the personal stylists of the evening (primarily some of the ladies) – what the hell were you thinking and was this your personal best? Some of the women looked tired and pitiful, like they went through their closet and just said to hell with it, it’s show time. The performances were great…minus the bobblehead that can’t sing…..I almost grinded my t v when Nelly came out.
    You don’t have to tell me….I’m skipping to the corner with visions of Nelly dancing in my head


    Helluva, if I get water damage on my cell phone (from spittin out my water), I'm gonna kill u!!!! Grindin on ur tv? That was priceless....

  • cupcakes

    @hellava10 - I was sho nuff grinding mine!!! LMAO!!

  • msmullens

    I would have loved to have seen the look on Usher's face when TLC came out. Chili looks great, while T-Boz not so much.I also think Usher should have performed "Moving Mountains" instead and showed his vocals instead of his tired dance moves. The only performer to really have people on their feet was Jeezy and Kanye performance. And the only thing I was feeling on the Chris Brown set was the water effects behind him- that was really cute.
    What I'm not understanding is how could BET not give SWV, En Vogue, and TLC more stage time. I haven't seen SWV & En Vogue together in a long time. And why Alicia mostly do the lead singing on their songs?

    And why didn't Jeezy perform with Usher? Maybe BET should take 1 year off for the next award season and start from scratch again.

  • ThatCarmen

    @hellava10 ... you is crazy... im glad im not the only one that had that dream of knocking ashanti out with a box of bandaids and giving mr. nelly a taste of that real yum yum.

  • JustSaying

    @And, of course Rihanna shut it down!

    WHATEVER SANDRA, THE PERFORMANCE SUCKED. All she did was look cute, made crazy faces and allowed terrible sounds to flow out her mouth. She can not sing and has no emotions. She needs to persue modeling and give everyones ears a breake.

  • SnootyPooty1

    @hellava10 ... You will be commenting for the rest of the day from the corner....

    And we dont play that childish first and second trash on this site we are adults.

    Ri Ri i dont know what to say i like that song take a bow but could you of have moved your arms or legs or something? In the video we got face expressions and hand movements. two thumbs down for that performance. Ne-Yo was awesome so was Maxwell and Al Green

  • brwnsugga4you

    cupcakes Says:

    @brownsugga4you - you aint never lied!! I had to change my panties, they were so soaked last night!!

    ~~~~in the corner you cupcake..& what are you drinking on today..hellavu is in here...mocha is in here...snooty is in here....ggouch is in the building...pyt_504..just sat down..we are all here today..lmao!!!~~~

  • The Divine Ms. K

    LMBAO @ Hellav10 grinding on her TV! Oh God - too much!

    The Al Green tribute was awesome - all of the singers (Jill, Anthony and Maxwell) did their thing. Did anyone catch J Hud's video during the pre-show or Terrance Howard playing the guitar when he and J Hud were presenting? I am feeling her new song. I'm usually attracted to chocolate brothers, but Terrance is one man I would hop on Greyhound and head to Cali for. lol

    And I'm sorry - Neyo was hot! He made Usher look like an old man - I was seriously staring at my tv, asking "is that it?" when the lights came up on ol Curious George, I mean, Usher.

  • Dizz



  • Mika79

    Alicia can do no wrong in my eyes...I love that girl!!! OK...gotta watch this on tv cause on the computer Tboz sound like she needed to clear her throke or gargle with salt water!!!


    I saw the black biker shorts under alicia's dress too and I also had the same thought.... did she have on a padded but!!! you guys are silly, I also wanted to say that Ashanti should not have worn a dress she couldnt walk in. It was beautiful but she had to pull it to her knees to walk. She should of had them take the dress up about two inches and then she would not have been pulling on it, but again her cd is the bomb!!

  • ladyrazor

    I feel that nicca neyo killed that shyt! I felt that usher was to focused on chris brown making sure he had all that damn pop locking flipping shyt down and sleeped his a** on U cant focus on one cat in the game you got to look at all the R&B cats and be different. Loved what alicia did. I'm a 80's baby and she brought back people that i listened too. However i was hella mad at TLC. what the is wrong with you coming to preform in just your everyday wear. WTF? And i'm sorry i love me some t-boz really i do but damn it if she dont retire that damn hair its gonna continue to be a problem for

  • Xsjado

    Did you notice the side eye Queen La's girlfriend, I mean trainer gave Ne-Yo??? That was the funniest thing I saw, and Chris Brown's performance was sexy but short. Al Green is my pick for the best, cause I've never seen that many dudes who are so-called thug and gangstas dancing they hearts out to Al Green...

  • Smokie

    Maxwell was great. He looked different, but good. Had a great stage precense and I hope he comes out with a new album!

    Usher looked tired and chunky. The thrill is gone. He should have Beyonce'd his career and not fallen off the radar for so long.

    Ciara, who I never ever want to hear sing, can dance her A off. That one move they did at the end trumped Usher's whole set.

    Rihanna did a surprisingly good job. For Rihanna.

    Maybe I didn't watch it long enough, but all I saw Al Green doing was holding the mike out for the audience to sing. He didn't rip it or hit any old notes or anything. I wasn't impressed at all.

    Nelly looks good. The song was ok, even though I was thinking (before this performance) that his time - LIKE ASHANTI's - had passed.

    Yes, Alicia Keys sounded great. And yes, she did have a muffin top. She is one shake of Season All from being fat. I can't help it though... after the stint with Swizz Beats I don't trust Alicia's words of encouragement ("end of the word can't") and all that. Alicia, why did you do that to Mashonda?

    TLC moved like little old ladies and T-Boz should have refused the invite. She was the worst of the night.

    SWV sounded good. No comment on their looks.

    I want to say that Pimp C's wife looked like an After Hours stripper, but I won't out of respect.

    Ne Yo did a great job. Didn't bore me for the first time.

    And dang, Keyshia Cole is eating GOOD. I wish she'd work out so she wouldn't be so winded, though. No comment on Neffie's boob almost popping out.

    Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard were funny because all I could think about (and I'm sure he thought it too) was that he went from J Hud. Too bad Jen didn't give him a lap dance!

  • ThatCarmen

    Smokie!!! I know you held back but, please order your mixed drink and head to the corner for that comment about PimpC's wife. I was born in the "H" and felt so bad when she opened her mouth on mic for two seconds cause the thought that ran in my head was not respectful to my man Pimp.... My sista should have stayed silent in the crowd and took the honors quietly.

  • Smokie

    @ ThatCarmen - you know, I think she has a PORT ARTHUR accent. We don't sound like that in H town... do we? I know I'm real southern, but geez...

  • ThatCarmen

    Port Arthur!!!! damn, i aint been back home for a min but, i hear ya girl. ... them chicks from the sticks outside of houston got that lazy talk real bad... you know how we have that "home" accent and that "public proper talk".... they just have one language out there in the sticks.... "lazy"

    when i moved to hawaii, i was laughing at how they talked and they was laughing right back at im in cali so i think ive balanced out my accent (not on purpose) ..i try to stay away from saying "like" every two seconds cause i think thats the first word kids here learn to say. or that hyphy shi* that drives me damn crazy.

    forgive all the posts.... i have no work to do today so, im just running my mouth.

  • hellava10

    I'm going to go there.....what was going on with Lisa Lisa? What was up with the bedazzled moo moo? AND IF Rick Ross EVER steps out in public like that, I'll throw up and mail it to him.

    Smokie, I was thinking the same about Pimp C's wife....I'll trump it up to a rough year and she's grieving

  • teecee

    i still think anthony hamilton stole the show he had us up on our feet. the al green tribute show the show tho.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Couldn't help but cringe at Pimp C's wife. Everytime I tell someone all of us Texans don't talk "like that".... and grieving ornot, she did look like a stripper, but I saw worse on that red carpet.

    Lil Kim just better be glad she didn't stand outside 5 more minutes or she'd screaming "I'm melting, I'm melting".

  • Naima

    Rihanna killed it Sandra? Is that why that guy sitting behind Chris Brown was texting during her performance?
    Usher performed like he had better things to do.

  • hellava10

    I just thought it was odd that Mrs. Pimp C bobbed in front of the mic like she was about to double dutch and waiting for the right moment.

  • mjoylaw

    don't yall think that's kind of petty, complaining about the first thing.

    Or were you just jealous, hee hee.

    There was 75 posts on here and I was first.

    I blog a lot on various sites and it's never happened before. This was my first, first!

    folks are on here blogging about entertainers most of whom are young enough to be their kids or nieces/nephews, and you're calling me childish?

    By the way I'm prolly older than most of yall..and if I'm first I claim the first amendment middle aged right to call it!

    Unless SANDRA tells me that's out of order

  • ThatCarmen

    ^^^^^ advise, dont even respond....this family here on this site is off the chain... roll with the newbie punches and keep on commenting. trust, if you get sent to the corner for doing something crazy on here....its not a slap in the face...they drink over there and listen to rhianna and monica...its not that bad....

    now come back in a week and re-read what i just wrote and you will totally understand it...

    dont mind me none.... im 5 coronas down at work so.... im just chillin. : )

  • mjoylaw

    thanks ThatCarmen! BTW, I'm still tryna understand the whole Monica thing..SMH

    Imma hafta find out where to hang out when I'm in the A! Peace

  • hellava10

    Hold up....can't bring that first mess to the corner. The corner is only for the grown and sexy who, on occasion, speak their mind to the dismay of others.

    mjoylaw, for some strange reason I think you are really serious. For the record, please let that be your last first. If you look right here ----> [] it says and I quote - "We the People of don't bother wasting a post typing first because we would rather type what we have to say and the people reading would rather read comments and not scroll through the first 10 comments with first (1st if you're into shorthand) and we find it rather retarded to type first and you are really third (3rd)". We are not being shady, we are just asking that you follow along with the program. AND YES there are 75 posts (currently @ 80) and you were the first person to post a comment (sorry, cookies are only for the new people Sandra lets in) - What is out of order is typing first in the second comment. Roll with it let it go. And for the record, we are NOT blogging about entertainers---Rihanna is not an entertainer. We laugh, we joke, we have fun, it's Wednesday.

  • mjoylaw

    excuse me hellava10, but who appointed you the sheriff of this blog? Who appointed you the lawmaker here? simply put, you are stating your opinion nothing more. You have no right to tell anyone here what to do!

    THEREFORE. on occasion, to the dismay of others, I will declare myself first IF I WANT TO

    Unless the OWNER OF THIS SITE says doing so is illegal

    Thank you and good night. First!

  • Smokie


    LOL @ mjoylaw

    Y'all crazy.

  • hellava10

    ok, ok, ok. Apparently, I've been in the corner with the others drinking too much and listening to bad music. You are first - don't let me steal your thunder- my bad and my apologies. You're right, I'm not the sheriff, I'm not the lawmaker, I was simply stating my opinion, and I have no right to tell anyone here what to do. Yes, by all means you be first and be the greatest and the baddest first on this here blog. I hope that you get to be first on every single post.
    And you too have a lovely evening.

  • Music999

    Hold the hell up SANDRA!
    How you just gonna leave Marvin Sapp out?
    Yall need to get some gospel in your life. I thought there was something wrong with the BET sound system because everybody's mic was sounding off till Marvin came out there and blew the roof off.

    And then AL Green came out there and SHUT IT DWON.

  • hellava10

    **looking high and looking low** 2thick ain't here either?

  • andriceb

    Rhianna is weak and a living testament to the light skinned is all you need theory. I love Maxwell, and though I am from Grand Rapids, Marvin Sapp's absence on this thread is much appreciated. Thanks Sandra!!

    Out shout to Al Green reppin SOUTH HIGH!!!!

  • ladyrazor


    Why the hell you apologize for? You aint did nothing but speak the truth. Everyone here is on some grown woman/men shyt real talk. That first shyt is b/s. Its not cute and for the record if you know who...*cough *cough the person above got a problem believing we dont do that shyt here they take that behinds and look at every post made by sandra and see that there is no such thing as being first here on this site...Better Recognize!

  • ThatCarmen

    awe man... i tried to save you mjoylaw.... i said roll with the punches....newbies have to roll with the punches...and you den gone and responded again. see, once the blog posts stop coming in for the day, .... all the chit chat starts and you gotta be able to not take stuff personal. just leave the "first" comments for the other sights. ...usually, the first 10-15 comments on here are strictly about the topic and people start getting crunk to get sent to the corner for the day and get their party on.... you gotta learn the language to be able to enjoy this site.

  • ChokLitFactory

    Maxwell was SEXY as hell last night, he shut it DOWN!!

    I LOVED the Jeezy and Kanye performance...don't know why, maybe cuz I love that song!

    I agree Alicia was off-key...not sure what happened last night...maybe she's hoarse from her tour.

    Rhianna was good. I give her props because she actually SANG! Her and Keyshia actually sang with a microphone, Chris B and Usher need to take note!

    Usher's performance was CRAZY! Very well-choreographed!

    Neyo was so classy, I think he surprised everyone...but me cuz I've seen the man in concert!

    Cici is my gurl, but she needs to work on her voice and she needs to release her new single. I personally was a bit offended by her sex romp with Chris B...

    Chris B sounded horrible! Negro, step ya game up!!!

    Weezy was good and so was T-Pain's perfomance. I'm out!





    Obviously u're new to the blog & dont understand how things operate. When u get blocked, then u'll get it. Or did u not know that Sandra does block mofos for stuff? This is not p hilton nor is it *ossip, so if u wanna be first & tell the world about it, maybe thats where u need to be

  • brwnsugga4you

    mjoylaw Says:

    don’t yall think that’s kind of petty, complaining about the first thing.

    ~~~~please follow hellava10's lead it's been stated we don't FIRST on this blog...don't care about how many other blogs you first on....WE DON'T FIRST, SECOND, THIRD...on this blog...and yes, we have appointed her to be the law enforcement around here...GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN...OR DISMISS YOURSELF


    Thanks, Brwnsugga!! Obviously that person doesnt know we've been doin this for years!! When Sandra was on blogspot, we were like faithful church members followin their bishop... Respect the hustle

  • ms.kimba412

    ChokLitFactory Says:

    Maxwell was SEXY as hell last night, he shut it DOWN!!

    Girl - not only WAS Maxwell the bizness - he could still GET the bizness. His performance was smooth.

  • hellava10

    ladyrazor, don't read too much into what I said ;) Much more was meant between the lines.
    Today I'll will not be first to the corner because I never left. I brought my Aretha Franklin style RV -I'll be there all day, might as well get breakfast going. I almost got misty eyed Mocahmommy, look how far Sandra is now....AND I'm still additicted!
    I did enjoy Marvin Sapp, if he touched just one person in that audience and they thought about where they are now and how they REALLY got there, point made. It wasn't about great A&R and super producers - I love me a half naked Nelly but on the real I do wish there were more gospel perfomers to create a balance. That is where music generated and came from. If you really look at the masses, majority of the music isn't what we grew up on. There are no messages, just hot bodies and hot beats. I will put $500 down that none of the performers (outside of AL and Q) will be around in 15-20 years to be honored like they were. Everyone is in the game to sell music. Quincy, Al, and countless others from the 'old' days made music because it was in their heart, they felt it and you felt it. It didn't have to have a catchy beat, a long weaved naked video chick, you didn't even have to dance to it.It was refreshing to see SWV, TLC, and En Vogue (after a touch more practice and a wardrobe fix). Rhi couldn't sell a greatest hits album. Chris Brown's sound can't carry him when he's 50. Hell, even Usher is already looking tired and worn out. Sorry ya'll I had a flashback of the old music awards show. I sure as hell miss Donnie Simpson, Video Vibrations, and that man that said "Midnight Love". Breakfast is served.

  • SnootyPooty1

    @mjoylaw .... Just listen to her advice we dont do that first stuff here save that for the other sites you visit. This site is for the grown and sexy... And we appointed hellava10.. as the comment police now get up against the wall!!!!!!!!

  • CaliGirlinGA

    What happened to all of the videos? My son had a double-header (baseball) and I missed the show. Yeah, I know it will be back on 50+ million times but dang, I would have loved to comment with the rest of y'all.

  • sharnell

    hellava10, i recently saw a picture of Donnie Simpson and he was stilling looking good, not all coked out as I was told he would look!

  • candi got gushy

    I liked the show overall,I know im late but I just wanted to say that and add Nelly could get it!! Ooooweeee,,,I kno Ashanti aint lovin all of that all by herself...

  • Tiffochris11

    Well im late but im still going to voice my opnion! lol Well i love keyshia..but She Was a Hott Mess!!! started out okay but when she got to let it go...HOTT MESS! And in the yawn section of the show we have .....USHER ....and Rhianna!!! SO boring! AL Green, Alicia , Neyo, and weezy TOre it UP!!!! Besst performances of the nite!! Ciara looked so stank dancing with chris! oh and did anybody catch that Look NEYO gave Usher's Performance !lol he gave him a " im so not impressed look" at the end of ushers performance! I agree!! Think Neyo is better then Usher anyway!

  • Songbird27

    Usher's performance was good but it was funny as hell when he busted he a$$ in the beginning tryin to do that damn flip LOL I was really lookin' for him to do "Moving Mountains" and what's up with all the lipsynching lately with Usher.... Not a good look it just seems like Usher knows he can do better than he's doing but he's doesn't give a dayum right now.