I heard from Ciara's camp tonight about yet another dumb rumor. Anyway, CiCi is on the West Coast rehearsing for the BET Awards next Tuesday. She sent word through her camp that she's not getting married to her boo 50 Cent. If you recall, I confirmed the rumors that the couple are very much in love.

While there are still some out there who doubt my word, Ciara and Fiddy are living their lives as one of Hip Hop's hawtest couples!

But wait, did Young Buck shed light on Ciara's and Fiddy's relationship on his new 50 Cent diss track "Taped Conversations"? Yes he did - and in a big way!

"Ciara go while you got a chance/Let a real nigga put a band on ya hand", raps Buck. OK now Fiddy has to come back hard 'cause Buck put baby girl smack dab in the middle of their beef! And that aint right!

So I put in a call in to Ciara's people to tell them to halt Ciara's BET rehearsals and get a response from her asap. I'll get back to you with Ciara's response. :)

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  • shannon04

    I hope Ciara takes a really good look at this. Why would you want to involved with a man like this? Especially one that is surrounded by so much drama...ALL THE TIME. Besides the fact the he is the police and a snitch. We are on the outside and don't have a clue as to what this relationship is like and he may very well be a gentle giant, but there are too many things about him that stick out like a sore thumb. Just listening to him on that recorded conversation with buck telling buck that he has to stick close to him so he(buck) wouldn't get confused...sounded just like a silly jealous person..you know the type that doesnt want you to be friends with no one else but them and doenst want you to follow anyone but them. Girl be smart and cut your loses now and find somebody better than this clown.

  • shannon04

    to be involved..oops

  • http://FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com Zuley

    Not a fan of Ciara's. BUT, this is going to get relly ugly I can see it now. I just hope no one gets killed from all this. I mean desperate men (Young Buck) take desperate measures when backed into a corner. I mean we are looking at his rap career fall like the Berlin Wall right in front of our eyes. I'm just saying.....

  • knockkey

    Ciara just admitted in Ebony nagazine ,she has a man so it will be reveal sooner than later. Thanks for confiming Ciara will be a surprise guest on the bet award. The verdict is still out on whether it that clown. lord know she don't what to start a family with him.

  • cocoa49

    i have predicted several times now that ciara and 50 will come clean about their relationship areound the time her album drops or at her movie premier....watch and see...but now that buck is talking 50 business they may come out sooner. this fight between 50 and buck is getting nasty and i hope ciara will get caught up in the cross fire.

  • heart2heart

    "If you recall, I confirmed the rumors that the couple are very much in love."

    Oh please! WTH does she see in him?! LOL sad

  • ThatCarmen

    Beef is so outdated. Put your pride to the side, there are more important issues to fight in our America.

  • Bubbles

    Run Ciara run!!

  • cocoa49

    correction" i hope ciara does not get caught up in the cross fire"

  • Elizabeth

    This is just too crazy!!

  • GAGIRL73

    "IF", 50 said something against Young Buck's little girl. He has proven that he's is a little boy. A REAL man or woman in any form or fashion will not harm a child or children. But then again that's a difference of being a boy or man, girl or woman no matter how old you are!



    I'm sorry but am I the only one wondering what the hell she will perform? Oh wait, maybe she'll perform with Nelly. (catch the sarcasm... AGAIN) that should be good

  • brwnsugga4you

    this is just f*cking stupid!!!


    While there are still some out there who doubt my word, Ciara and Fiddy are living their lives as one of Hip Hop’s hawtest couples!

    In order to be a "hawt" couple, shouldnt u be working? Better yet, shouldnt people care?

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    considering that 50 is no stranger to putting women in a diss track he should have expected this..Ciara has nothing to do with this crap but neither did ASHANTI when he was going hard at Ja..I feel for Ciara getting put in the middle but she knew the type of man she got herself involved with..


    I agree that this is gonna turn out to be real ugly. 50 always got something goin on. He's not gonna be satisfied until somebody put him in the ground. I hope it doesn't come to that, but he makes byotch moves.

  • kogletree

    Ya'll notice how Sandra said she put in a call to "halt" Ciara's rehearsals for a response.... That is funny as h*&^! Didn't know you were rolling like that Sandra...

  • brwnsugga4you

    Sandra says: So I put in a call in to Ciara’s people to tell them to halt Ciara’s BET rehearsals and get a response from her asap. I’ll get back to you with Ciara’s response.

    ~~~sandra BYE!!!~~~~lol.

  • http://myspace.com/birminghamblaze Dani

    Why in the heck would Ciara date this dude....wait....nevermind. When we get caught out there it is always just a big mess. Poor CiCi she should have stayed with Bow Wow. lol

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Buck needs to sit his cry baby ass down and keep Ciara name out of his mouth!!!

    Evidently, he real enough...she all in love!!!!

  • prynsexxx

    Whats funny is I'm not following any of this. I won't click on the audio links. I only hear whats played on the radio, which may be all of 120 SECONDS of him crying.

    But Sandra, why did you put the gayest most "I like it up the ass while my uses a strap-on" pic that you could find of 50 up there. He looks like he's lost weight and the pic screams like he just said:

    "Girl, what you say"

    I take it this rap beef just caught the "mad cow" disease.

    Beef - it's whats for dinner.

  • ggouch

    I like 50. I don't always like what he says...If I was his girl...I'd have to break into; "Baby you can't say that to people mode.

    He needs a good woman ya'll.

  • ggouch

    Good luck with that CiCi, Kelly said don't bring em to the club!,